Open Regions List (Payphones)

On this page are the waymarks of the category 'Payphones' with an empty region (or missing country) entry at, that were corrected by the import program. Clicking on the WM code leads you to the waymarks page in a new window, so that officers and waymark owners can correct the data. Corrected waymarks will be updated by the next full run of the import program.

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WM-CodeCountry and region as found by the import programWM-OwnerWM-Title
WM137JUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Nant-y-derry, Nr Usk,Monmouthshire,Great Britain
WM137MUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Glascoed Village, Nr Usk, Great Britain
WM137RUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Coed -y-paen Village, Pontypool,Great Britain
WM13BWUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Pontywaun, Crosskeys, Nr Risca. Great Britain
WM13DHUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Risca, South Wales. Great Britain
WM13G0United Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Rogerstone, Newport, Great Britain
WM143XUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Llanbadoc, Usk, Great Britain
WM1484United Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Usk Twyn Square, Usk
WM1486United Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Monkswood, Nr Usk, Monmouthshire
WM1487United Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Maryport Street, Usk, Monmouthshire
WM15TNBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Ave. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM170RUnited Kingdom, South West England[DELETED_USER]Buckfastleigh, Devon, Great Britain
WM170WUnited Kingdom, South West England[DELETED_USER]Bigbury on Sea, Devon
WM18Z3Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Handicapped Paulista - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1B19Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1English payphone, Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1N94Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Paranapiacaba tourist office phone - Paranapiacaba, Brazil
WM1PDEBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Pixoto Gomide Payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1PDMBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Alameda Lorena payphone (left) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1PDNBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Alameda Lorena payphone (right) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1PDPBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Rua Pomplona Payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1PDRBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Rua Presidente Prudente payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1PDTBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Alameda Ministro Rochas Azevedo Payphone (right) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1PDVBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Alameda Ministro Rochas Azevedo Payphone (left) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1QHDBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Carapicuiba payphone - Carapicuiba, Brazil
WM1ZT1Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo payphone, Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM245RUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerPhonebox - Hexworthy, Dartmoor UK
WM26R9Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Parque Ibirapuera Payphone, Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM271FBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Caieiras city hall payphone - Caieiras, Brazil
WM28JHBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Suzano city hall phone - Suzano, Brazil
WM29BQUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerHorndon Telephone Box
WM2HB9Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Payphone in Praca Antonio Viera Tavares - Salto, Brazil
WM2JDTUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerBrook Telephone Box
WM2K0YBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Franca X Augusta payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2K4DUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerWalkhampton Phone Box.
WM2K6CBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Praca dos Eventos payphone - Poa, Brazil
WM2KD9Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Rua Nebraska Payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2KQJBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Praca Dom Orione payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2KYTUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box. Leg-o mutton Corner, Yelverton Devon UK
WM2MDMBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Sao Miguel Paulista payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2ND3United Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiSHEEPSTOR WEST DEVON PAY PHONE
WM2ND6United Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiCORNWOOD SOUTH DEVON PAY PHONE
WM2NHTUnited Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiWOTTER DEVON PAY PHONE
WM2NHVUnited Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiSHAUGH PRIOR DEVON PAY PHONE
WM2NHWUnited Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiLEE MOOR SOUTH DEVON PAY PHONE
WM2P06Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Rio Grande da Serra CPTM station payphone - Rio Grande da Serra, Brazil
WM2P3KUnited Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiPAY PHONE LIFTON WEST DEVON
WM2T56Portugal, LisboaSUp3rFM & CruellaParque dos Indíos, Lisboa, Portugal
WM2VWCBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Araca cemetery payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2WB0United Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiMERRIVALE BLG PAY PHONE
WM2YQFBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Av. Berrini payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM31MMBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Rodoviária Payphone - Barueri, Brazil
WM34MDUnited Kingdom, East MidlandsSaddlesore1000Payphone - Sywell, England.
WM3843United Kingdom, Eastern EnglandNorfolk12Castle Rising Phone Box
WM38CEUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk12Broughton Village- Milton Keynes
WM39ARUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk12Weston Underwood
WM39H8Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Praca dos Andradas payphone - Santos, Brazil
WM39HFBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Fortaleza de Santo Amaro da Barra Grande payphone - Guaruja, Brazil
WM3B00United Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk12Gt.Linford - High Street.
