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Ice Age Trail Ice Age Trail210.002012-10-14
Walt Disney World Benchmarks Walt Disney World Benchmarks820.012016-01-25
Disneyland/DCA Benchmarks Disneyland/DCA Benchmarks330.002016-09-23
National Public Lands Passport Locations National Public Lands Passport Locations290.002018-02-21
Latvian Benchmarks Latvian Benchmarks780.012018-09-19
Korean Historic Sites Korean Historic Sites130.002018-11-16
Taffy Pulling Machines Taffy Pulling Machines340.002019-12-03
Maori Historic Sites Maori Historic Sites380.002020-03-04
Nebraska Historical Markers Nebraska Historical Markers4050.042020-06-04
Martello Towers Martello Towers580.012020-06-29
London Coal Tax Posts London Coal Tax Posts870.012020-07-16
North Country Trail North Country Trail600.012020-09-20
New Zealand Historic Places New Zealand Historic Places2100.022020-10-01
Manitoba Historical Markers Manitoba Historical Markers3460.032020-10-16
Saskatchewan Historical Markers Saskatchewan Historical Markers4520.042020-10-20
Iowa Historical Markers Iowa Historical Markers1500.012020-11-25
1866 Austro-Prussian War  Memorials 1866 Austro-Prussian War Memorials3890.042020-11-29
Toynbee Tiles Toynbee Tiles520.012020-12-21
Pony Express Monuments Pony Express Monuments1590.022020-12-27
Engrish Signs Engrish Signs310.002021-01-15
Greenwich Meridian Markers Greenwich Meridian Markers670.012021-04-25
Whispering Giant Sculptures Whispering Giant Sculptures550.012021-04-29
Butterfield Overland Despatch Markers Butterfield Overland Despatch Markers640.012021-05-09
Lighthouse Passport Stamps Lighthouse Passport Stamps490.002021-06-03
Oregon Historical Markers Oregon Historical Markers10920.112021-06-07
Bartram Trail Historical Markers Bartram Trail Historical Markers650.012021-06-22
Movie Theater Meals Movie Theater Meals630.012021-06-26
Artesian Well Artesian Well1380.012021-07-01
Wyoming Historical Markers Wyoming Historical Markers3470.032021-07-09
Rock-Hounding Rock-Hounding610.012021-07-15
Volcano Watching Volcano Watching900.012021-07-28
Idaho Historical Markers Idaho Historical Markers5430.052021-07-31
Maine Historical Markers Maine Historical Markers810.012021-08-03
Summit Registers Summit Registers1390.012021-08-04
Norske postkontor (Norwegian Post Offices) Norske postkontor (Norwegian Post Offices)140.002021-08-05
Blues Legends Blues Legends800.012021-08-06
South Carolina Historical Markers South Carolina Historical Markers9390.092021-08-07
Louisiana Historical Markers Louisiana Historical Markers6850.072021-08-13
Master Architects - Deconstructivism Master Architects - Deconstructivism690.012021-08-13
Whitewater Rafting Trips Whitewater Rafting Trips420.002021-08-26
Earth Homes Earth Homes1010.012021-09-07
Colorado Historical Markers Colorado Historical Markers5870.062021-09-14
Renaissance Fairs Renaissance Fairs760.012021-09-21
FIFA World Cup Venues FIFA World Cup Venues820.012021-09-24
Iron Furnace Ruins Iron Furnace Ruins1560.022021-09-25
Viquesney's Spirit of the Doughboy Statues Viquesney's Spirit of the Doughboy Statues1000.012021-10-04
Herbaria Herbaria630.012021-10-13
Yellow Arrow Lookup Yellow Arrow Lookup770.012021-10-13
Johnny Rockets Johnny Rockets1290.012021-10-14
Dartmoor Granite Dartmoor Granite14430.142021-10-17
Appalachian Trail Appalachian Trail1230.012021-10-25
American Revolution Patriot Graves American Revolution Patriot Graves790.012021-10-27
Magic Shops Magic Shops650.012021-11-04
Bifana´s House Bifana´s House440.002021-11-10
English Heritage - Cadw - Historic Scotland English Heritage - Cadw - Historic Scotland2970.032021-11-12
Historic United Methodist Sites Historic United Methodist Sites1960.022021-11-13
Waymark Sticker and Pin Seekers Waymark Sticker and Pin Seekers2120.022021-11-14
Agricultural Fairgrounds Agricultural Fairgrounds1440.012021-11-16
Kansas Historical Markers Kansas Historical Markers3590.032021-11-17
Daniel Boone Trail Markers Daniel Boone Trail Markers490.002021-11-18
Master Architects - International Style Master Architects - International Style1400.012021-11-19
Norway Historical Sites Norway Historical Sites440.002021-11-21
Outdoor Wind Harps Outdoor Wind Harps440.002021-11-22
D.U.P. Historic Markers D.U.P. Historic Markers4530.042021-11-24
Mold-a-Rama Machines Mold-a-Rama Machines1230.012021-11-24
James Bond - 007 James Bond - 007540.012021-11-28
Native American Trail Trees Native American Trail Trees680.012021-12-05
Shoe Trees Shoe Trees1110.012021-12-06
Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment2490.022021-12-16
Hawaiian Historical Markers Hawaiian Historical Markers790.012021-12-18
Megachurches Megachurches1210.012021-12-18
South Dakota Historical Markers South Dakota Historical Markers5330.052021-12-18
Trail of Tears Trail of Tears1420.012021-12-18
Trail Registers Trail Registers1600.022021-12-18
Bismarck Towers Bismarck Towers530.012021-12-20
Fish Hatcheries Fish Hatcheries1570.022021-12-22
Petting Farms and Zoos Petting Farms and Zoos1270.012021-12-22
Charnel Chapels, Charnel Houses and Ossuaries Charnel Chapels, Charnel Houses and Ossuaries940.012021-12-24
Electric Palm Trees Electric Palm Trees990.012021-12-26
Italian Cultural Heritage Italian Cultural Heritage1010.012021-12-26
Elvis Elvis1100.012021-12-27
Virginia Historical Markers Virginia Historical Markers16810.162021-12-28
North Carolina Historical Markers North Carolina Historical Markers15410.152021-12-29
Presidential Birthplaces Presidential Birthplaces1060.012021-12-29
Fireworks Trees Fireworks Trees730.012021-12-30
Hooters Restaurants Hooters Restaurants1530.012022-01-01
Gender Separated Entrances Gender Separated Entrances1550.012022-01-11
Humming Stones Humming Stones730.012022-01-12
Landlocked Lighthouses Landlocked Lighthouses2540.022022-01-12
Girl Scout Gold Award Project Sites Girl Scout Gold Award Project Sites430.002022-01-13
Knights of Pythias Knights of Pythias880.012022-01-14
Publix Supermarkets Publix Supermarkets1750.022022-01-14
Rose Gardens Rose Gardens3040.032022-01-15
U.S. Civil War General Statues U.S. Civil War General Statues1650.022022-01-15
Automobile Association Signs Automobile Association Signs480.002022-01-16
Massachusetts Historical Markers Massachusetts Historical Markers7070.072022-01-16
Quaker Meeting Houses Quaker Meeting Houses1670.022022-01-16
Radio Shack Stores Radio Shack Stores5080.052022-01-16
The Great Florida Birding Trail The Great Florida Birding Trail1240.012022-01-16
Azimuth Benchmarks Azimuth Benchmarks3010.032022-01-17
UNESCO Biosphere Reserves UNESCO Biosphere Reserves540.012022-01-18
Utah Historical Markers Utah Historical Markers13830.132022-01-21
Carl Linnaeus and His Apostles Carl Linnaeus and His Apostles360.002022-01-26
Exceptional Tree Growth Ring Displays Exceptional Tree Growth Ring Displays1270.012022-01-29
Small Town, Big Name Small Town, Big Name4070.042022-01-29
Ancient Traces and Roads Ancient Traces and Roads2780.032022-02-01
Civil War Discovery Trail Sites Civil War Discovery Trail Sites9910.102022-02-01
Illinois Historical Markers Illinois Historical Markers7620.072022-02-03
Medal Of Honor Resting Places Medal Of Honor Resting Places30370.292022-02-04
Glaciers Glaciers870.012022-02-05
Hot Springs Hot Springs2110.022022-02-05
Highway Giants -  Muffler Men Highway Giants - Muffler Men1430.012022-02-07
Western Canadian Heritage Western Canadian Heritage3460.032022-02-07
Improved Order of Red Men Improved Order of Red Men490.002022-02-08
LDS Church History Sites LDS Church History Sites870.012022-02-08
Antarctic Points of Interest Antarctic Points of Interest760.012022-02-09
Washington Historical Markers Washington Historical Markers4240.042022-02-09
Hidden Mickeys Hidden Mickeys4400.042022-02-11
Lincoln Highway Lincoln Highway3220.032022-02-11
Nude Beaches Nude Beaches930.012022-02-11
Hindu Temples Hindu Temples1140.012022-02-13
Drive-In Movie Theaters Drive-In Movie Theaters2490.022022-02-14
Quiznos Quiznos4570.042022-02-14
Arkansas Historical Markers Arkansas Historical Markers3880.042022-02-15
Ontario Provincial Plaques Ontario Provincial Plaques10010.102022-02-19
Nations Within Nations Nations Within Nations1180.012022-02-20
Sculpture Gardens Sculpture Gardens2580.022022-02-20
U.S. National Natural Landmarks U.S. National Natural Landmarks1530.012022-02-20
Abandoned Train Tunnels Abandoned Train Tunnels2240.022022-02-24
Glacial Lake Missoula Flood Features Glacial Lake Missoula Flood Features930.012022-02-24
U.S. Route 99 - The Pacific Highway U.S. Route 99 - The Pacific Highway1150.012022-02-28
Fireworks Displays Fireworks Displays1350.012022-03-01
