Open Regions List (Steakhouses)

On this page are the waymarks of the category 'Steakhouses' with an empty region (or missing country) entry at, that were corrected by the import program. Clicking on the WM code leads you to the waymarks page in a new window, so that officers and waymark owners can correct the data. Corrected waymarks will be updated by the next full run of the import program.

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WM-CodeCountry and region as found by the import programWM-OwnerWM-Title
WM1K84Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Ponteio Grill - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1M9NBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Outback Steakhouse (Shopping Center Norte) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM1WVWUnited States, CaliforniaucdvickyBlack Angus - Sunnyvale, CA
WM22PWBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Shopping SP Market Place Outback Steakhouse - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM2HJZBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Rancho da Picanho - Itu, Brazil
WM2V41Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Bull's Grill - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM36WXBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Outback Steakhouse (Morumbi) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM3DY5Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Outback Steakhouse - Shopping Eldorado - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM3XTPBrazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Outback Steakhouse - Shopping Analia Franco - Sao Paulo, Brazil
WM3YKXBrazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Outback Steakhouse - Barra Shopping - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM3YKZBrazil, Rio de Janeirosaopaulo1Outback Steakhouse - Shopping Rio Plaza - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WM43E6Brazil, São Paulosaopaulo1Outback Steakhouse - Bareuri, Brazil
WMVQBPortugal, SetúbalNFreitasGrill 20 - Feijó
WMWCWPortugal, LisboaSUp3rFM & CruellaGrill 20, Lisbon, Portugal