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Belgium (1)

Limburg (1)

 starsPenny SmashersPenny Smashers1WMPBF8Koning Boudewijntoren - Kelmis, BE2015-08-03

Germany (1)

Nordrhein-Westfalen (1)

  Cycling RoutesCycling Routes1---

Netherlands (177)

Drenthe (2)

 starsEquestrian StatuesEquestrian Statues1WMQ22FJuffer van Batinghe - Dwingeloo, NL2015-12-04
 starsGeodesic DomesGeodesic Domes1WMNWW2Planetron - Dwingeloo, NL2015-05-17

Flevoland (1)

  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---

Friesland (3)

  Cycling RoutesCycling Routes1---
 starsElevated BuildingsElevated Buildings1WM179ZAVogelkijkhut Duinmeer - Ameland, NL2023-01-11
 starsFree Community Book ExchangesFree Community Book Exchanges1WMQ4XZIt Sm√Ľke Boeke Hoekje - Heerenveen, NL2015-12-20

Gelderland (27)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1---
 stars3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond1WMPDWRTopografic pedestrian shelter - Brummen, NL2015-08-15
  ANWB PaddenstoelenANWB Paddenstoelen10---
 starsAirportsAirports1WMPGAVTeuge International Airport - Teuge (NL)2015-08-31
 starsBurger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants1WMPG5KBurger King - De Voorwaarts - Apeldoorn, Netherlands2015-08-26
  Cycling RoutesCycling Routes6---
  Electric Car Charging StationsElectric Car Charging Stations1---
 starsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants1WMP7H5KFC - Het Rietveld - Apeldoorn, NL2015-07-15
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
 starsOutdoor AmphitheatersOutdoor Amphitheaters1WMP7YROpenluchttheater Gorssel - Gorssel, NL2015-07-17
  Static Aircraft DisplaysStatic Aircraft Displays1---
 starsWelcome SignsWelcome Signs1WMNWDAWelkom in Gelderland, NL2015-05-13

Groningen (1)

  ANWB PaddenstoelenANWB Paddenstoelen1---

Limburg (5)

 starsAerial LiftsAerial Lifts1WMPFQYKabelbaan Valkenburg - Valkenburg, NL2015-08-26
  Cycling RoutesCycling Routes1---
  Penny SmashersPenny Smashers1---
 starsPhoto CutoutsPhoto Cutouts1WMPBM6Look what lives in the town cave! - Valkenburg, NL2015-08-05
 starsWikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries1WMPBMJNetherlands American Cemetery and Memorial - Margraten, NL2015-08-04

Noord-Brabant (3)

  ANWB PaddenstoelenANWB Paddenstoelen1---
 starsOff-Leash Dog AreasOff-Leash Dog Areas1WMPJ39Loonse en Drunense Duinen - Udenhout, NL2015-09-06
  Penny SmashersPenny Smashers1---

Noord-Holland (1)

