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Austria (169)

Niederösterreich (3)

 stars'Z' Welcome Signs'Z' Welcome Signs1WM7PRNZwölfaxing - Lower Austria, Austria2009-11-19
 starsPlane Crash SitesPlane Crash Sites1WM7RJKPlane Crash at the Kahlenberg - Klosterneuburg, Austria2009-11-27
 starsScenic OverlooksScenic Overlooks1WM7KVYHusarentempel - Anninger bei Mödling, NÖ, Austria2009-11-06

Wien (166)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps2WM7Q4NSewage treatment plant - Vienna, Austria2009-11-21
 stars1866 Austro-Prussian War  Memorials1866 Austro-Prussian War Memorials1WM7R2CMonument for the Saxons - Vienna, Austria2009-12-08
 stars666 Sightings666 Sightings1WM7KK1House number 666 - Vienna, Austria2009-11-05
  ALDI StoresALDI Stores1---
 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures1WM7M4QHill Arches by Henry Moore - Vienna, Austria2009-11-07
 starsAnamorphous Street ArtAnamorphous Street Art1WM7Q3TPassage to the Garden - Vienna, Austria2009-11-23
 starsAncient Roman CivilizationAncient Roman Civilization1WM7NRPRoman ruins - Vienna, Austria2009-11-17
 starsArt Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau6WM7KKTPostsparkasse - Vienna, Austria2009-11-05
 starsArt MuseumsArt Museums1WM7M63Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna - Vienna, Austria2009-11-07
 starsArtificial Climbing WallsArtificial Climbing Walls2WM7KV4Pier 9 - Vienna, Austria2009-11-07
 starsAstronomical ObservatoriesAstronomical Observatories1WM7Q2QUrania - Vienna, Austria2009-11-21
 starsAtlas StatuesAtlas Statues1WM7RWMAtlas with a celestial sphere - Vienna, Austria2009-11-29
 starsBaroque ArchitectureBaroque Architecture8WM7KMFDominikanerkirche - Vienna, Austria2009-11-06
 starsBear StatuesBear Statues1WM7JCPBear by F. Barwig jr. - Vienna, Austria2009-10-31
 starsBicycle ShopsBicycle Shops1WM7KVEBikers - Pier 9, Vienna, Austria2009-11-06
 starsBlood Donation CentersBlood Donation Centers1WM7R24Blutspendezentrale - Vienna, Austria2009-11-30
 starsBookcrossing ZonesBookcrossing Zones1WM7K51Cafe zum Schwammerl, Vienna, Austria2009-11-04
 starsBreweriesBreweries1WM7M78Ottakringer Brauerei - Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsBroken Column HeadstonesBroken Column Headstones1WM7VMVLustig Family - Zentralfriedhof - Vienna, Austria2009-12-08
 starsBuddhist Temples and Public ShrinesBuddhist Temples and Public Shrines1WM7NW0Peace Pagoda - Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsBurger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants1WM7M76Burger King - Gaudenzdorfer Guertel - Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsChildren's MuseumsChildren's Museums1WM7NQAZoom Kindermuseum - Vienna, Austria2009-11-14
 starsCity and Town HallsCity and Town Halls1WM7T04Vienna, Austria2009-11-29
 starsCoin Operated Children's RidesCoin Operated Children's Rides1WM7QWVLocomotive - Wallensteinstrasse - Vienna, Austria2009-11-24
 starsCoin-Op BinocularsCoin-Op Binoculars1WM7PPMBinocular on the Jubiläumswarte - Vienna, Austria2009-11-19
 starsComic Book ShopsComic Book Shops1WM7VF6Comics Hutterer - Vienna, Austria2009-12-07
 starsConvention CentersConvention Centers1WM7PPEAustria Center Vienna2009-11-20
 starsCoordinate PalindromesCoordinate Palindromes1WM7YD0N48°09.161 E16°19.084 - Vienna, Austria2009-12-24
 starsCourthousesCourthouses1WM7TX3Verwaltungsgerichtshof - Vienna, Austria2009-12-05
 starsDead Poets' Society MemorialsDead Poets' Society Memorials1WM7Q23Johan Wolfgang von Goethe - Vienna, Austria2009-11-23
