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Germany (67 waymarks / 34 categories)

Berlin (41 waymarks / 15 categories)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1WMEQW1"You are here" at Budapester Strasse - Berlin [Germany]2012-07-03
  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures3---
 starsFreestanding ArchesFreestanding Arches1WMERX8The Elephant Gate - Zoological Garden - Berlin [Germany]2012-07-03
  Lion StatuesLion Statues2---
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants4---
 starsObelisksObelisks1WMEMARPendelobelisk - pendulum-obelisk - Berlin [Germany]2012-06-15
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions1---
 starsPayphonesPayphones7WMEQPB3 Pay Phone Booths at Rankestraße - Berlin [Gemany]2012-06-29
 starsPyramidsPyramids1WMKEEJExibition Center Pyramid - Berlin [Germany]2014-03-31
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks4WMENHTDie Uhr der fließenden Zeit - The flow-of-time clock - Berlin [Germany]2012-06-19
 starsWeb CamerasWeb Cameras1WMENKDLive-Webcam Kurfürstendamm - Berlin [Germay]2012-06-19
  World War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1---

Brandenburg (26 waymarks / 24 categories)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1WMQCNN"You are here" at Ruedersdorf - Brandenburg [Germany]2016-02-11
  ALDI StoresALDI Stores1---
 starsAnchorsAnchors1WMH518Anchor - Königs Wusterhausen - Brandenburg [Germany]2013-05-24
  Artistically Decorated Utility BoxesArtistically Decorated Utility Boxes1---
 starsBowling CentresBowling Centres1WMQDKGBowling Center Ruedersdorf - Brandenburg [Germany]2016-02-21
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls2---
 starsCoordinate PalindromesCoordinate Palindromes1WMQAF8N 52° 27.431 E 13° 47.225 - Ruedersdorf - Brandenburg [Germany]2016-01-24
  European Post OfficesEuropean Post Offices1---
 starsGhost SignsGhost Signs1WMQDBJZigarren-Zigaretten - Ruedersdorf - Brandenburg [Germany]2016-02-22
  Gothic ArchitectureGothic Architecture1---
 starsIndependent Pizza RestaurantsIndependent Pizza Restaurants1WMQDZ6Bridge Seven - Ruedersdorf - Brandenburg [Germany]2016-02-26
  Lutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches2---
 starsMonopoly in the Real WorldMonopoly in the Real World1WMQCG1Seestraße - CLASSIC GERMAN EDITION - Ruedersdorf - Brandenburg [Germany]2016-02-07
 starsPolice StationsPolice Stations1WMQDGEPolice Station Ruedersdorf - Brandenburg [Germany]2016-02-21
 starsPyramidsPyramids1WMKED0Feldsteinpyramide - Garzau - Brandenburg [Germany]2014-03-31
 starsStatic Train CarsStatic Train Cars1WMQAMHMining Car - Rüdersdorf - Brandenburg [Germany]2016-02-01
 starsStatues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures1WMKF2YJan Amos Komenský - Babelsberg [Germany]2014-04-04
  Town ClocksTown Clocks1---
  Waterway Locks, Planes and LiftsWaterway Locks, Planes and Lifts1---
  Web CamerasWeb Cameras1---