Open Regions List (Independent Movie Rental Shops)

On this page are the waymarks of the category 'Independent Movie Rental Shops' with an empty region (or missing country) entry at, that were corrected by the import program. Clicking on the WM code leads you to the waymarks page in a new window, so that officers and waymark owners can correct the data. Corrected waymarks will be updated by the next full run of the import program.

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WM-CodeCountry and region as found by the import programWM-OwnerWM-Title
WM10750Germany, HamburgWindschattenwandererVideo-Center Movie Star - Hamburg, Deutschland
WM2NNHBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Simultaneo Video - Poa, Brazil
WM2NNMBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Premiere Brooklin - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2NNTBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Video Expresso - Osasco, Brazil
WM2NNXBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Fast Look - Osasco, Brazil
WM2NP0Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Ponto Doce - Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil
WM2NV6Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Cinemagia - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2P0HBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Alfa Video Locadora - Rio Grande da Serra, Brazil
WM2P0NBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Fellow's DVD - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2PKJBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Boulevard Video - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2VD4Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Parnaiba Video Locadora - Santana de Parnaiba, Brazil
WM2YAQBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Snow ball - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM31W7Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Locmais - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM31W9Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Renata Video - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM31WQBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Caverna DVD - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM33KNBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Shock Video - Francisco Morato, Brazil
WM33KPBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Dharma Video - Francisco Morato, Brazil
WM33KTBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Planet Video - Varzea Paulista, Brazil
WM34YKBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Better Video Locadora - Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Brazil
WM34Z2Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Video Manya - Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Brazil
WM35NHBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Agite & Click Video - Carapicuiba, Brazil
WM43PDBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Verao 42 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM43PEBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Enjoy Video - Sao Paulo, Brazil