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Unfortunatly the user also has one waymark with a missing region in the database.

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Afghanistan (1)

  Afghanistan-Iraq War MemorialsAfghanistan-Iraq War Memorials1---

Belgium (61 waymarks / 21 categories)

Antwerpen (21 waymarks / 11 categories)

  ANWB PaddenstoelenANWB Paddenstoelen5---
 starsBloggersBloggers1WMC4DGnessie3d en Ynka Geocaching2011-07-24
 starsBorder CrossingsBorder Crossings5WMBF21Border Crossing Belgium - Netherlands (Nr. 263)2011-05-14
 starsGinormous Everyday ObjectsGinormous Everyday Objects1WMJ4G3Giant LEGO bricks - Brasschaat, Belgium2013-09-23
  Military Ground Equipment DisplaysMilitary Ground Equipment Displays1---
 starsNon-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials1WMD2CNLouwke Poep, Kapellen, Belgium2011-11-11
 starsSpecific Veteran MemorialsSpecific Veteran Memorials1WMD6N2Cpl John William Harper, VC, British WWII Hero2011-11-27
 starsStatic Aircraft DisplaysStatic Aircraft Displays3WMDQE5Albatros D.Va replica, Antwerp, Belgium2012-02-14
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays1WMCYT4Anti-Aircraft Gun 90mm, Kalmthout, Belgium2011-11-26
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1---
 starsWorld War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1WMCRT6Memorial to a crew of R(A)AF 446 Sqn, Zondereigen, Belgium2011-10-09

Brabant wallon (2 waymarks / 1 categories)

 starsPenny SmashersPenny Smashers2WMDG25Napoléon Penny Smasher, Waterloo, Belgium2012-01-18

Brussels (21 waymarks / 7 categories)

 starsA.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting StationsA.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations1WMDQEF"Studio Brussel" - Belgium2013-09-25
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras1WMCY6VGargoyles of St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels, BE, EU2011-10-25
  Lion StatuesLion Statues1---
  Monarchs of the WorldMonarchs of the World1---
  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1---

Hainaut (1)

 starsWater TowersWater Towers1WMCQQ4Watertower Risquons-tout, Belgium2011-10-04

Limburg (4 waymarks / 3 categories)

 starsStatic Aircraft DisplaysStatic Aircraft Displays2WMBK9DFouga Magister "Red Devils", Brustem, Belgium2011-06-01
  Water TowersWater Towers1---
 starsWorld War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1WMEAAZMonument to the crew of Avro Lancaster AR F², Linkhout, Belgium2012-04-26

Luxembourg (2)

 starsBorder CrossingsBorder Crossings1WMBYB5Border Crossing Belgium - Luxembourg (Nr. 183)2011-07-06
 starsWorld War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1WMBYB0Monument for the 35th US Inf Div, Villers-la-Bonne-eau, Belgium2011-07-04

Oost-Vlaanderen (3 waymarks / 1 categories)

  Border CrossingsBorder Crossings3---

Vlaams-Brabant (3)

 starsNon-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials1WMD6M3WW I and WW II memorial, Steenokkerzeel, Belgium2011-11-28
 starsStatic Aircraft DisplaysStatic Aircraft Displays1WMCQRCFouga Zephyr French Navy, Grimbergen, Belgium2011-10-05
 starsWorld War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1WMCQTROorlogsmonument, Humbeek, Belgie2011-10-04

West-Vlaanderen (4 waymarks / 3 categories)

  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1---
 starsWorld War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1WMCQ03Monument to a crew of RAF 107th SQN, Wevelgem, Belgium2011-10-01

Denmark (2)

 starsAll Things Star WarsAll Things Star Wars1WMCPP1Star Wars Legoland, Billund, Denmark2011-09-30
  Amusement ParksAmusement Parks1---

Germany (4 waymarks / 3 categories)

Bayern (2)

 starsVeteran CemeteriesVeteran Cemeteries1WMBJQNPrisoner of War Cemetery - Grafenwöhr, Germany2011-05-30

Niedersachsen (2)

 starsNon-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials1WMBW9DWW I and WW II memorial, Walle, Germany2011-06-26

Netherlands (6 waymarks / 4 categories)

Noord-Brabant (3 waymarks / 1 categories)

  ANWB PaddenstoelenANWB Paddenstoelen3---

Zeeland (3)

  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
  World War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1---

United Kingdom (11 waymarks / 6 categories)

Northern Scotland (11 waymarks / 6 categories)

  Coastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses1---
  Megalithic MonumentsMegalithic Monuments3---
  Military InstallationsMilitary Installations1---
 starsRemains of SettlementsRemains of Settlements2WMBMDFSkara Brae, Orkney, Scotland2011-06-28
 starsZoosZoos1WMBK1AHighland Wildlife Park, Kincraig - Scotland2011-05-30