 starsDive ShopsDive Shops1WM7R28Tauchshop Lorenc - Vienna, Austria2009-11-25
 starsEpic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures1WM7TZ9Griffin - Vienna, Austria2009-12-04
 starsEquestrian StatuesEquestrian Statues1WM7K8GPrince of Schwarzenberg - Vienna, Austria2009-11-04
 starsEuropean Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and BenchmarksEuropean Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and Benchmarks1WM7RVFPoint of Origin - Vienna, Austria2009-11-28
 starsExact ReplicasExact Replicas1WM7T6KDa Vinci's Last Supper - Vienna, Austria2010-01-01
 starsExtraterrestrial LocationsExtraterrestrial Locations1WM7N3HErwin Schrödinger - a crater on the far side of the Moon / a bust in Vienna, Austria2009-11-11
 starsFamous FiresFamous Fires1WM7R98Ringtheater Fire - Vienna, Austria2009-11-26
 starsFerries and Ferry LandingsFerries and Ferry Landings1WM7NX5Freudenau - Danube Island - Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsFigurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture1WM7M9NUkrainian Cossak - Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsFlea MarketsFlea Markets1WM7M0VFlohmarkt - Naschmarkt, Vienna, Austria2009-11-07
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras1WM7T34St Stephen's Gargoyles - Vienna, Austria2009-11-29
 starsGeocaching Tour GuidesGeocaching Tour Guides1WM7KRFNas clovek ve Vidni (Our Man in Vienna)2009-11-08
 starsGothic ArchitectureGothic Architecture1WM7QXDWayside shrine - Gersthof - Vienna, Austria2009-11-25
 starsGraves of the UnknownGraves of the Unknown1WM7PW5Cemetery of the Nameless - Vienna, Austria2009-11-20
 starsGreat Buildings of the WorldGreat Buildings of the World1WM7VG6Haus Steiner - Vienna, Austria2009-12-07
 starsHaunted AttractionsHaunted Attractions1WM7Q9AGeisterschloss - Vienna, Austria2009-11-23
 starsHigh Level MarksHigh Level Marks1WM7RKKHigh water mark from 1830 in Augarten - Vienna, Austria2009-11-27
 starsHospitalsHospitals1WM7NG1Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien (AKH) - Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsHostelsHostels2WM7QG2Westend City Hostel - Vienna, Austria2009-11-25
 starsIce Skating RinksIce Skating Rinks1WM7M68Wiener Eislaufverein - Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsIndependent Cigar ShopsIndependent Cigar Shops1WM7Q48Cigarren & Pfeifen Studio Schober - Vienna, Austria2009-11-21
 starsIndependent Coffee ShopsIndependent Coffee Shops1WM7P0RCafe Sperl - Vienna, Austria2009-11-16
 starsIndependent DinersIndependent Diners1WM7P0TLandia - Vienna, Austria2009-11-19
 starsIndependent PharmaciesIndependent Pharmacies1WM7TM7Old Lion's Pharmacy - Vienna, Austria2009-12-01
 starsIndoor MallsIndoor Malls1WM7Q4GMillennium City - Vienna, Austria2009-11-21
 starsJapanese GardensJapanese Gardens1WM7N7NSeigaiha Teien - Vienna, Austria2009-11-20
 starsJohn F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy1WM7P4PKennedy Bridge - Vienna, Austria2009-11-16
 starsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants1WM7NDDKFC - Mariahilferstrasse - Vienna, Austria2009-11-13
 starsKilroy Was HereKilroy Was Here1WM7NQTKyselak was in the Schwarzenbergpark - Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsKingdom Halls of Jehovah's WitnessesKingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses1WM7M6XKingdom Hall - Alsergrund, Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsLa Famille BonaparteLa Famille Bonaparte1WM7RD3The Gilded Cage of Napoleon II - Vienna, Austria2009-12-08
