Open Regions List (Monopoly in the Real World)

On this page are the waymarks of the category 'Monopoly in the Real World' with an empty region (or missing country) entry at, that were corrected by the import program. Clicking on the WM code leads you to the waymarks page in a new window, so that officers and waymark owners can correct the data. Corrected waymarks will be updated by the next full run of the import program.

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WM-CodeCountry and region as found by the import programWM-OwnerWM-Title
WM125VWUnited Kingdom, YorkshiredtrebilcThe Headrow- Leeds (1989) - Leeds, UK
WM1269NUnited Kingdom, YorkshiredtrebilcThe Great Hall - University Of Leeds (2002) - Leeds, UK
WM13BATFrance, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurYvesProvencePlace Jean-Jaures - Monopoly de Tours - Sainte-Tulle, France
WM13BBKFrance, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurYvesProvenceAvenue Victor Hugo - Monopoly de Dijon - Sainte-Tulle, France
WM2PKXBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Avenida Reboucas (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2PN2Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Avenida Brasil (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2PN5Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Avenida Europa (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2PWTBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Avenida Nove de Julho (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2PWVBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Rua Augusta (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2PZ2Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2PZ3Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Avenida Paulista (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2QVEBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Jardim Paulista (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2TGCBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Avenida Pacaembu (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2VTQUnited Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniOld Kent Road - UK (London) edition
WM2XERUnited Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniThe Strand, UK (London) Edition
WM2XEWUnited Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniPall Mall, UK (London) Edition
WM2XEXUnited Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniPiccadilly, UK (London) Edition
WM2XEZUnited Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniRegent Street, UK (London) Edition
WM2XF0United Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniPark Lane, UK (London) Edition
WM2YYEUnited Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniMarylebone Station, UK (London) Edition
WM2YYHUnited Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniBow Street, UK (London) Edition
WM3BBGUnited Kingdom, LondontycoonukThe City, London - MONOPOLY - Here & Now Edition
WM3M7KBrazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Av Atlantica (Brazilian Edition) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3MB4Brazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Av Nossa Senhora da Copacabana (Brazilian Edition) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3MB6Brazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Av Viera Souto (Brazilian Edition) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3MM3Brazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Copacabana (Brazilian Edition) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3MQEBrazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Ipanema (Brazilian Edition) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3Z0FBrazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Botafogo - (Brazilian Edition) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazi
WM4ZH5United Kingdom, LondonTeam SieniFleet Street, UK (London) Edition
WM4ZVBUnited Kingdom, LondonSir Lose-a-lotCoventry Street, UK (London) Edition
WM4ZVKUnited Kingdom, LondonSir Lose-a-lotLeicester Square, UK (London) Edition
WM5JWZUnited Kingdom, LondonSupertedEuston Road, UK (London) Edition
WM6DGGUnited Kingdom, LondonsupersteinOxford street, London.
WMH1XCFrance, Île-de-FranceInfra-BlueRue de Courcelles - French classical edition - Paris, France
WMH1YTFrance, Île-de-FranceInfra-BlueAvenue Matignon - French classical edition - Paris, France
WMP83KNew Zealand, North Islandwaiiti20Queen St, New Zealand edition. Auckland - New Zealand
WMP83NNew Zealand, North Islandwaiiti20Garden Place, New Zealand edition. Hamilton - New Zealand
WMP83QNew Zealand, North Islandwaiiti20Frankton Junction, New Zealand edition. Hamilton - New Zealand
WMPFVHNew Zealand, North Islandwaiiti20Rangtikei St, New Zealand edition. Auckland - New Zealand