Montana Historical Markers Montana Historical Markers6290.062022-03-01
Railway Disaster Sites Railway Disaster Sites1170.012022-03-02
Spanish-American War Memorials Spanish-American War Memorials2280.022022-03-02
Whispering Galleries Whispering Galleries460.002022-03-04
Lincoln Highway Markers Lincoln Highway Markers2480.022022-03-05
Património Português (Portuguese Heritage) Património Português (Portuguese Heritage)4770.052022-03-05
Portuguese Inventory of Architectural Patrimony Portuguese Inventory of Architectural Patrimony5730.062022-03-05
Portugal Geodetic Points Portugal Geodetic Points2710.032022-03-06
Portuguese Historical Markers Portuguese Historical Markers2350.022022-03-06
Hot Rod Hangouts and Car Shows Hot Rod Hangouts and Car Shows1470.012022-03-07
Mormon Temples Mormon Temples1060.012022-03-07
Kentucky Historical Markers Kentucky Historical Markers11250.112022-03-08
Photo Cutouts Photo Cutouts4880.052022-03-08
Dixie Highway Dixie Highway1640.022022-03-09
Cross Country Ski Trailheads Cross Country Ski Trailheads1130.012022-03-11
Inline Hockey Rinks Inline Hockey Rinks570.012022-03-11
Devilish Locations Devilish Locations2070.022022-03-14
Apple Stores Apple Stores2090.022022-03-15
Miniature Golf Miniature Golf4290.042022-03-17
Lustron Homes Lustron Homes1490.012022-03-18
Shipwrecks Shipwrecks1730.022022-03-18
California Historical Markers California Historical Markers8640.082022-03-21
Georgia Historical Markers Georgia Historical Markers31130.302022-03-21
Hot Air Balloon Festivals Hot Air Balloon Festivals790.012022-03-21
Inukshuks Inukshuks1270.012022-03-21
Latin American Benchmarks Latin American Benchmarks310.002022-03-21
Lodge-Style Accommodations Lodge-Style Accommodations950.012022-03-21
Super Fund Sites Super Fund Sites1040.012022-03-21
Video Arcades Video Arcades1370.012022-03-21
Googie Architecture Googie Architecture4240.042022-03-22
Persian Gulf War Memorials Persian Gulf War Memorials1450.012022-03-22
Pick-Your-Own Farms Pick-Your-Own Farms1390.012022-03-22
Ponce de León Ponce de León540.012022-03-23
WWII Prisoner of War Camps WWII Prisoner of War Camps1650.022022-03-23
Ginormous Everyday Objects Ginormous Everyday Objects9800.092022-03-24
It's All About Tintin It's All About Tintin810.012022-03-24
Auction Houses Auction Houses840.012022-03-25
Dining Car Restaurants Dining Car Restaurants1190.012022-03-25
Horse Racing Tracks Horse Racing Tracks1230.012022-03-25
Ohio Historical Markers Ohio Historical Markers11120.112022-03-25
Paintball Outdoor and Indoor Fields Paintball Outdoor and Indoor Fields820.012022-03-25
Roller Coasters Roller Coasters3780.042022-03-25
Ski Lodges Ski Lodges940.012022-03-25
Alpaca and Llama Farms Alpaca and Llama Farms1180.012022-03-26
Kilroy Was Here Kilroy Was Here710.012022-03-27
Blood Donation Centers Blood Donation Centers1630.022022-03-28
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln5830.062022-03-29
E Clampus Vitus Historical Markers E Clampus Vitus Historical Markers8000.082022-03-30
Long Distance Hiking Trails Long Distance Hiking Trails1930.022022-03-30
Man-made Devilish Locations Man-made Devilish Locations1380.012022-03-30
Treehouses Treehouses1470.012022-03-30
Cave Entrances (Natural) Cave Entrances (Natural)4240.042022-04-02
Defunct Amusement Parks Defunct Amusement Parks960.012022-04-02
Howard Johnson's Howard Johnson's690.012022-04-02
Spirit of '76 Spirit of '763320.032022-04-02
Field Hospitals Field Hospitals1690.022022-04-03
IKEA IKEA1460.012022-04-03
Mines Mines3920.042022-04-03
Vasco da Gama Vasco da Gama490.002022-04-03
Confluence Spots Confluence Spots1570.022022-04-04
Michigan Centennial Farms Michigan Centennial Farms540.012022-04-07
Military Surplus Stores Military Surplus Stores1870.022022-04-07
Model Railroads Model Railroads2120.022022-04-07
Comedy Clubs Comedy Clubs780.012022-04-08
Named Mountain Gaps Named Mountain Gaps1070.012022-04-08
Nike Missile Sites Nike Missile Sites630.012022-04-08
Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin1060.012022-04-09
Billiards and Pool Halls Billiards and Pool Halls1280.012022-04-10
Vietnam POW/MIA Monuments Vietnam POW/MIA Monuments2870.032022-04-10
Moon Trees Moon Trees540.012022-04-11
Salvation Army Locations Salvation Army Locations2520.022022-04-11
Vertical Lift Bridges Vertical Lift Bridges1640.022022-04-11
Gifts from Other Countries Gifts from Other Countries4820.052022-04-12
Abandoned Air Force Radar Sites Abandoned Air Force Radar Sites690.012022-04-13
Capitol Buildings Capitol Buildings1960.022022-04-13
Scenic at Night Scenic at Night2670.032022-04-13
Homesteads Homesteads2460.022022-04-14
Revolving Restaurants Revolving Restaurants630.012022-04-15
Ronald McDonald Houses Ronald McDonald Houses1080.012022-04-15
Space Flight Memorials and Exhibits Space Flight Memorials and Exhibits1780.022022-04-15
U.S. Revolutionary War Memorials U.S. Revolutionary War Memorials5460.052022-04-15
Vértices Geodésicos Vértices Geodésicos4480.042022-04-15
Town and Village Pounds Town and Village Pounds800.012022-04-16
Bungee Jump Sites Bungee Jump Sites510.002022-04-17
Pictorial Village Signs Pictorial Village Signs4610.042022-04-17
Atlas Statues Atlas Statues1040.012022-04-18
Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Buildings Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Buildings1790.022022-04-18
Connecticut Historical Markers Connecticut Historical Markers930.012022-04-19
Foucault Pendulums Foucault Pendulums940.012022-04-19
Junk Design Houses Junk Design Houses1120.012022-04-20
Gasometers Gasometers780.012022-04-21
Motorcycle Sales/Service Sites Motorcycle Sales/Service Sites2710.032022-04-21
A + W  Restaurants A + W Restaurants5640.052022-04-22
Disguised Cell Towers Disguised Cell Towers5180.052022-04-22
Ontario Heritage Properties Ontario Heritage Properties5870.062022-04-22
Ropes Course Ropes Course1370.012022-04-22
Independent Hot Dog Restaurants Independent Hot Dog Restaurants2830.032022-04-23
Offroad Trails Offroad Trails1160.012022-04-23
Concert Halls Concert Halls3920.042022-04-24
Publicly Held Corporation Headquarters Publicly Held Corporation Headquarters3480.032022-04-24
Elks Lodges Elks Lodges2940.032022-04-25
Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned) Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned)1570.022022-04-25
Bowling Centres Bowling Centres4210.042022-04-26
Ground Based Air Navigation Support Structures Ground Based Air Navigation Support Structures930.012022-04-26
Inside Airports Inside Airports2200.022022-04-26
Active Rail Locations Active Rail Locations3390.032022-04-27
Alaska Historic Markers Alaska Historic Markers700.012022-04-27
Geodesic Domes Geodesic Domes1630.022022-04-27
Internet Cafes Internet Cafes1470.012022-04-27
Legion Posts and Branches Legion Posts and Branches7880.082022-04-28
Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings610.012022-04-28
Outdoor Interactive Science Displays Outdoor Interactive Science Displays1560.022022-04-28
Remote Backcountry Shelters Remote Backcountry Shelters2330.022022-04-28
Wax Museums Wax Museums590.012022-04-28
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.1940.022022-04-29
Kokopelli Sightings Kokopelli Sightings1470.012022-04-29
Moomins Moomins800.012022-04-29
Geocaching Tour Guides Geocaching Tour Guides2680.032022-04-30
Literary Sites Literary Sites3170.032022-04-30
Art*o*mats Art*o*mats800.012022-05-01
Pirates Pirates950.012022-05-01
Scouts Monuments and Memorials Scouts Monuments and Memorials1180.012022-05-01
Wastewater Treatment Facilities Wastewater Treatment Facilities2030.022022-05-01
Monuments of the Eastern Freedomfights Monuments of the Eastern Freedomfights2160.022022-05-02
Solitary Silos Solitary Silos3600.032022-05-02
American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves11590.112022-05-04
Childhood Homes Childhood Homes3650.042022-05-04
Chili's Restaurants Chili's Restaurants3220.032022-05-04
Cobblestone Buildings Cobblestone Buildings2220.022022-05-04
Factory Tours Factory Tours2300.022022-05-04
Fiberglass Horses Fiberglass Horses5850.062022-05-04
Hostels Hostels1700.022022-05-04
John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy1320.012022-05-04
'Marry Me' Markers 'Marry Me' Markers440.002022-05-04
NPS Passport Cancellation Stations NPS Passport Cancellation Stations10140.102022-05-04
Pennsylvania Historical Markers Pennsylvania Historical Markers18260.182022-05-04
Runestones Worldwide Runestones Worldwide680.012022-05-04
The Holocaust The Holocaust3520.032022-05-04
War of 1812 War of 18124680.052022-05-04
Applebee's Restaurants Applebee's Restaurants3640.042022-05-05
