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valsetzpegleg  posted 77 waymarks in 36 different categories within one country and 2 regions, of these were 2 posted-first-in-region.

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United States (77)

California (2)

  Anglican and Episcopal ChurchesAnglican and Episcopal Churches1---
  Relocated StructuresRelocated Structures1---

Oregon (75)

 starsAbandoned Air Force Radar SitesAbandoned Air Force Radar Sites1WM9VJJCamp Adair - SAGE building for Adair A F S2010-10-04
  Art GalleriesArt Galleries1---
  Assembly of God ChurchesAssembly of God Churches2---
  Baptist ChurchesBaptist Churches1---
  Bicycle TendersBicycle Tenders1---
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls1---
  Converted Bank BuildingsConverted Bank Buildings2---
  Converted FirehousesConverted Firehouses1---
  Covered BridgesCovered Bridges2---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones1---
  Disc Golf CoursesDisc Golf Courses1---
  Donated Engraved Bricks and PaversDonated Engraved Bricks and Pavers1---
  Ghost TownsGhost Towns2---
  History MuseumsHistory Museums3---
  Lonely ChimneysLonely Chimneys2---
  Lutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches1---
  Man-made WaterfallsMan-made Waterfalls1---
  Methodist ChurchesMethodist Churches1---
  Model Aircraft FieldsModel Aircraft Fields1---
  Model RailroadsModel Railroads1---
  One-Room SchoolhousesOne-Room Schoolhouses1---
  Peace PolesPeace Poles1---
 starsPizza Shops - Regional ChainsPizza Shops - Regional Chains1WMA8RTPapa Murphys - Monmouth, Oregon2010-12-05
  Presbyterian ChurchesPresbyterian Churches1---
  Relocated StructuresRelocated Structures20---
  Roman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches1---
  Train CaboosesTrain Cabooses2---
  U.S. National Register of Historic PlacesU.S. National Register of Historic Places8---
  U.S. Post OfficesU.S. Post Offices1---
  World War II SitesWorld War II Sites1---
  Worldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries2---