WM3F1DUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerMeavy Telephone Box, West Devon UK
WM3FA2United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerYelverton Payphone, Devon UK
WM3FXZUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerBellever Telephone Box, Dartmoor
WM3FYAUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerPostbridge Telephone Box, Dartmoor
WM3H2MUnited Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiSOURTON PAYPHONE (GREY) WEST DEVON UK
WM3H2NUnited Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiDARTMOOR INN LYDFORD WEST DEVON
WM3JHZUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerLydford Village Telephone Box, Devon UK
WM3JJ5United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Station Road, Okehampton UK
WM3M59United Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Payphone, Undy, Great Britain
WM3MD1Brazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Copacabana Palace payphone - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3MD2Brazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Petrobras payphone - Rio de Janeiro
WM3MD4Brazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Rua do Russel Payphone - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3MD5Brazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Nossa Senhora da Gloria Funicular Payphone - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3MFCBrazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Travessa do Ouvidor payphone - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3MNXUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Belstone, Okehampton Devon UK
WM3N8ABrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Playcenter bathroom phone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM3N9ZUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerSouth Zeal Telephone Box
WM3NPQUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerSouth Tawton Telephone Box, Devon UK
WM3NQ2United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTaw Green Telephone Box
WM3NQXUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Telephone box, Great Britain
WM3NWPUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerRoadside phonebox near Okehampton
WM3Q2CUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Holne, Dartmoor
WM3Q41United Kingdom, Southern England[DELETED_USER]Row of payphones, Swindon,Great Britain
WM3R2QBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Pizza Hut payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM3TH4United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerPayphone - Lanlivery, Cornwall UK
WM3TMRUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Pandy payphone, Pandy, Great Britain
WM3TWVUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerSt Wenn Telephone Box, Cornwall UK
WM3VWRUnited Kingdom, South Wales[DELETED_USER]Payphone, Mamhilad, Near Pontypool, Great Britain
WM3VX9United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerPayphone - Exmouth, Devon, UK
WM3WX1United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer Telephone Box, Town Centre, Sidmouth, Devon
WM3WX5United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Town Centre Sidmouth, Devon
WM3X1WUnited Kingdom, East Midlandsthepanteras Surfeet seas end Payphone , Boston,uk
WM3XZCBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Mural phone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM407PUnited Kingdom, South West England[DELETED_USER]Frampton On Severn Telephone Box, Great Britain
WM40MGUnited Kingdom, North West EnglandSir Lose-a-lotPayphone in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
WM40ZDUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Molesworth Street, Wadebridge, Cornwall.
WM4112United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerDouble Telephone Boxes, The Platt, Wadebridge, Cornwall
WM41EGUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerSt Ive Telephone Box, Cornwall
WM42CJBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Mcdonalds payphone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM435WBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Jardim Botanico de Jundiai payphone - Jundiai, Brazil
WM43MWBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Praca Col Pires de Andrade phone - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM448NUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerSt Teath Telephone Box, Cornwall UK
WM46HKUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Portreath, Cornwall, UK
WM46RPUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Devoran, Cornwall, UK
WM4A07United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Molesworth Street, Wadebridge, Cornwall, UK
WM4A52United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerPadstow Telephone Box, Cornwall UK
WM4AXTUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandplymplodderPAYPHONE, MALBOROUGH, DEVON
WM4CJ5United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Exeter, Devon, UK
WM4EBXUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Okehampton Road, Exeter,UK
WM4HTUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerRundlestone Telephone Box
WM4PBWUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerPentewan Telephone Box, Cornwall, UK
WM4QEVUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Bedford Square, Tavistock, Devon UK
WM4QEZUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Tavistock Bus Station, Devon UK
WM4TADUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerBude Phone Box, Cornwall, UK
WM4VN3United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerClifford Bridge Telephone Box, Dartmoor Devon UK
WM4W0WUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerMorwellham Telephone Box, Near Tavistock, Devon UK
WM4Y26United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerOkehampton Telephone Box, Okehampton, Devon UK.
WM4YJ6United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerOkehampton Post Office Telephone Box, Devon UK
WM4YVCUnited Kingdom, Eastern EnglandTeamXL5Ware High Street, Uk
WM53ZJUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTelephone Box, Fitzford, Tavistock Devon UK
WM53ZMUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerBrentor Telephone Box, West Devon UK
WM5440United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerBedford Bridge Telephone Box, West Devon UK
WM59MUnited Kingdom, South West EnglanddiddiLIFTONDOWN PAYPHONE
WM5HB7United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerPayphone, Mill Hill near Tavistock, Devon, UK
WM64HAHungary, BudapestNebel.comPayphone at Kobányai út
WM65TAUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerPeter Tavy Telephone Box, West Devon, UK
WM67HVFrance, Hauts-de-FranceRakeInTheCacheCabine Telephonique a Maysel (Oise)
WM68JUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBlazingOttersHigh Street, Exeter
WM6ZJCUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerChagford Telephone Box, Dartmoor, Devon UK
WM74PRUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerMilton Abbot Telephone Box, West Devon UK
WM76Y7United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerLezant Telephone Box, Cornwall, UK
WM7750United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerTrekenna Telephone Box, East Cornwall, UK
WM778ZUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxerBealsmill Telephone Box, East Cornwall, UK
WMAGK7Mexico, Baja California SurBMWerPay Phone - Cabo San Lucas, Baja Califorina, MX