Non-Coastal Boardwalks Non-Coastal Boardwalks4380.042022-05-05
Mosques Mosques2360.022022-05-06
Watershed Markers and Monuments Watershed Markers and Monuments680.012022-05-06
Cigar Store Indians Cigar Store Indians2340.022022-05-07
Coastal Boardwalks Coastal Boardwalks1880.022022-05-07
Grange Halls Grange Halls2270.022022-05-07
Infamous Crime Scenes Infamous Crime Scenes3520.032022-05-08
Motor Vehicle Museums Motor Vehicle Museums1980.022022-05-08
Wagon Roads and Trails Wagon Roads and Trails6200.062022-05-08
Big Brothers Big Sisters Big Brothers Big Sisters580.012022-05-09
Humane Societies and Rescues Humane Societies and Rescues1870.022022-05-10
Metal Detecting Metal Detecting480.002022-05-10
Modern Olympic Venues Modern Olympic Venues1410.012022-05-10
Nevada Historical Markers Nevada Historical Markers5040.052022-05-10
Public Aquariums Public Aquariums2040.022022-05-10
Pyramids Pyramids2280.022022-05-10
Wisconsin Historical Markers Wisconsin Historical Markers5250.052022-05-10
Antique and Classic Car Dealerships Antique and Classic Car Dealerships640.012022-05-11
Historic Transformer Sub-Stations Buildings Historic Transformer Sub-Stations Buildings9640.092022-05-11
New Hampshire Historical Markers New Hampshire Historical Markers2680.032022-05-11
The Disney Store The Disney Store1520.012022-05-11
Diving Platforms Diving Platforms500.002022-05-12
Helicopter Landing Pads Helicopter Landing Pads4310.042022-05-13
Planetariums Planetariums1420.012022-05-13
Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives3220.032022-05-14
Australian Trig Points Australian Trig Points5000.052022-05-15
Century Farms Century Farms1950.022022-05-15
Self Serve Pet Wash Self Serve Pet Wash1660.022022-05-15
Traffic Parks Traffic Parks670.012022-05-15
Waymark Tours (WayTours) Waymark Tours (WayTours)1300.012022-05-15
Canal Tunnels Canal Tunnels1620.022022-05-16
Covered Wagons Covered Wagons2070.022022-05-16
Graves of the Unknown Graves of the Unknown2310.022022-05-16
Indiana Historical Markers Indiana Historical Markers3780.042022-05-16
National Parks (U.S.) National Parks (U.S.)5140.052022-05-16
Out of Place Graves Out of Place Graves5980.062022-05-16
Places of Geologic Significance Places of Geologic Significance8010.082022-05-16
Smokey Bear Sign Sightings Smokey Bear Sign Sightings5070.052022-05-16
Solar System Models Solar System Models2600.032022-05-16
Indoor Malls Indoor Malls5700.062022-05-17
Spas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and Saunas Spas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and Saunas2040.022022-05-17
Dog Friendly Hotels Dog Friendly Hotels4090.042022-05-18
Dog-Friendly Restaurants Dog-Friendly Restaurants1920.022022-05-18
Ghost Towns Ghost Towns5070.052022-05-18
Numismatic Photographs Numismatic Photographs2770.032022-05-19
Simulacra Simulacra2300.022022-05-19
Skateparks Skateparks6640.062022-05-20
Elevated Buildings Elevated Buildings1100.012022-05-21
Model Aircraft Fields Model Aircraft Fields1730.022022-05-21
Closed Drive-In Theatres Closed Drive-In Theatres1610.022022-05-22
Coffee Shops - Regional Chains Coffee Shops - Regional Chains3830.042022-05-22
International Space Station Sightings International Space Station Sightings1650.022022-05-22
Famous Fires Famous Fires3200.032022-05-23
Japanese Restaurants Japanese Restaurants3260.032022-05-23
Musician Statues Musician Statues4300.042022-05-23
Pizza Hut Restaurants Pizza Hut Restaurants10160.102022-05-23
Ski Jumps Ski Jumps510.002022-05-23
National Wild and Scenic Rivers National Wild and Scenic Rivers720.012022-05-24
Political Revolutions Political Revolutions3720.042022-05-24
Southern African Trig Beacons Southern African Trig Beacons8780.082022-05-24
Made for the Millennium Made for the Millennium5890.062022-05-25
Drawing Waymarks Drawing Waymarks1030.012022-05-26
New Mexico Historical Markers New Mexico Historical Markers5040.052022-05-26
Remembering FEPOW Remembering FEPOW1100.012022-05-27
Urban Legends and Superstitions Urban Legends and Superstitions2910.032022-05-27
WAL*MART Stores WAL*MART Stores13040.132022-05-27
Astronomical Observatories Astronomical Observatories3250.032022-05-28
Buffet Restaurants Buffet Restaurants4020.042022-05-28
Church of Christ Scientist Church of Christ Scientist1770.022022-05-28
Coin Operated Children's Rides Coin Operated Children's Rides9270.092022-05-28
Coin-Op Binoculars Coin-Op Binoculars11530.112022-05-28
Cracker Barrel Restaurants Cracker Barrel Restaurants3390.032022-05-28
Free Overnight RV Parking Locations Free Overnight RV Parking Locations2050.022022-05-28
Gargoyles and Chimeras Gargoyles and Chimeras12980.132022-05-28
Japanese Gardens Japanese Gardens2070.022022-05-28
Juice and Smoothie Bars Juice and Smoothie Bars6120.062022-05-28
Maryland Historical Markers Maryland Historical Markers5970.062022-05-28
Mom and Pop Rock Shops Mom and Pop Rock Shops1050.012022-05-28
Suspension Bridges Suspension Bridges2550.022022-05-28
Aviation Museums Aviation Museums2010.022022-05-29
Children's Gardens Children's Gardens880.012022-05-29
Delaware Historical Markers Delaware Historical Markers3080.032022-05-29
Hydroelectric Power Stations Hydroelectric Power Stations2450.022022-05-29
Living Statues Living Statues3460.032022-05-29
Old Spanish Trail Auto Route Old Spanish Trail Auto Route1900.022022-05-29
Orphaned Bridges Orphaned Bridges7410.072022-05-29
Tourist  Stamps Photos Tourist Stamps Photos15530.152022-05-29
World Heritage Sites World Heritage Sites8150.082022-05-29
Ansel Adams Photo Hunt Ansel Adams Photo Hunt610.012022-05-30
Auto Clubs Auto Clubs1970.022022-05-30
Bandshells Bandshells2090.022022-05-30
Carousels Carousels4100.042022-05-30
Church of the Nazarene Church of the Nazarene2360.022022-05-30
Coordinate Palindromes Coordinate Palindromes2760.032022-05-30
Danish Benchmarks Danish Benchmarks2890.032022-05-30
Festivals Festivals4270.042022-05-30
Korean War Memorials Korean War Memorials6530.062022-05-30
Moose Lodges and Centers Moose Lodges and Centers1500.012022-05-30
Old World Originals Old World Originals650.012022-05-30
Pet Stores Pet Stores6300.062022-05-30
Quilt Shops Quilt Shops2140.022022-05-30
Racetracks Racetracks2790.032022-05-30
Roller Skating Rinks Roller Skating Rinks1110.012022-05-30
Synagogues Synagogues3790.042022-05-30
Underground Railroad Sites Underground Railroad Sites2900.032022-05-30
Vermont Historical Markers Vermont Historical Markers1140.012022-05-30
VFW Posts VFW Posts3450.032022-05-30
Vietnam War Memorials Vietnam War Memorials8670.082022-05-30
Way of St. James Way of St. James7880.082022-05-30
William Shakespeare William Shakespeare1360.012022-05-30
Bloggers Bloggers2570.022022-05-31
Free Campsites Free Campsites1420.012022-05-31
Ghosts and Hauntings Ghosts and Hauntings8560.082022-05-31
Quonset Huts Quonset Huts5130.052022-05-31
Tennessee Historical Markers Tennessee Historical Markers12380.122022-05-31
Weather Radars Weather Radars1100.012022-05-31
Boy Scout Camps Boy Scout Camps1910.022022-06-01
Pedestrian Suspension Bridges Pedestrian Suspension Bridges5290.052022-06-01
Rock and Mineral Displays Rock and Mineral Displays3840.042022-06-01
Animal Hospitals Animal Hospitals7450.072022-06-02
LEED Buildings LEED Buildings6080.062022-06-02
Names From the Bible Names From the Bible1540.012022-06-02
North Dakota Historical Markers North Dakota Historical Markers340.002022-06-02
River Origins, Destinations and Confluences River Origins, Destinations and Confluences5610.052022-06-02
Scouting Headquarters Scouting Headquarters1680.022022-06-02
War and Military Museums War and Military Museums3520.032022-06-02
William F.  William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody640.012022-06-02
Australian Historical Markers Australian Historical Markers4870.052022-06-03
Birdwatching Locations Birdwatching Locations3980.042022-06-03
Natural Springs Natural Springs7030.072022-06-03
Route 66 - The Mother Road Route 66 - The Mother Road6930.072022-06-03
Velodromes Velodromes660.012022-06-03
Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals430.002022-06-04
Civilian Conservation Corps Civilian Conservation Corps4950.052022-06-04
Czech Geodetic Points Czech Geodetic Points52950.512022-06-04
IMAX Theaters IMAX Theaters2070.022022-06-04
Kinetic Sculpture and Art Kinetic Sculpture and Art4880.052022-06-04
Letters on Hills Letters on Hills2820.032022-06-04
Tattoo Shops/Parlors Tattoo Shops/Parlors4540.042022-06-04
Waterfalls Waterfalls12220.122022-06-04
Blue Star Memorial Highway Markers Blue Star Memorial Highway Markers10870.112022-06-05
Flower Fields Flower Fields1270.012022-06-05
Painted Barn Quilts Painted Barn Quilts12940.132022-06-05