  Penny SmashersPenny Smashers1---

Overijssel (132)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps7---
 stars3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond1WMPDTGZoning plan Noordenbergkwartier - Deventer, NL2015-08-18
  ALDI StoresALDI Stores1---
  ANWB PaddenstoelenANWB Paddenstoelen15---
 starsAbandoned CemeteriesAbandoned Cemeteries1WMP34JJewish cemetry - Den Nul, NL2015-07-10
 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures3WMNVT0Baken van Overijssel ("The Overijssel Beacon") - Overijssel, Netherlands2015-05-09
 starsArtistic SeatingArtistic Seating1WMP1JQDeventer Scoort bank, die zit! - Deventer, NL2015-06-10
 starsBicycle ShopsBicycle Shops1WMNV3VLogt Tweewielers - Olst, NL2015-05-10
 starsBowling CentresBowling Centres1WMNWDCParty & Bowling centrum De Worp - Deventer, NL2015-05-12
 starsBridge Date Stones and PlaquesBridge Date Stones and Plaques1WMQ4Y3Overwaterbrug - 2011 - Hellendoorn, NL2016-03-30
 starsButterfly GardensButterfly Gardens1WMP81ABloemenweide - Olst, NL2015-07-18
 starsCarillonCarillon1WMPKC8Carillon - Wijhe, NL2015-09-14
 starsChinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants1WMNTWTLin Garden - Olst, NL2015-05-12
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls1---
 starsCoats of ArmsCoats of Arms2WMNW44City of Deventer, NL2015-05-10
  Coin-Op BinocularsCoin-Op Binoculars1---
 starsCoordinate PalindromesCoordinate Palindromes1WMNVMAN52 12.160, E06 12.125 - Gorssel, NL2015-05-08
  Cycling RoutesCycling Routes36---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones1---
 starsDedicated TreesDedicated Trees2WMNW3XKoningslinde - Deventer, NL2015-05-10
  Direction and Distance ArrowsDirection and Distance Arrows1---
 starsDomino's PizzaDomino's Pizza1WMPVQZDominos - Brinkgeverweg 80 - Deventer, NL2015-10-26
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture7---
  Fish LaddersFish Ladders1---
 starsFlora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs1WMPTBCDuursche Waarden - Olst, NL2015-10-18
 starsGates of DistinctionGates of Distinction1WMPVR2Home of football - GA Eagles - Deventer, NL2015-10-26
 starsGazebosGazebos1WMNVFXMuziekkapel - Olst, NL2015-05-07
 starsGhost SignsGhost Signs1WMPPFMAmstel bieren - Deventer, NL2015-10-03
 starsGraffitiGraffiti1WMNVXF"Heart" - Wijhe, NL2015-05-10
  Hand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps1---
 starsHospitalsHospitals1WMP1JPDeventer Ziekenhuis - Deventer, NL2015-07-02
  Independent DinersIndependent Diners1---
 starsInsect HotelsInsect Hotels1WMPFR0Insect hotel - Olst, NL2015-08-25
 starsLions Clubs International MarkersLions Clubs International Markers1WMNW97Table with wind vane - Barloseweg - Olst, NL2015-05-12
  Lonely ChimneysLonely Chimneys1---
  Look-Out TowersLook-Out Towers1---
 starsLucky 7Lucky 71WMNVFZLucky 7 in Olst, NL2015-05-08
 starsMade for the MillenniumMade for the Millennium1WMNWDKMillenium Gemeente2015-05-14
 starsMarinasMarinas1WMNWEBPassantenhaven - Wijhe , NL2015-05-12
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
 starsNature CentersNature Centers1WMNWE9Infocentrum Den Nul - Olst, NL2015-05-12
 starsOdd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings1WMP530L'arc-en-ciel - Deventer, NL2015-07-03
 starsOutside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings1WMNW0MEagle - Olst, NL2015-05-10
 starsPet StoresPet Stores1WMP81EDier & Tuin - Olst, NL2015-07-20
 starsPetting Farms and ZoosPetting Farms and Zoos1WMNTXNKinderboerderij 'De Vijverhof' - Olst, NL2015-05-04
 starsProfessional Sports VenuesProfessional Sports Venues1WMPG5WDe Adelaarshorst - Deventer, NL2015-08-27
 starsPublic PlaygroundsPublic Playgrounds1WMNR67Openbare speeltuin Benedendijk2015-04-24
  Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National MonumentsRijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments2---
 starsRotary International MarkersRotary International Markers1WMPGPCDeventer model - Deventer, NL2015-08-29
 starsSkateparksSkateparks1WMPDTJSkate park - Olst, NL2015-08-14
 starsSolar PowerSolar Power1WMP6J4Smartflower GroenBedrijf - Deventer, NL2015-07-10
 starsStarbucks StoresStarbucks Stores1WMPEHFStarbucks Deventer - Deventer, NL2015-08-20
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays1WMNVPQKazemat IJssellinie 'Firefly' - Olst, NL2015-05-08
 starsSwimming HolesSwimming Holes1WMNW0QDe Lange Kolk - Olst, NL2015-05-10
 starsTakeout / Delivery MenusTakeout / Delivery Menus1WMPV1NPinokkio - Olst, NL2015-10-21
 starsTattoo Shops/ParlorsTattoo Shops/Parlors1WMP73GTattoo Herco - Olst, NL2015-07-16
 starsTennis FacilitiesTennis Facilities1WMPNEHDrijver's tennis club - Deventer, NL2015-09-28
 starsTime and Temperature SignsTime and Temperature Signs1WMNVPRSchildersbedrijf Fox: Time&Temp - Deventer, NL2015-05-09
  Train Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots1---
 starsWastewater Treatment FacilitiesWastewater Treatment Facilities1WMNW0VRWZI - Deventer, NL2015-05-11
  World War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1---
  Worldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries2---

Zeeland (1)

  Cycling RoutesCycling Routes1---

Zuid-Holland (1)

  Roller Skating RinksRoller Skating Rinks1---

Sweden (1)

Dalarna (1)

 starsUncommon Crossing SignsUncommon Crossing Signs1WMPFQNTroll Crossing - Gesunda, SE2015-09-07

United Kingdom (1)

West Midlands (1)

  Subway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants1---