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atin  posted 66 waymarks in 26 different categories within 2 countries and 5 regions, of these were 23 posted-first-in-region and also 6 posted-first-in-country.

In the following list are the countries, the regions in the country and the posted categories listed. For the country and the region the number of posted waymark is shown in parentheses. Please note that archived waymarks are not considered for this list and the data on this page is updated in irregular intervals, thus the counting may differ from the one used on waymarking.com .

A golden star at the beginning of a line indicates the waymark was the first posted for the country, a silver star tells, that the waymark was the first posted for the region. The category icon and the name of the category follows next, clicking on the link leads you to the category list page on this site. The number of posted waymarks for the category in the current country/region is displayed next. If there was a first in country or region, the waymark with its code, title and approval date follows.

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Portugal (1)

Arquipélago da Madeira (1)

  Elevation SignsElevation Signs1---

Spain (65)

Cantabria (5)

 starsAerial LiftsAerial Lifts1WM6DRMTeleférico de Fuente Dé (Cantabria)2009-05-19
 starsGazebosGazebos1WM6DQXPotes - Cantabria (Spain)2009-05-18
 starsRoman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches1WM6DR8Ermita de Valmayor - Potes (Cantabria), Spain2009-05-18
 starsScenic Roadside Look-OutsScenic Roadside Look-Outs1WM6DT0Mirador del Cable (Cantabria)2009-05-20
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks1WM6DQVIglesia de San Vicente - Potes (Cantabria)2009-05-18

Castilla y León (4)

 starsDirection and Distance ArrowsDirection and Distance Arrows1WM6C4DManjarín - Camino de Santiago2009-05-12
 starsElevation SignsElevation Signs1WM6DRQMirador del Tombo2009-05-18
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks1WM684GTorre del Reloj - Ponferrada, Spain2009-04-20
 starsWi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots1WM66B9La Hacienda2009-04-12

Comunidad de Madrid (1)

 starsObelisksObelisks1WM679JObelisco en el Parque de la Vicalvarada - Madrid (Spain)2009-04-16

Galicia (55)

 starsBlue PlaquesBlue Plaques1WM664QReubicación de la Batería de Punta Viñas 2009-04-11
  Coastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses4---
  Compass RosesCompass Roses1---
 starsElevation SignsElevation Signs2WM68CWFerrol 16 meters elevation2009-04-22
 starsGazebosGazebos1WM663KMirador Fervenza do Belelle - Neda (Spain)2009-04-10
 starsLonely ChimneysLonely Chimneys1WM68YJCentral térmica de As Pontes (Spain)2009-04-25
  Musical InstrumentsMusical Instruments1---
 starsObelisksObelisks1WM6638Doornier A (Spain)2009-04-10
 starsOmnivorous TreesOmnivorous Trees3WM68AGÁrbol hambriento - Ferrol (Spain)2009-04-21
 starsPedestrian Suspension BridgesPedestrian Suspension Bridges1WM6AGVPuente colgante de O Xirimbao2009-05-04
 starsPermanent Geographic CoordinatesPermanent Geographic Coordinates1WM6XAAFaro Estaca de Bares N 43 47.143 W 007 41.0572009-08-01
  Static Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays2---
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures4WM68C9Estatua del Marqués de Amboage - Ferrol (Spain)2009-04-22
  Stone BridgesStone Bridges1---
 starsTourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1WM68DROficina de Turismo en el puerto de Ferrol (Spain)2009-04-23
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks6WM65V1Reloj en la muralla del Arsenal - Ferrol (Spain)2009-04-08
  Vértices GeodésicosVértices Geodésicos11---
 starsWaterfallsWaterfalls3WM663DFervenza do Belelle2009-04-11
 starsWi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots6WM688FBla Bla2009-04-21