Dovecotes Dovecotes2620.032022-06-06
George Washington George Washington2310.022022-06-06
Odd-Shaped Buildings Odd-Shaped Buildings9070.092022-06-06
Petrosomatoglyphs Petrosomatoglyphs4480.042022-06-06
Star Trek Star Trek740.012022-06-06
Amateur Radio Repeaters Amateur Radio Repeaters780.012022-06-07
Beaches Beaches10950.112022-06-07
Burger Shops - Regional Chains Burger Shops - Regional Chains6760.072022-06-07
Commercial Fishing Ports Commercial Fishing Ports1310.012022-06-07
Dog Statues Dog Statues5010.052022-06-07
Luftwaffe Radar Ruins Luftwaffe Radar Ruins270.002022-06-07
Millennium Trees Millennium Trees700.012022-06-07
Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures51110.492022-06-07
Unique Steeples Unique Steeples14530.142022-06-07
Burger Chef (Former Locations) Burger Chef (Former Locations)880.012022-06-08
Californian Bells of El Camino Real Californian Bells of El Camino Real4390.042022-06-08
Carl's Jr./Hardee's Restaurants Carl's Jr./Hardee's Restaurants7370.072022-06-08
Flags of the World Flags of the World2710.032022-06-08
Immortalized in Lyrics Immortalized in Lyrics6740.072022-06-08
Independent Pizza Restaurants Independent Pizza Restaurants11590.112022-06-08
Insect Sculptures Insect Sculptures5090.052022-06-08
Newspaper Headquarters Newspaper Headquarters6090.062022-06-08
Piers Piers4420.042022-06-08
Public Access Lands Public Access Lands4910.052022-06-08
Sequoioideae Trees Sequoioideae Trees3000.032022-06-08
TGI Friday's Restaurants TGI Friday's Restaurants1850.022022-06-08
YMCA / YWCA YMCA / YWCA3480.032022-06-08
Airports Airports11440.112022-06-09
Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens4320.042022-06-09
Elevated Everyday Objects Elevated Everyday Objects6310.062022-06-09
Historic Forts Historic Forts5440.052022-06-09
Historic Trees Historic Trees2500.022022-06-09
Jack In The Box Jack In The Box7600.072022-06-09
Marinas Marinas2620.032022-06-09
National Trust U.K. National Trust U.K.3450.032022-06-09
Railway Roundhouses Railway Roundhouses1640.022022-06-09
Research Institutes Research Institutes1350.012022-06-09
Safe Place Havens Safe Place Havens4230.042022-06-09
Static Aircraft Displays Static Aircraft Displays21050.202022-06-09
Tourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers Tourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers22300.222022-06-09
Train Cabooses Train Cabooses13800.132022-06-09
Zip-line Zip-line1100.012022-06-09
Ancient Aqueducts Ancient Aqueducts1830.022022-06-10
Architecture Prizes Architecture Prizes2750.032022-06-10
Australia/NZ Benchmarks Australia/NZ Benchmarks13030.132022-06-10
Beatlemania! Beatlemania!1640.022022-06-10
Cathedrals Cathedrals7070.072022-06-10
Historic Preservation Awards Historic Preservation Awards2430.022022-06-10
Impact Craters Impact Craters390.002022-06-10
Science Museums Science Museums3370.032022-06-10
Woman's Clubs Woman's Clubs1350.012022-06-10
9/11 Memorial Sites 9/11 Memorial Sites6020.062022-06-11
Accessible-Designed Recreational Locations Accessible-Designed Recreational Locations2550.022022-06-11
Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorials Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorials1690.022022-06-11
Animal Memorials Animal Memorials3280.032022-06-11
Arboretums Arboretums2810.032022-06-11
Artificial Climbing Walls Artificial Climbing Walls1880.022022-06-11
Artistic Neon Lights Artistic Neon Lights9470.092022-06-11
Berry Picking Berry Picking1500.012022-06-11
Butterfly Gardens Butterfly Gardens1260.012022-06-11
Canoe/Kayak Trips Canoe/Kayak Trips2150.022022-06-11
Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging970.012022-06-11
Children's Museums Children's Museums1930.022022-06-11
College Football Stadiums College Football Stadiums1330.012022-06-11
Compass Roses Compass Roses7180.072022-06-11
Demonstration Gardens Demonstration Gardens1540.012022-06-11
Disc Golf Courses Disc Golf Courses4850.052022-06-11
Established Rock Climbing Areas Established Rock Climbing Areas1080.012022-06-11
Famous Fictional Figures Famous Fictional Figures5470.052022-06-11
Ferries and Ferry Landings Ferries and Ferry Landings6540.062022-06-11
Fish Ladders Fish Ladders1470.012022-06-11
Giant Board Games Giant Board Games2940.032022-06-11
Great Buildings of the World Great Buildings of the World3250.032022-06-11
Hand Operated Water Pumps Hand Operated Water Pumps15050.152022-06-11
Haunted Attractions Haunted Attractions1150.012022-06-11
Historic Reenactments Historic Reenactments1110.012022-06-11
Ice Cream Parlors Ice Cream Parlors16280.162022-06-11
Illuminated School Sports Fields Illuminated School Sports Fields2180.022022-06-11
Independent Coffee Shops Independent Coffee Shops8780.082022-06-11
Interesting Intersection Names Interesting Intersection Names1890.022022-06-11
Irish-American Historic Places Irish-American Historic Places1390.012022-06-11
Jimmy Buffett Jimmy Buffett560.012022-06-11
Look-Out Towers Look-Out Towers14450.142022-06-11
Maritime Monuments and Memorials Maritime Monuments and Memorials7800.082022-06-11
Martial Arts Martial Arts3080.032022-06-11
Michigan Historical Markers Michigan Historical Markers18630.182022-06-11
Minnesota Historical Markers Minnesota Historical Markers3650.042022-06-11
Musical Instrument Retailers Musical Instrument Retailers2630.032022-06-11
New Jersey Historical Markers New Jersey Historical Markers5210.052022-06-11
New World Ancient Evidence New World Ancient Evidence2900.032022-06-11
New York Historical Markers New York Historical Markers23190.222022-06-11
Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear Power Plants790.012022-06-11
Occupational Monuments Occupational Monuments6040.062022-06-11
Olmsted Designed Parks Olmsted Designed Parks940.012022-06-11
Orthodox Churches Orthodox Churches4360.042022-06-11
Outdoor Recreation Stores Outdoor Recreation Stores5830.062022-06-11
Permanent Orienteering Courses Permanent Orienteering Courses690.012022-06-11
Pictographs Pictographs2060.022022-06-11
Police Memorials Police Memorials7080.072022-06-11
Police Stations Police Stations17560.172022-06-11
Readable From Above Readable From Above2760.032022-06-11
Self Guided Walks and Trails Self Guided Walks and Trails5460.052022-06-11
Sledding Places Sledding Places1250.012022-06-11
Sokol Centers Sokol Centers850.012022-06-11
Sphinx Sculptures Sphinx Sculptures1800.022022-06-11
Swimming Holes Swimming Holes2350.022022-06-11
Tearooms and Teahouses Tearooms and Teahouses2280.022022-06-11
Turtle Crossings Turtle Crossings1130.012022-06-11
Unusual  Signs Unusual Signs4320.042022-06-11
Unusual Speed Limits Unusual Speed Limits3700.042022-06-11
U.S. Historic Survey Stones and Monuments U.S. Historic Survey Stones and Monuments6950.072022-06-11
Weather Stations Weather Stations3870.042022-06-11
Your Name Here Your Name Here4220.042022-06-11
Zoos Zoos4090.042022-06-11
American Guide Series American Guide Series35990.352022-06-12
A.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations A.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations4250.042022-06-12
Current and Former Exchanges Current and Former Exchanges980.012022-06-12
Dairy Queen Restaurants Dairy Queen Restaurants7250.072022-06-12
Giants of Commerce Giants of Commerce6490.062022-06-12
Hourglass Hourglass1490.012022-06-12
Iconic Factories Iconic Factories2280.022022-06-12
Kroger Supermarkets Kroger Supermarkets3080.032022-06-12
Outhouses Outhouses4690.052022-06-12
Radio and Television Transmitter Towers Radio and Television Transmitter Towers3080.032022-06-12
Weird Story Locations Weird Story Locations3300.032022-06-12
Zinc Headstones Zinc Headstones22210.212022-06-12
Art Studios Art Studios1210.012022-06-13
Car Part Sculptures Car Part Sculptures3100.032022-06-13
Caritas Internationalis Caritas Internationalis590.012022-06-13
Guinness World Records Guinness World Records2160.022022-06-13
Independent Doughnut Shops Independent Doughnut Shops3270.032022-06-13
Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts390.002022-06-13
Bridge Date Stones and Plaques Bridge Date Stones and Plaques8460.082022-06-14
Burger King Restaurants Burger King Restaurants16010.152022-06-14
Cable Skiing and Wakeboarding Cable Skiing and Wakeboarding540.012022-06-14
Feeding the Animals Feeding the Animals1360.012022-06-14
Fitness Trails Fitness Trails4330.042022-06-14
Fraternal Order of Eagles Fraternal Order of Eagles1120.012022-06-14
Independent Breakfast Spots Independent Breakfast Spots4560.042022-06-14
National Scenic Byways National Scenic Byways12500.122022-06-14
Public Land Survey Marks Public Land Survey Marks19300.192022-06-14
