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Australia (58 waymarks / 36 categories)

Western Australia (58 waymarks / 36 categories)

  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures3---
  Australia Post OfficesAustralia Post Offices1---
 starsAustralian Historical MarkersAustralian Historical Markers8WM8TXZFirst Hydrographical Survey - Bunbury, WA, Australia2010-05-19
 starsAviariesAviaries1WM8T6VLibrary Aviary - Bunbury, Western Australia2010-05-10
 starsBellsBells1WM8TG8Bunbury Congregational Church Bell - Bunbury, WA, Australia2010-05-13
 starsBicycle ShopsBicycle Shops1WM8T6XFitzroys Cycles, Bunbury Western Australia2010-05-11
 starsBirdwatching LocationsBirdwatching Locations1WM8T7FBig Swamp, Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia2010-05-11
  Boat RampsBoat Ramps2---
 starsBuilding BuildingsBuilding Buildings1WM9GQQBunbury Catholic Cathedral - Bunbury, Western Australia2010-09-30
 starsCandy StoresCandy Stores2WM8TYETaffys - Bunbury, WA, Australia2010-05-17
  Citizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials1---
 starsCoin Operated Children's RidesCoin Operated Children's Rides1WM8TXTMotocycle Ride - Bunbury, WA, Australia2010-05-13
 starsDomino's PizzaDomino's Pizza1WM8VBVDomino's - Sandridge Road, Bunbury, WA, Australia2010-05-19
 starsDonated Engraved Bricks and PaversDonated Engraved Bricks and Pavers1WM9KZNFettlers Park - Boyanup, Western Australia2010-09-01
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture1---
 starsFlora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs1WM9DY0Picton Ecoscape - Picton, Western Australia2010-08-11
 starsGraffitiGraffiti1WM9DY3The Goldfish - Bunbury, Western Australia2010-08-23
 starsGraves of the UnknownGraves of the Unknown3WM9KTKUnknown Aboriginal Woman - Australind, Western Australia2010-08-31
 starsHeadstones of CentenariansHeadstones of Centenarians1WM9KV4105 - Catherine Moss - Dardanup, Western Australia2010-08-31
 starsHighway Rest AreasHighway Rest Areas1WM8VC1Forrest Highway Rest Area - Mandurah, WA, Australia2010-05-19
 starsIndependent BakeriesIndependent Bakeries1WM8T75The Passionate Baker - Bunbury, Western Australia.2010-05-10
 starsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants1WM8VBTKFC - Sandridge Shopping Centre, Bunbury, WA, Australia2010-05-19
  Kugel BallsKugel Balls1---
 starsMaritime Monuments and MemorialsMaritime Monuments and Memorials4WM9DXVKoombana Bay Wreck Trail - Early American Whalers - Bunbury, Western Australia2010-08-12
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
 starsMosaicsMosaics2WM8TE0Big Swamp Mosaic Project - Bunbury WA Australia2010-05-10
  Neon SignsNeon Signs1---
 starsNude BeachesNude Beaches1WM8TG9Bunbury's Nudist Beach - WA, Australia2010-05-11
 starsPolice StationsPolice Stations1WM8RQCSouth West Police Complex2010-05-09
 starsPublic PlaygroundsPublic Playgrounds1WM8TGBBig Swamp Playground - Bunbury, WA, Australia2010-05-11
 starsSkateparksSkateparks1WM9GQ2Bunbury Skatepark - Bunbury, WA Australia2010-08-23
 starsThrift StoresThrift Stores1WM8TGNAustralian Red Cross Shop - Bunbury, WA Australia2010-05-11
 starsUncommon Crossing SignsUncommon Crossing Signs1WM8VBQMoorhen Crossing - Bunbury, WA, Australia2010-05-22
 starsVietnam War MemorialsVietnam War Memorials1WM9F3XVietnam War Memorial, Sykes Foreshore Reserve, Bunbury, WA Aust.2010-08-12
  Worldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries6---

Belgium (1)

Luxembourg (1)

 starsIKEAIKEA1WM9EMHIKEA Arlon - Belgium2010-08-10

Canada (2)

Manitoba (2)

 starsApple StoresApple Stores1WMA2D6Apple Store - Polo Park, Winnipeg, Canada2010-11-07
  Bear StatuesBear Statues1---

France (2)

Grand-Est (2)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1---
 starsYour Name HereYour Name Here1WM9QYNRichard Street - Colmar, France2010-09-24

Iceland (23 waymarks / 11 categories)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps2WM9RFYBlue Lagoon - Iceland2010-09-26
  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures6---
 starsChristmas StoresChristmas Stores1WM9F4NLitla Jolabudin The little Christmas shop - Reykjavik, Iceland2010-08-12
 starsDomino's PizzaDomino's Pizza1WM9FBBDomino's Pizza - 26 Skulagata- Reykjavik, Iceland2010-08-13
 starsFigurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture3WM9FBQModir Jord (Mother Earth) - Reykjavik, Iceland2010-08-13
 starsGreenhouses and NurseriesGreenhouses and Nurseries3WM9GY1Blomaborg - Hveragerdi, Iceland2010-09-03
 starsIndependent BakeriesIndependent Bakeries3WM9FK5Almar Bakari - Hervagerdi, Iceland2010-08-14
 starsIndependent DinersIndependent Diners1WM9GXRRestaurant Kjost & Kunst2010-09-21
 starsOctagon BuildingsOctagon Buildings1WM9FK4Ingibjorg's Garden Centre - Hveragerdi, Iceland2010-08-15
 starsPlaces for RecyclingPlaces for Recycling1WM9H9TDO - Sundlaugarvegi - Reykjavik, Iceland2010-09-03
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1WM9FHCJonas Kristjansson - Hveragerdi, Iceland2010-08-13

Japan (3)

Tokyo (3)

  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
  Unique Manhole CoversUnique Manhole Covers1---
 starsUrban Legends and SuperstitionsUrban Legends and Superstitions1WM9WBENo 13th Floor - Shinagawa Prince Hotel Annex - Tokyo, Japan2011-01-23

United Kingdom (21 waymarks / 11 categories)

South West England (8 waymarks / 7 categories)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1---
 starsApple StoresApple Stores1WM9R6HApple Store - Bath, England2010-09-23
  Dedicated BenchesDedicated Benches2---
  Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants1---
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
  Places for RecyclingPlaces for Recycling1---
  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---

Southern England (13 waymarks / 8 categories)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps3---
 starsDedicated BenchesDedicated Benches3WM9Q32Ron Louth - Marlborough, England2010-09-18
 starsDedicated TreesDedicated Trees1WM9Q3FDr Tim Maurice - Marlborough, England2010-09-17
  Places for RecyclingPlaces for Recycling1---
  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes2---
 starsStatues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures1WM9Q6AWalking Madonna - Salisbury, England2010-09-19
  Town ClocksTown Clocks1---
  Victorian Post BoxesVictorian Post Boxes1---

United States (8 waymarks / 7 categories)

Illinois (2)

  Apple StoresApple Stores1---
  Indoor MallsIndoor Malls1---

New York (4 waymarks / 3 categories)

  Dollar StoresDollar Stores2---
  Panera Bread RestaurantsPanera Bread Restaurants1---
  Radio Shack StoresRadio Shack Stores1---

Pennsylvania (2)

  Free Overnight RV Parking LocationsFree Overnight RV Parking Locations1---
  WAL*MART StoresWAL*MART Stores1---