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Belgium (4 waymarks / 2 categories)

Liège (4 waymarks / 2 categories)

 starsBrewpubsBrewpubs2WM16X6PBelgium Peak Beer, Sourbrodt, Belgium2022-10-30
  Train Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots2---

Germany (40 waymarks / 25 categories)

Nordrhein-Westfalen (2)


Rheinland-Pfalz (38 waymarks / 24 categories)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps5---
  Ancient Roman CivilizationAncient Roman Civilization1---
  Artistic SeatingArtistic Seating2---
  Cave Entrances (Artificial)Cave Entrances (Artificial)3---
  Cave Entrances (Natural)Cave Entrances (Natural)1---
  Deutsche Denkmallisten - German Monument RegistersDeutsche Denkmallisten - German Monument Registers1---
  Elevation SignsElevation Signs3---
  Hiking and walking trailheadsHiking and walking trailheads1---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas1---
  Natural SpringsNatural Springs1---
  Non-Coastal BoardwalksNon-Coastal Boardwalks1---
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions1---
  Orientation TablesOrientation Tables2---
  Outdoor AltarsOutdoor Altars1---
  Outside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings1---
  Permanent Geographic CoordinatesPermanent Geographic Coordinates3---
  Places of Geologic SignificancePlaces of Geologic Significance1---
  Railroad MuseumsRailroad Museums1---
  Roman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches3---
 starsSmall Town, Big NameSmall Town, Big Name1WM16W3RRom, RLP, Germany2022-10-30
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1---
  Water DamsWater Dams1---