Skyscrapers Skyscrapers4240.042022-06-14
Bobsleigh Chutes and Mountain Slides Bobsleigh Chutes and Mountain Slides360.002022-06-15
Coin Shops Coin Shops1480.012022-06-15
Commercial Commemorations Commercial Commemorations11590.112022-06-15
Independent Diners Independent Diners10650.102022-06-15
Independent Music Stores Independent Music Stores1990.022022-06-15
Nobel Laureates Nobel Laureates2040.022022-06-15
Welcome Signs Welcome Signs13920.132022-06-15
Alabama Historical Markers Alabama Historical Markers15780.152022-06-16
Arizona Historical Markers Arizona Historical Markers5300.052022-06-16
Artistic Bus Shelters Artistic Bus Shelters1230.012022-06-16
Bailey Bridges Bailey Bridges1090.012022-06-16
Fraternity and Sorority Houses Fraternity and Sorority Houses2320.022022-06-16
Knights of Columbus Councils Knights of Columbus Councils1290.012022-06-16
Lavoir (wash houses) Lavoir (wash houses)10750.102022-06-16
Noodle Shops Noodle Shops3060.032022-06-16
Octagon Buildings Octagon Buildings4640.042022-06-16
Old Agricultural Equipment Old Agricultural Equipment10760.102022-06-16
Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement1930.022022-06-16
Retired Prisons Retired Prisons8390.082022-06-16
Space Invaders Art Space Invaders Art3960.042022-06-16
Statues of Liberty Statues of Liberty3220.032022-06-16
Sushi Restaurants Sushi Restaurants8990.092022-06-16
Vortexes, Mystery Spots, and Gravity Hills Vortexes, Mystery Spots, and Gravity Hills490.002022-06-16
Anchors Anchors17630.172022-06-17
Carriages and Coaches on Permanent Display Carriages and Coaches on Permanent Display3340.032022-06-17
Convention Centers Convention Centers2170.022022-06-17
Converted Fountains Converted Fountains3050.032022-06-17
Dollar Stores Dollar Stores8360.082022-06-17
Engineering Landmarks Engineering Landmarks4010.042022-06-17
Extraterrestrial Locations Extraterrestrial Locations15990.152022-06-17
Household Appliances and Presses Household Appliances and Presses1860.022022-06-17
Independent Fish Houses Independent Fish Houses4010.042022-06-17
Last of its Kind Last of its Kind5840.062022-06-17
Lewis and Clark Trail Lewis and Clark Trail3180.032022-06-17
Mills and Gins Mills and Gins2090.022022-06-17
Missouri Historical Markers Missouri Historical Markers12710.122022-06-17
Natural Arches Natural Arches2760.032022-06-17
Permanent Car Displays Permanent Car Displays5860.062022-06-17
Rails to Trails Rails to Trails4700.052022-06-17
Seventh-day Adventist Churches Seventh-day Adventist Churches3630.042022-06-17
Tripoints and Multipoints Tripoints and Multipoints780.012022-06-17
Trophies, Medals and Cups Trophies, Medals and Cups840.012022-06-17
Aviaries Aviaries1630.022022-06-18
Carnivorous Plant Localities Carnivorous Plant Localities850.012022-06-18
Denny's Restaurants Denny's Restaurants5470.052022-06-18
Flatirons Flatirons4060.042022-06-18
Flea Markets Flea Markets1600.022022-06-18
Gates of Distinction Gates of Distinction6130.062022-06-18
GPS Tracklog Art GPS Tracklog Art400.002022-06-18
Highway Rest Areas Highway Rest Areas10390.102022-06-18
Holiday Displays Holiday Displays7370.072022-06-18
Human Error Human Error1370.012022-06-18
Independent Artist Supply Stores Independent Artist Supply Stores1120.012022-06-18
Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses3900.042022-06-18
Natural Sinkholes Natural Sinkholes860.012022-06-18
Newstands / Newsagencies Newstands / Newsagencies8880.092022-06-18
Ovens and Kilns Ovens and Kilns2630.032022-06-18
Pergolas Pergolas1970.022022-06-18
Permanent Geographic Coordinates Permanent Geographic Coordinates11940.122022-06-18
Red Telephone Boxes Red Telephone Boxes22050.212022-06-18
Scenic Hikes Scenic Hikes3970.042022-06-18
Shooting Ranges Shooting Ranges1960.022022-06-18
State Park Passport Locations State Park Passport Locations1850.022022-06-18
Thatch Cottages Thatch Cottages2870.032022-06-18
UK Post Offices UK Post Offices3430.032022-06-18
Unique Chimneys and Chimney Pots Unique Chimneys and Chimney Pots4020.042022-06-18
Victorian Post Boxes Victorian Post Boxes17450.172022-06-18
Wee Folk Fairy Doors Wee Folk Fairy Doors1830.022022-06-18
Bubble Tea aka Boba Bubble Tea aka Boba4060.042022-06-19
Building Buildings Building Buildings2270.022022-06-19
Comic Book Shops Comic Book Shops2520.022022-06-19
Converted Firehouses Converted Firehouses5070.052022-06-19
Cruise Ship Ports Cruise Ship Ports1800.022022-06-19
Dutch Benchmarks / RD meetpunten Dutch Benchmarks / RD meetpunten6200.062022-06-19
Gluten Free Restaurants Gluten Free Restaurants3960.042022-06-19
Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock Cafe1450.012022-06-19
Insect Hotels Insect Hotels5830.062022-06-19
Lion Statues Lion Statues21180.202022-06-19
Megalithic Monuments Megalithic Monuments4560.042022-06-19
Old Tractors Old Tractors7640.072022-06-19
Timelines Timelines5510.052022-06-19
Unique Bird Houses Unique Bird Houses3070.032022-06-19
Waterway Locks, Planes and Lifts Waterway Locks, Planes and Lifts28730.282022-06-19
West Virginia Historical Markers West Virginia Historical Markers9950.102022-06-19
Battlefields Battlefields5510.052022-06-20
Boer Wars Memorials and Monuments Boer Wars Memorials and Monuments1550.012022-06-20
Bus Stations Bus Stations6550.062022-06-20
Christmas Stores Christmas Stores1400.012022-06-20
Dunkin Donuts' Dunkin Donuts'8930.092022-06-20
E85 Fuel Pumps E85 Fuel Pumps3170.032022-06-20
Electric Bike Charging Stations Electric Bike Charging Stations1480.012022-06-20
Florida Historical Markers Florida Historical Markers24370.242022-06-20
Peace Memorials Peace Memorials2730.032022-06-20
Railroad Museums Railroad Museums2350.022022-06-20
Vintage Movie Theaters Vintage Movie Theaters12710.122022-06-20
Arch Bridges Arch Bridges28290.272022-06-21
Dairy Creameries Dairy Creameries1290.012022-06-21
Dive Shops Dive Shops1340.012022-06-21
German Trigonometric Points German Trigonometric Points3300.032022-06-21
Historic Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks Historic Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks4370.042022-06-21
Lucky 7 Lucky 722910.222022-06-21
Oklahoma Historical Markers Oklahoma Historical Markers7130.072022-06-21
Peanuts Characters Peanuts Characters2860.032022-06-21
Rolling Ball Sculpture Rolling Ball Sculpture540.012022-06-21
Romanesque Architecture Romanesque Architecture5090.052022-06-21
Stone Bridges Stone Bridges18470.182022-06-21
Stone Church Artefacts Stone Church Artefacts23400.232022-06-21
Television and Cable Broadcasting Stations Television and Cable Broadcasting Stations2970.032022-06-21
Themed Homemade Mailboxes Themed Homemade Mailboxes8390.082022-06-21
Veteran Cemeteries Veteran Cemeteries6310.062022-06-21
Wedding Chapels Wedding Chapels1140.012022-06-21
Blacksmith Shops Blacksmith Shops2420.022022-06-22
Bridgeless Water Crossings Bridgeless Water Crossings2630.032022-06-22
Dance Clubs Dance Clubs1560.022022-06-22
Diplomatic Missions Diplomatic Missions7080.072022-06-22
Historic Hand Operated Sluice Gates Historic Hand Operated Sluice Gates1680.022022-06-22
Mountain Summits Mountain Summits8760.082022-06-22
Nautical Flag Poles Nautical Flag Poles5900.062022-06-22
Time and Temperature Signs Time and Temperature Signs13460.132022-06-22
Water Mills Water Mills6560.062022-06-22
'Z' Welcome Signs 'Z' Welcome Signs4000.042022-06-22
Civil Defense Fallout Shelters Civil Defense Fallout Shelters7480.072022-06-23
Grain Elevators Grain Elevators6270.062022-06-23
Independent Cigar Shops Independent Cigar Shops3460.032022-06-23
Labyrinths Labyrinths3610.032022-06-23
LEGO Sculptures and Models LEGO Sculptures and Models1310.012022-06-23
Lifeboats and Rescue Stations Lifeboats and Rescue Stations2700.032022-06-23
Military Installations Military Installations10570.102022-06-23
Nature Centers Nature Centers3130.032022-06-23
Panera Bread Restaurants Panera Bread Restaurants3790.042022-06-23
People-Named Places People-Named Places13040.132022-06-23
Philatelic Photographs Philatelic Photographs19910.192022-06-23
Remains of Settlements Remains of Settlements2070.022022-06-23
The Underground The Underground11640.112022-06-23
Topiaries Topiaries3790.042022-06-23
Amusement Parks Amusement Parks3070.032022-06-24
Art Museums Art Museums7980.082022-06-24
Art Vehicles Art Vehicles2620.032022-06-24
Geographic High Points Geographic High Points2080.022022-06-24
Ghost Bikes Ghost Bikes2110.022022-06-24
Great Lines of Earth Great Lines of Earth1510.012022-06-24
Histoire du Quebec (Quebec Historical Markers) Histoire du Quebec (Quebec Historical Markers)23250.222022-06-24
Kugel Balls Kugel Balls1620.022022-06-24