 starsLion StatuesLion Statues2WM7N3PMilitary monument - Vienna, Austria2009-11-14
 starsLiterary SitesLiterary Sites1WM7Q1ZStrudelhof Steps - Vienna, Austria2009-11-24
  Live Stage TheatersLive Stage Theaters2---
 starsLook-Out TowersLook-Out Towers1WM7PPJJubiläumswarte - Vienna, Austria2009-11-19
 starsLutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches1WM7Q54Verklärungskirche Am Tabor - Vienna, Austria2009-11-21
 starsMagic ShopsMagic Shops1WM7V9HVienna Magic - Vienna, Austria2009-12-06
 starsMasonic TemplesMasonic Temples1WM7RW7Masonic Temple - Vienna, Austria2009-12-25
 starsMaster Architects - DeconstructivismMaster Architects - Deconstructivism1WM7JGEZaha-Hadid-Haus - Vienna, Austria2009-11-01
 starsMcDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1WM7HQ5McDonald's in Vienna, Austria - Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof2009-10-29
 starsMedieval ChurchesMedieval Churches1WM7RVNRuprechtskirche - Vienna, Austria2009-11-29
 starsMilitary Surplus StoresMilitary Surplus Stores1WM7M5KArmy Discount Store - Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsMonarchs of the WorldMonarchs of the World2WM7N8VHoly Roman Emperor Joseph II. - Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsMosquesMosques1WM7PDCIslamic Centre Vienna - Austria2009-11-17
 starsMunicipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas1WM7QG8Augarten - Vienna, Austria2009-11-23
 starsMuralsMurals1WM7M7CThe Long Breath Gets Slower - Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsMusical Instrument RetailersMusical Instrument Retailers1WM7RVXFor Music - Vienna, Austria2009-11-28
  Musician StatuesMusician Statues2---
 starsNewspaper HeadquartersNewspaper Headquarters2WM7PWFKurier - Vienna, Austria2009-11-19
 starsNobel LaureatesNobel Laureates1WM7N39PHYSICS: Erwin Schrödinger 1933 - Vienna, AUSTRIA2009-11-11
 starsNude BeachesNude Beaches1WM7MKXFKK Donauinsel Süd - Vienna, Austria2009-11-09
 starsObelisksObelisks1WM7VFQObelisk Fountain - Vienna, Austria2009-12-07
 starsOccupational MonumentsOccupational Monuments1WM7V40Fiaker - Vienna, Austria2009-12-05
 starsOccupational/Hobby Grave StonesOccupational/Hobby Grave Stones1WM7VMXCheckmate! - Vienna, Austria2009-12-08
 starsOfficial Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions1WM7Q22Spanische Hofreitschule - Vienna, Austria2009-11-21
  Orthodox ChurchesOrthodox Churches1---
 starsOutside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings2WM7NRHColourful Totem-Pole in Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsPeople-Named PlacesPeople-Named Places1WM7QJ9Sigmund Freud-Hof - Vienna, Austria2009-11-23
 starsPetrosomatoglyphsPetrosomatoglyphs1WM7ND9The Street of Champions - Vienna, Austria2009-11-13
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now2WM7T9EAlserstrasse 21 - Vienna, Austria2009-11-30
 starsPlanetariumsPlanetariums1WM7QGFZeiss Planetarium - Vienna, Austria2009-11-23
 starsPolice StationsPolice Stations1WM7TWZBundespolizeidirektion Wien - Vienna, Austria2009-12-04
 starsPublic AquariumsPublic Aquariums1WM7M5RHaus des Meeres - Vienna, Austria2009-12-01
 starsPublic Land Survey MarksPublic Land Survey Marks1WM7T05Koordinatenursprung - Vienna, Austria2009-11-29
 starsRailroad BridgesRailroad Bridges1WM7P6PStadlauer Ostbahnbrücke - Vienna, Austria2009-11-17
 starsRed Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1WM7TV7Red Telephone Box - Vienna, Austria2009-12-03
