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5erBande  posted 16 waymarks in 3 countries and 7 regions, of these were 9 posted-first-in-region and also 1 posted-first-in-country.
Unfortunatly the user also has one waymark with a missing region in the database..

In the following list are the countries, the regions in the country and the posted categories listed. For the country and the region the number of posted waymark is shown in parentheses. Please note that archived waymarks are not considered for this list and the data on this page is updated in irregular intervals, thus the counting may differ from the one used on waymarking.com .

A golden star at the beginning of a line indicates the waymark was the first posted for the country, a silver star tells, that the waymark was the first posted for the region. The category icon and the name of the category follows next, clicking on the link leads you to the category list page on this site. The number of posted waymarks for the category in the current country/region is displayed next. If there was a first in country or region, the waymark with its code, title and approval date follows.

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Germany (13)

Bayern (2)

 starsThis Old ChurchThis Old Church1WMD00JHeilig Geist Kirche, Muenchen, Germany2011-10-31

Bremen (1)

 starsMaritime MuseumsMaritime Museums1WMKJDDMuseumsschiff FMS Gera - Bremerhaven, Germany2014-04-21

Hessen (1)

  Baroque ArchitectureBaroque Architecture1---

Nordrhein-Westfalen (7)

 starsAbandoned Dead VehiclesAbandoned Dead Vehicles1WMD3M9VW Käfer in front of high school2012-10-04
  Exceptional TreesExceptional Trees1---
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras1WMCPMYFootball mascots as gargoyles ?2011-10-20
 starsHot Air Balloon FestivalsHot Air Balloon Festivals1WMF8XZWarsteiner International Montgolfiade2012-09-12
  Independent Coffee ShopsIndependent Coffee Shops1---
  Train Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots1---

Schleswig-Holstein (2)

  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls1---
 starsIndependent DinersIndependent Diners1WMCNRGBücherstube am Fleth - Glueckstadt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany2011-09-29

Netherlands (2)

Zeeland (2)

 starsCityscapesCityscapes1WMCPGGThe second tallest tower in the Netherlands2011-09-29
 starsMoving BridgesMoving Bridges1WMCPGADrawbridge Zierikzee; Netherlands2011-10-01

Portugal (1)

Arquipélago da Madeira (1)

 starsExceptional TreesExceptional Trees1WMCPQ1The magic forest of Fanal, Madeira, Potugal2011-10-06