Locomotives Locomotives9300.092022-06-24
Minor League Baseball Stadiums Minor League Baseball Stadiums1780.022022-06-24
Neon Signs Neon Signs63070.612022-06-24
New Apostolic Churches New Apostolic Churches1070.012022-06-24
Outdoor Mazes Outdoor Mazes3310.032022-06-24
Soroptimist International Markers Soroptimist International Markers480.002022-06-24
Time Signals Time Signals550.012022-06-24
Unique Artistic Door Handles and Knockers Unique Artistic Door Handles and Knockers1920.022022-06-24
Unoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and Cabins Unoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and Cabins3220.032022-06-24
WPA Projects WPA Projects18050.172022-06-24
Coin Operated Self Service Car Washes Coin Operated Self Service Car Washes4110.042022-06-25
Exact Replicas Exact Replicas15300.152022-06-25
Fire Fighting Vehicles Fire Fighting Vehicles12290.122022-06-25
Funerary Art Funerary Art1000.012022-06-25
Garage Door Art Garage Door Art3520.032022-06-25
Human Migration Monuments Human Migration Monuments5440.052022-06-25
Humorous Combination Businesses Humorous Combination Businesses1400.012022-06-25
Puzzles in the Real World Puzzles in the Real World1560.022022-06-25
Spanish Heritage Spanish Heritage3740.042022-06-25
U.K. and Ireland Trigpoints U.K. and Ireland Trigpoints74760.722022-06-25
U.S. Civil War Sites U.S. Civil War Sites9070.092022-06-25
3 Dimensional Art 3 Dimensional Art8970.092022-06-26
Artistically Decorated Utility Boxes Artistically Decorated Utility Boxes24480.242022-06-26
Boat Ramps Boat Ramps11470.112022-06-26
Butterfly Houses Butterfly Houses1160.012022-06-26
Coca Cola Memorabilia Coca Cola Memorabilia5040.052022-06-26
Dead Poets' Society Memorials Dead Poets' Society Memorials16970.162022-06-26
Death Mask Gravestones Death Mask Gravestones1170.012022-06-26
Gothic Architecture Gothic Architecture2550.022022-06-26
La Famille Bonaparte La Famille Bonaparte2100.022022-06-26
Love Padlocks Love Padlocks3460.032022-06-26
Lutheran Churches Lutheran Churches12280.122022-06-26
Military Ground Equipment Displays Military Ground Equipment Displays10250.102022-06-26
Milk Platforms - Maitolaiturit Milk Platforms - Maitolaiturit1210.012022-06-26
Paintings Then and Now Paintings Then and Now9940.102022-06-26
Scenic Boat Rides Scenic Boat Rides2570.022022-06-26
Ship Screws and Aircraft Props Ship Screws and Aircraft Props3260.032022-06-26
Stolpersteine Stolpersteine18580.182022-06-26
Unique Weathervanes Unique Weathervanes14860.142022-06-26
Vegetarian Eateries Vegetarian Eateries3350.032022-06-26
World War I Sites World War I Sites1060.012022-06-26
666 Sightings 666 Sightings2090.022022-06-27
Active Quarries Active Quarries2230.022022-06-27
Campgrounds Campgrounds6810.072022-06-27
Casinos Casinos6310.062022-06-27
Curling Clubs Curling Clubs1670.022022-06-27
Dockside Restaurants Dockside Restaurants1730.022022-06-27
Little Free Pantry Little Free Pantry2680.032022-06-27
Lonely Chimneys Lonely Chimneys4480.042022-06-27
Monarchs of the World Monarchs of the World8850.092022-06-27
Natural Lakes Natural Lakes4420.042022-06-27
Outdoor Altars Outdoor Altars4310.042022-06-27
Painted Hydrants Painted Hydrants4160.042022-06-27
Public Swimming Pools Public Swimming Pools5700.062022-06-27
Salt Pans and Mines Salt Pans and Mines920.012022-06-27
There's a Book About It There's a Book About It7020.072022-06-27
Uncommon Crossing Signs Uncommon Crossing Signs8180.082022-06-27
Web Cameras Web Cameras28130.272022-06-27
Wildlife Museums Wildlife Museums1010.012022-06-27
AMVETS AMVETS440.002022-06-28
Ancient Roman Civilization Ancient Roman Civilization9730.092022-06-28
Antique Hotels Antique Hotels5510.052022-06-28
Art Galleries Art Galleries4570.042022-06-28
Beach Huts Beach Huts900.012022-06-28
Bygone Toll Houses Bygone Toll Houses1940.022022-06-28
Coin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines Coin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines2500.022022-06-28
Epic Beings and Creatures Epic Beings and Creatures16330.162022-06-28
In Search of the Celts In Search of the Celts1900.022022-06-28
Independent Movie Rental Shops Independent Movie Rental Shops1810.022022-06-28
Pizza Shops - Regional Chains Pizza Shops - Regional Chains7320.072022-06-28
Plank Roads Plank Roads2200.022022-06-28
Professional Sports Venues Professional Sports Venues3950.042022-06-28
Static Artillery Displays Static Artillery Displays26940.262022-06-28
Static Train Cars Static Train Cars7040.072022-06-28
Train Stations/Depots Train Stations/Depots45520.442022-06-28
Unintentionally Funny Signs Unintentionally Funny Signs1630.022022-06-28
Watercraft Rentals (Human Powered) Watercraft Rentals (Human Powered)1570.022022-06-28
Windmills Windmills20610.202022-06-28
Abbeys, Convents and Monasteries Abbeys, Convents and Monasteries8590.082022-06-29
Aerial Lifts Aerial Lifts3130.032022-06-29
Alberta Heritage Markers Alberta Heritage Markers3920.042022-06-29
Bait Shops Bait Shops1790.022022-06-29
Barns Barns7320.072022-06-29
Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast5740.062022-06-29
Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines5550.052022-06-29
Candy Stores Candy Stores7880.082022-06-29
Celebrity Hangouts Celebrity Hangouts1090.012022-06-29
Coastal Lighthouses Coastal Lighthouses12010.122022-06-29
Elevation Signs Elevation Signs40140.392022-06-29
European Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and Benchmarks European Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and Benchmarks21090.202022-06-29
Free For Your Birthday Free For Your Birthday1020.012022-06-29
Freestanding Arches Freestanding Arches15250.152022-06-29
Gazebos Gazebos22820.222022-06-29
Greenhouses and Nurseries Greenhouses and Nurseries3250.032022-06-29
Guest Books Guest Books8270.082022-06-29
Hiking Path Footbridges Hiking Path Footbridges10680.102022-06-29
Live Stage Theaters Live Stage Theaters9630.092022-06-29
Lychgates and Depositories Lychgates and Depositories1300.012022-06-29
McDonald's Restaurants McDonald's Restaurants53510.522022-06-29
Mexican Restaurants Mexican Restaurants9930.102022-06-29
Milestones Milestones21390.212022-06-29
Municipal Community Centers Municipal Community Centers6840.072022-06-29
Preserved Machines on Public Display Preserved Machines on Public Display7890.082022-06-29
Railroad Bridges Railroad Bridges15590.152022-06-29
Sailing and Yacht Clubs Sailing and Yacht Clubs1790.022022-06-29
Sister City Monuments Sister City Monuments5940.062022-06-29
Steakhouses Steakhouses4790.052022-06-29
Target Stores Target Stores6940.072022-06-29
UK Historical Markers UK Historical Markers22890.222022-06-29
White Castle White Castle890.012022-06-29
Winter Sports Locations Winter Sports Locations1750.022022-06-29
Amateur Baseball Fields Amateur Baseball Fields4830.052022-06-30
British Columbia Heritage Markers British Columbia Heritage Markers6750.072022-06-30
Canadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs Canadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs2250.022022-06-30
City and Town Halls City and Town Halls45970.442022-06-30
Cityscapes Cityscapes8950.092022-06-30
Community Gardens Community Gardens3260.032022-06-30
Flags of Organizations Flags of Organizations4960.052022-06-30
German Benchmarks German Benchmarks3580.032022-06-30
German-American Heritage Sites German-American Heritage Sites2140.022022-06-30
Ice Skating Rinks Ice Skating Rinks4040.042022-06-30
Municipal Flags Municipal Flags8280.082022-06-30
One-Room Schoolhouses One-Room Schoolhouses6350.062022-06-30
Outdoor Amphitheaters Outdoor Amphitheaters4510.042022-06-30
Payphones Payphones41240.402022-06-30
Peace Poles Peace Poles8870.092022-06-30
Pikachu Sightings Pikachu Sightings4450.042022-06-30
Public and Private Golf Courses Public and Private Golf Courses6540.062022-06-30
Ranger Stations Ranger Stations5020.052022-06-30
Roman Catholic Churches Roman Catholic Churches74760.722022-06-30
Tennis Facilities Tennis Facilities7010.072022-06-30
Water Towers Water Towers55500.542022-06-30
Wesleyan Churches Wesleyan Churches1230.012022-06-30
Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments70580.682022-06-30
Advertising Columns Advertising Columns6020.062022-07-01
Baroque Architecture Baroque Architecture16010.152022-07-01
Bicycle Repair Stations Bicycle Repair Stations3790.042022-07-01
Brewpubs Brewpubs6700.062022-07-01
Broken Column Headstones Broken Column Headstones5180.052022-07-01
Country Churches Country Churches17270.172022-07-01
Direction and Distance Arrows Direction and Distance Arrows20680.202022-07-01
Draw Wells Draw Wells3800.042022-07-01
