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J.A.R.S.  posted 363 waymarks in 41 different categories within one country and 3 regions, of these were 17 posted-first-in-region and also 12 posted-first-in-country.

In the following list are the countries, the regions in the country and the posted categories listed. For the country and the region the number of posted waymark is shown in parentheses. Please note that archived waymarks are not considered for this list and the data on this page is updated in irregular intervals, thus the counting may differ from the one used on waymarking.com .

A golden star at the beginning of a line indicates the waymark was the first posted for the country, a silver star tells, that the waymark was the first posted for the region. The category icon and the name of the category follows next, clicking on the link leads you to the category list page on this site. The number of posted waymarks for the category in the current country/region is displayed next. If there was a first in country or region, the waymark with its code, title and approval date follows.

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Canada (363)

New Brunswick (1)

 starsWaterfallsWaterfalls1WMKGDGrand Falls - New Brunswick2006-08-08

Ontario (361)

 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures4WMK25Spirit Catcher by Ron Baird2006-08-03
 starsArboretumsArboretums3WMJV2Alliston Memorial Gardens and Arboretum2006-07-31
 starsArt MuseumsArt Museums1WMHFFUniversity of Guelph Sculpture Park - Guelph, ON Canada2006-07-16
  Butterfly HousesButterfly Houses2---
  Carnegie Library BuildingsCarnegie Library Buildings1---
 starsCarouselsCarousels1WMHFRRiverside Park Carousel2006-07-16
 starsChildren's GardensChildren's Gardens1WMQTPHigh Park Children's Garden, Toronto, Ontario2006-09-18
 starsCommunity GardensCommunity Gardens3WMRMVHigh Park Allotment Garden2006-09-28
 starsFarmers' MarketsFarmers' Markets1WMHG3Guelph's Farmers Market2006-07-16
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture1---
 starsFirefighter MemorialsFirefighter Memorials1WM1H05Kitchener Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial2007-05-07
  Free Community Book ExchangesFree Community Book Exchanges213---
 starsHiking and walking trailheadsHiking and walking trailheads58WM59HVLittle Tract Trailhead - South Access Point2008-12-01
  History MuseumsHistory Museums1---
 starsIce Cream ParlorsIce Cream Parlors1WMHG8Boathouse Tea Room and Ice Cream Parlor2006-07-16
  Independent Coffee ShopsIndependent Coffee Shops2---
 starsInukshuksInukshuks1WMK4FInukshuk Sculpture by William Noah2006-08-04
 starsJapanese GardensJapanese Gardens2WMKG3David G Porter Japanese Garden - Guelph, Ontario2006-08-08
 starsMan-made WaterfallsMan-made Waterfalls5WMKCBFergus Dam 2006-08-07
  Military InstallationsMilitary Installations1---
  Mountain Bike TrailheadsMountain Bike Trailheads1---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas1---
 starsNature CentersNature Centers2WMRGVJ. C. Taylor Nature Centre - Arboretum - University of Guelph2006-09-26
  Off-Leash Dog AreasOff-Leash Dog Areas4---
  Ontario Heritage PropertiesOntario Heritage Properties20---
  Outside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings11---
  Peace PolesPeace Poles1---
  Pet CemeteriesPet Cemeteries1---
  Retired PrisonsRetired Prisons1---
  Roadside AttractionsRoadside Attractions2---
  Themed Homemade MailboxesThemed Homemade Mailboxes1---
  This Old ChurchThis Old Church1---
  Tourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1---
 starsTruss BridgesTruss Bridges1WMQ7JElora Pedestrian Truss Bridge2006-09-11
 starsUniversities and CollegesUniversities and Colleges1WMHF7University of Guelph2006-07-16
  Water MillsWater Mills1---

Québec (1)

  Free Community Book ExchangesFree Community Book Exchanges1---