 starsRenaissance ArchitectureRenaissance Architecture1WM7V4KSchweizertor - Vienna, Austria2009-12-05
 starsRiver GaugesRiver Gauges1WM7PE4Retention reservoir Auhof - Vienna, Austria2009-11-18
 starsRoman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches2WM7MNVZum guten Hirten - Vienna, Austria2009-11-10
 starsScience MuseumsScience Museums1WM7N8G"Narrenturm" - Museum of Pathology and Anatomy - Vienna, Austria2009-11-12
 starsSkateparksSkateparks1WM7QY6Vienna Goodlands - Vienna, Austria2009-11-25
 starsSkyscrapersSkyscrapers1WM7TVJMillennium Tower - Vienna, Austria2009-12-04
 starsSpecific Veteran MemorialsSpecific Veteran Memorials1WM7RCZDeutschmeister Monument - Vienna, Austria2009-11-26
 starsSphinx SculpturesSphinx Sculptures1WM7NVMSphinx in the Belvedere Garden - Vienna, Austria2009-11-18
 starsStarbucks StoresStarbucks Stores1WM7KD3Starbucks - Michaelerplatz - Vienna, Austria2009-11-06
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays1WM7VA0Bronze cannons collection - Vienna, Austria2009-12-06
 starsStatic Train CarsStatic Train Cars1WM7Q29Xpress127 - Vienna, Austria2009-11-21
 starsStolpersteineStolpersteine3WM7NR726 Stolpersteine - Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsSubway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants1WM7QC5Subway - Opernring - Vienna, Austria2009-11-22
 starsSuperlativesSuperlatives1WM7M51SMALLEST -- house in Vienna, Austria2009-11-07
 starsSynagoguesSynagogues1WM7T0AStadttempel - Vienna, Austria2009-11-29
 starsTelevision and Cable Broadcasting StationsTelevision and Cable Broadcasting Stations1WM7P46ORF - Vienna, Austria2009-11-16
  The HolocaustThe Holocaust1---
 starsThe UndergroundThe Underground3WM7HQEFriedensbrücke - Vienna, Austria2009-10-28
 starsThis Old ChurchThis Old Church1WM7V2AMinoritenkirche - Vienna, Austria2009-12-05
 starsTime and Temperature SignsTime and Temperature Signs2WM7N90Friedensbrücke - Vienna, Austria2009-11-14
 starsTourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1WM7NRETIC Albertinaplatz - Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks3WM7M8NStreet clock in the Burggasse - Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsTrain Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots1WM7MTJFranz-Josefs-Bahnhof - Vienna, Austria2009-11-10
 starsUnique SteeplesUnique Steeples1WM7T6VVotiv Church Steeples - Vienna, Austria2009-11-30
 starsUniversities and CollegesUniversities and Colleges1WM7NFFUniversity of Vienna, Campus - Vienna, Austria2009-11-15
 starsUsed Book StoresUsed Book Stores1WM7V50Antiquariat Schaden - Vienna, Austria2010-01-05
 starsUsed Video-Game StoresUsed Video-Game Stores1WM7RVZParadies 2 Supergames - Vienna, Austria2009-11-30
 starsWar and Military MuseumsWar and Military Museums1WM7V9WMuseum of Military History - Vienna, Austria2009-12-06
 starsWater DamsWater Dams1WM7HQWKraftwerk Freudenau - Vienna, Austria2009-10-28
 starsWeather RadarsWeather Radars1WM7Q3AHohe Warte - Vienna, Austria2009-11-21
  Web CamerasWeb Cameras1---
 starsWikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries1WM7M6VTuerkenschanzpark - Vienna, Austria2009-11-08
 starsWorld War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1WM7KDERussendenkmal - Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna, Austria2009-11-09
 starsWorldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries1WM7VMNZentralfriedhof - Vienna, Austria2009-12-08
 starsYellow Arrow LookupYellow Arrow Lookup1WM7HYJTwo yellow arrows in Vienna, Austria2009-11-02