Earth Globes Earth Globes3630.042022-07-01
Ferris Wheels Ferris Wheels1650.022022-07-01
Grand Opening Grand Opening4180.042022-07-01
IHOP Restaurants IHOP Restaurants3800.042022-07-01
Karaoke Bars Karaoke Bars1260.012022-07-01
Legacy of Medieval Spiritual Warriors Legacy of Medieval Spiritual Warriors2580.022022-07-01
Lions Clubs International Markers Lions Clubs International Markers5690.052022-07-01
Maritime Museums Maritime Museums2590.032022-07-01
Medieval Churches Medieval Churches30620.302022-07-01
Named Farms and Ranches Named Farms and Ranches2400.022022-07-01
National Parks of the World National Parks of the World6060.062022-07-01
Pet Cemeteries Pet Cemeteries2300.022022-07-01
Public Funiculars and Incline Railways Public Funiculars and Incline Railways1270.012022-07-01
Recommended Accommodation Recommended Accommodation6050.062022-07-01
Solar Power Solar Power11020.112022-07-01
Specific Wars Monuments and Memorials Specific Wars Monuments and Memorials2260.022022-07-01
Statues of Historic Figures Statues of Historic Figures68030.662022-07-01
Thrift Stores Thrift Stores8350.082022-07-01
Used Video-Game Stores Used Video-Game Stores4980.052022-07-01
Vintage Ad Locations Vintage Ad Locations2940.032022-07-01
Where's In A Name? Where's In A Name?1080.012022-07-01
Best Burgers in Town Best Burgers in Town3530.032022-07-02
Bottle Sculptures Bottle Sculptures1310.012022-07-02
Castles Castles25880.252022-07-02
Cemetery Chapels Cemetery Chapels1920.022022-07-02
Dive Sites Dive Sites1100.012022-07-02
Fishing Holes Fishing Holes4420.042022-07-02
Habitat ReStores Habitat ReStores1320.012022-07-02
Hall of Fame Hall of Fame2140.022022-07-02
Holy Wells Holy Wells1430.012022-07-02
Homemade Tombstones Homemade Tombstones14870.142022-07-02
Hospitals Hospitals7370.072022-07-02
Kissmobile and Co. Sightings Kissmobile and Co. Sightings190.002022-07-02
Man-made Waterfalls Man-made Waterfalls6520.062022-07-02
National Wildlife Refuges National Wildlife Refuges1900.022022-07-02
Oddball Museums Oddball Museums4820.052022-07-02
Outdoor Stations of the Cross Outdoor Stations of the Cross4060.042022-07-02
Outdoor Warning Sirens Outdoor Warning Sirens17800.172022-07-02
Paramedic Stations Paramedic Stations3370.032022-07-02
Pre-Victorian Historic Homes Pre-Victorian Historic Homes13190.132022-07-02
Religious Buildings Multifarious Religious Buildings Multifarious8000.082022-07-02
Scenic Railroads Scenic Railroads1730.022022-07-02
State/Provincial Parks State/Provincial Parks10080.102022-07-02
Wendy's Restaurants Wendy's Restaurants9460.092022-07-02
Wi-Fi Hotspots Wi-Fi Hotspots51770.502022-07-02
Wineries Wineries4390.042022-07-02
Working Water Wheels Working Water Wheels2750.032022-07-02
7-Eleven Stores 7-Eleven Stores16480.162022-07-03
All Things Star Wars All Things Star Wars1780.022022-07-03
Art Deco - Art Nouveau Art Deco - Art Nouveau16470.162022-07-03
Artistic Welcome Signs Artistic Welcome Signs4860.052022-07-03
Australia Post Offices Australia Post Offices16960.162022-07-03
Belgium Monument Registers Belgium Monument Registers5300.052022-07-03
Blue Plaques Blue Plaques32220.312022-07-03
Carillon Carillon2730.032022-07-03
Chinese Restaurants Chinese Restaurants12060.122022-07-03
Churchyard Crosses Churchyard Crosses17020.162022-07-03
Civil Rights Memorials Civil Rights Memorials8840.092022-07-03
Community Commemoration Community Commemoration14510.142022-07-03
Covered Bridges Covered Bridges10130.102022-07-03
Cycling Routes Cycling Routes30560.302022-07-03
Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza6660.062022-07-03
Doves of peace Doves of peace7070.072022-07-03
Eagle Scout Project Sites Eagle Scout Project Sites9850.102022-07-03
Eternal Flames Eternal Flames2370.022022-07-03
Firefighter Memorials Firefighter Memorials7830.082022-07-03
Former Schools Former Schools20720.202022-07-03
Frieze Art Frieze Art14750.142022-07-03
Ghost Signs Ghost Signs20290.202022-07-03
Grave of a Famous Person Grave of a Famous Person27650.272022-07-03
Historic Eats Historic Eats3080.032022-07-03
Independent Bookstores Independent Bookstores3430.032022-07-03
Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants12290.122022-07-03
Lawn Bowling Lawn Bowling4380.042022-07-03
Masonic Temples Masonic Temples16460.162022-07-03
Moving Bridges Moving Bridges6270.062022-07-03
Nature's Balanced Rocks Nature's Balanced Rocks1700.022022-07-03
Olympic Memorabilia Olympic Memorabilia2560.022022-07-03
Outdoor Stairways Outdoor Stairways6750.072022-07-03
Paleontology and Fossils Paleontology and Fossils1580.022022-07-03
Shot Towers Shot Towers300.002022-07-03
Sit-by-me Statues Sit-by-me Statues6480.062022-07-03
Specific Veteran Memorials Specific Veteran Memorials38680.372022-07-03
Spring Houses Spring Houses2430.022022-07-03
Stained Glass Windows Stained Glass Windows30400.292022-07-03
Takeout / Delivery Menus Takeout / Delivery Menus8340.082022-07-03
The Local Neighborhood Grocer The Local Neighborhood Grocer3240.032022-07-03
Time Capsules Time Capsules16040.152022-07-03
Truss Bridges Truss Bridges15000.142022-07-03
U-Haul SuperGraphics U-Haul SuperGraphics2300.022022-07-03
Universities and Colleges Universities and Colleges8890.092022-07-03
U.S. 40 - The National Road U.S. 40 - The National Road3040.032022-07-03
Water Dams Water Dams9820.092022-07-03
World War II Memorials / Monuments World War II Memorials / Monuments32150.312022-07-03
World War II Sites World War II Sites5730.062022-07-03
Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe3310.032022-07-03
Abandoned Cemeteries Abandoned Cemeteries6890.072022-07-04
ALDI Stores ALDI Stores8810.092022-07-04
Angel of Hope Statues Angel of Hope Statues610.012022-07-04
Anglican and Episcopal Churches Anglican and Episcopal Churches24210.232022-07-04
Arby's Restaurants Arby's Restaurants6020.062022-07-04
Artistic Seating Artistic Seating12880.122022-07-04
Assembly of God Churches Assembly of God Churches2180.022022-07-04
Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties5280.052022-07-04
Automobile Salvage Yards Automobile Salvage Yards990.012022-07-04
Bear Statues Bear Statues9140.092022-07-04
Bells Bells31420.302022-07-04
Bicycle Rentals Bicycle Rentals12390.122022-07-04
Bicycle Shops Bicycle Shops7080.072022-07-04
Christian Crosses Christian Crosses40410.392022-07-04
Classic BBQ and Sandwich Joints Classic BBQ and Sandwich Joints7580.072022-07-04
Converted Bank Buildings Converted Bank Buildings13590.132022-07-04
Counting and Measuring Displays Counting and Measuring Displays940.012022-07-04
Courthouses Courthouses24700.242022-07-04
Donated Engraved Bricks and Pavers Donated Engraved Bricks and Pavers14490.142022-07-04
Entertainment Awards Entertainment Awards490.002022-07-04
European Post Offices European Post Offices30660.302022-07-04
Firehouses Firehouses58950.572022-07-04
Flora and Fauna Information Signs Flora and Fauna Information Signs22480.222022-07-04
Framed Views Framed Views2040.022022-07-04
Freestanding Columns Freestanding Columns3010.032022-07-04
Geographical Centers Geographical Centers1400.012022-07-04
Giant 24 h Vending Machines Giant 24 h Vending Machines170.002022-07-04
High Level Marks High Level Marks6160.062022-07-04
Historical Society Headquarters Historical Society Headquarters3570.032022-07-04
Independent Pharmacies Independent Pharmacies13000.132022-07-04
Jazz Clubs Jazz Clubs1000.012022-07-04
Kids Eat Free Kids Eat Free1740.022022-07-04
Libraries Libraries40550.392022-07-04
Mausoleums Mausoleums8100.082022-07-04
Mississippi Historical Markers Mississippi Historical Markers7060.072022-07-04
Musical Instruments Musical Instruments15440.152022-07-04
Odd Fellow Lodges Odd Fellow Lodges6120.062022-07-04
Painted Mailboxes Painted Mailboxes1810.022022-07-04
Permanent World Fair and Expo Structures Permanent World Fair and Expo Structures2220.022022-07-04
Pictorial Pub Signs Pictorial Pub Signs27750.272022-07-04
Places for Recycling Places for Recycling11470.112022-07-04
Plane Crash Sites Plane Crash Sites4320.042022-07-04
Public Playgrounds Public Playgrounds46780.452022-07-04
Relief Art Sculptures Relief Art Sculptures27610.272022-07-04
Religious Freedom Religious Freedom1910.022022-07-04
Renaissance Architecture Renaissance Architecture4000.042022-07-04
River Gauges River Gauges7770.082022-07-04
Scenic Overlooks Scenic Overlooks16210.162022-07-04
Sonic Drive In Restaurants Sonic Drive In Restaurants4150.042022-07-04
Superlatives Superlatives31790.312022-07-04
Taco Bell Restaurants Taco Bell Restaurants12930.122022-07-04
Thai Restaurants Thai Restaurants5140.052022-07-04
