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Australia (25)

South Australia (25)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1---
 stars9/11 Memorial Sites9/11 Memorial Sites1WMDMRXAndrew's Peace2012-02-02
  A.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting StationsA.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations1---
 starsBeachesBeaches1WMDH5CPort Vincent Beach2012-01-17
 starsBlood Donation CentersBlood Donation Centers1WMDXQKPort Adelaide Blood Donation Centre2012-03-07
 starsBreweriesBreweries1WMDW72South Australian Brewing Company2012-03-01
 starsCar Part SculpturesCar Part Sculptures1WMDPW9Under attack?2012-03-11
  Closed Drive-In TheatresClosed Drive-In Theatres1---
 starsCoastal BoardwalksCoastal Boardwalks1WMDP6RWest Beach Coastal Path2012-02-11
 starsDrive-In Movie TheatersDrive-In Movie Theaters1WMDT00Wallis Mainline Drive-In, Adelaide, South Australia2012-02-22
 starsFerris WheelsFerris Wheels1WMDPM3The Beach House Ferris Wheel2012-02-11
 starsGarage Door ArtGarage Door Art1WMDD4ROld Holdens Garage Door - Welland2012-01-01
 starsGates of DistinctionGates of Distinction1WMDWXJVictor Richardson Gates - Adelaide, Australia2012-03-04
 starsHorse Racing TracksHorse Racing Tracks1WME6VAGlobe Derby Park2012-04-11
 starsHospitalsHospitals1WMEBDFRepatriataion General Hospital - Daw Park, SA2012-05-02
  Man-made WaterfallsMan-made Waterfalls1---
 starsOutdoor StairwaysOutdoor Stairways1WME154Seaford Beach Access Stairway2012-03-21
 starsSalt Pans and MinesSalt Pans and Mines1WME6V2Adelaide Salt Pans2012-05-02
 starsSister City MonumentsSister City Monuments1WMDMT1Mobara Park2012-02-03
  Web CamerasWeb Cameras4---