Tim Horton's Restaurants Tim Horton's Restaurants10920.112022-07-04
Unique Artistic Shop Signs Unique Artistic Shop Signs5990.062022-07-04
U.S. Benchmarks U.S. Benchmarks150241.452022-07-04
U.S. Post Offices U.S. Post Offices102580.992022-07-04
Vintage Gas Stations Vintage Gas Stations8150.082022-07-04
Vintage Gasoline Pumps Vintage Gasoline Pumps6400.062022-07-04
Wavy Places Wavy Places1480.012022-07-04
Waychapels Waychapels11660.112022-07-04
Zippy the Pinhead Locations Zippy the Pinhead Locations6950.072022-07-04
3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond 3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond4050.042022-07-05
Abandoned Dead Vehicles Abandoned Dead Vehicles3460.032022-07-05
Abstract Public Sculptures Abstract Public Sculptures58360.562022-07-05
American Civil War Monuments and Memorials American Civil War Monuments and Memorials31370.302022-07-05
Anamorphous Street Art Anamorphous Street Art1280.012022-07-05
Antique Shops Antique Shops6330.062022-07-05
Border Crossings Border Crossings11560.112022-07-05
Breweries Breweries4780.052022-07-05
Cave Entrances (Artificial) Cave Entrances (Artificial)2460.022022-07-05
Churchyard Cemeteries Churchyard Cemeteries25100.242022-07-05
Coats of Arms Coats of Arms48040.462022-07-05
Converted Factories Converted Factories2740.032022-07-05
Dated Architectural Structures Multifarious Dated Architectural Structures Multifarious27260.262022-07-05
Deutsche Denkmallisten - German Monument Registers Deutsche Denkmallisten - German Monument Registers39640.382022-07-05
Etched in Stone Etched in Stone16710.162022-07-05
Exceptional Trees Exceptional Trees6670.062022-07-05
Fountains Fountains104141.012022-07-05
Graffiti Graffiti9630.092022-07-05
Hiking and walking trailheads Hiking and walking trailheads19480.192022-07-05
Landlocked Boats Landlocked Boats5940.062022-07-05
Laser Tag Facilities Laser Tag Facilities1110.012022-07-05
Methodist Churches Methodist Churches23050.222022-07-05
Monuments Historiques Français Monuments Historiques Français28240.272022-07-05
Mosaics Mosaics21870.212022-07-05
Mountain Bike Trailheads Mountain Bike Trailheads4410.042022-07-05
Municipal Parks and Plazas Municipal Parks and Plazas67690.652022-07-05
Natural/Organic Food Stores Natural/Organic Food Stores4160.042022-07-05
News Article Locations News Article Locations79390.772022-07-05
NRHP Historic Districts - Contributing Buildings NRHP Historic Districts - Contributing Buildings157721.522022-07-05
Obelisks Obelisks14190.142022-07-05
Off-Leash Dog Areas Off-Leash Dog Areas8430.082022-07-05
Orientation Tables Orientation Tables9340.092022-07-05
Outdoor Basketball Courts Outdoor Basketball Courts11740.112022-07-05
Penny Smashers Penny Smashers37400.362022-07-05
Permanent Charity Donation Locations Permanent Charity Donation Locations6740.072022-07-05
Photo Goals Photo Goals1150.012022-07-05
Photos Then and Now Photos Then and Now35590.342022-07-05
Picture Perfect Postcards Picture Perfect Postcards10050.102022-07-05
Presbyterian Churches Presbyterian Churches11300.112022-07-05
Punishment and Disciplinary Devices Punishment and Disciplinary Devices2480.022022-07-05
Quadrivia Quadrivia1280.012022-07-05
Relocated Structures Relocated Structures14700.142022-07-05
Rhode Island Historical Markers Rhode Island Historical Markers670.012022-07-05
Rotary International Markers Rotary International Markers10860.102022-07-05
Satellite Imagery Oddities Satellite Imagery Oddities62110.602022-07-05
School Mascots School Mascots3050.032022-07-05
Signs of History Signs of History92450.892022-07-05
Signs of Zodiac Signs of Zodiac1560.022022-07-05
Starbucks Stores Starbucks Stores32900.322022-07-05
Sundials Sundials39230.382022-07-05
Truck Stops Truck Stops2770.032022-07-05
U.S. National Register of Historic Places U.S. National Register of Historic Places189551.832022-07-05
Wagon Wheels Wagon Wheels5810.062022-07-05
'You Are Here' Maps 'You Are Here' Maps128891.252022-07-05
1000 Places to See Before You Die 1000 Places to See Before You Die5770.062022-07-06
ANWB Paddenstoelen ANWB Paddenstoelen46180.452022-07-06
Australian Heritage Sites Australian Heritage Sites12760.122022-07-06
Austrian and Swiss National Heritage Sites Austrian and Swiss National Heritage Sites14840.142022-07-06
Baptist Churches Baptist Churches20680.202022-07-06
Barber Poles Barber Poles13860.132022-07-06
Belgium Benchmarks Belgium Benchmarks7110.072022-07-06
Bell Towers Bell Towers55350.532022-07-06
Best Kept Secrets Best Kept Secrets1700.022022-07-06
Bicycle Tenders Bicycle Tenders10570.102022-07-06
Bookcrossing Zones Bookcrossing Zones20310.202022-07-06
Cairns Cairns3420.032022-07-06
Canada Post Offices Canada Post Offices8460.082022-07-06
Canadian Benchmarks Canadian Benchmarks40740.392022-07-06
Canadian National Historic Sites Canadian National Historic Sites13650.132022-07-06
Carnegie Library Buildings Carnegie Library Buildings6600.062022-07-06
Chronograms Chronograms6440.062022-07-06
Citizen Memorials Citizen Memorials78930.762022-07-06
Continental Reformed and Congregational Church Sites Continental Reformed and Congregational Church Sites9130.092022-07-06
Dated Buildings and Cornerstones Dated Buildings and Cornerstones135891.312022-07-06
Dedicated Benches Dedicated Benches99410.962022-07-06
Dedicated Trees Dedicated Trees28490.282022-07-06
Dinosaur Statues Dinosaur Statues5030.052022-07-06
Disaster Memorials Disaster Memorials7560.072022-07-06
Domes of the (Under) World Domes of the (Under) World3120.032022-07-06
Doorways of the World Doorways of the World13460.132022-07-06
Electric Car Charging Stations Electric Car Charging Stations19380.192022-07-06
Equestrian Statues Equestrian Statues7290.072022-07-06
Farmers' Markets Farmers' Markets3890.042022-07-06
Figurative Public Sculpture Figurative Public Sculpture99150.962022-07-06
First of its Kind First of its Kind56720.552022-07-06
Fish and Chips Restaurants Fish and Chips Restaurants4220.042022-07-06
Free Community Book Exchanges Free Community Book Exchanges48490.472022-07-06
French Benchmarks French Benchmarks60870.592022-07-06
Funeral Homes Funeral Homes4470.042022-07-06
Graves Mentioning a Cause of Death Graves Mentioning a Cause of Death12380.122022-07-06
Headstones of Centenarians Headstones of Centenarians24290.232022-07-06
Histoires de France (French historical markers) Histoires de France (French historical markers)14040.142022-07-06
History Museums History Museums41790.402022-07-06
Independent Bakeries Independent Bakeries8970.092022-07-06
Kiwanis International Markers Kiwanis International Markers1640.022022-07-06
Millstones Millstones5920.062022-07-06
Miniature Railroads Miniature Railroads2440.022022-07-06
Monopoly in the Real World Monopoly in the Real World13940.132022-07-06
Movie Locations Movie Locations47970.462022-07-06
Murals Murals95570.922022-07-06
Non-Specific Veteran Memorials Non-Specific Veteran Memorials54010.522022-07-06
Occupational/Hobby Grave Stones Occupational/Hobby Grave Stones9720.092022-07-06
Official Local Tourism Attractions Official Local Tourism Attractions71720.692022-07-06
Omnivorous Trees Omnivorous Trees4710.052022-07-06
Outside Wooden Display Carvings Outside Wooden Display Carvings22920.222022-07-06
Population Signs Population Signs18230.182022-07-06
Preserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins Preserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins15740.152022-07-06
Pubs and Inns Pubs and Inns21670.212022-07-06
Realistic Object Sculptures Realistic Object Sculptures13270.132022-07-06
Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments27420.262022-07-06
Roadside Attractions Roadside Attractions37030.362022-07-06
Scenic Roadside Look-Outs Scenic Roadside Look-Outs8400.082022-07-06
Silhouette Public Art Sculptures Silhouette Public Art Sculptures15610.152022-07-06
Statues of Religious Figures Statues of Religious Figures60660.592022-07-06
Subway Restaurants Subway Restaurants41470.402022-07-06
Texas Historical Markers Texas Historical Markers107221.042022-07-06
This Old Church This Old Church101900.982022-07-06
Town Clocks Town Clocks83500.812022-07-06
Unique Manhole Covers Unique Manhole Covers6370.062022-07-06
Used Book Stores Used Book Stores3960.042022-07-06
Victorian Style Architecture Victorian Style Architecture34050.332022-07-06
Wayside shrines Wayside shrines13000.132022-07-06
Wikipedia Entries Wikipedia Entries248692.402022-07-06
Wooden Church Artefacts Wooden Church Artefacts2920.032022-07-06
World War I Memorials and Monuments World War I Memorials and Monuments53710.522022-07-06
Worldwide Cemeteries Worldwide Cemeteries119561.152022-07-06