Open Regions List (Dated Buildings and Cornerstones)

On this page are the waymarks of the category 'Dated Buildings and Cornerstones' with an empty region (or missing country) entry at, that were corrected by the import program. Clicking on the WM code leads you to the waymarks page in a new window, so that officers and waymark owners can correct the data. Corrected waymarks will be updated by the next full run of the import program.

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WM-CodeCountry and region as found by the import programWM-OwnerWM-Title
WM11Y3VGermany, Rheinland-Pfalzkaschper691730 - Torbogen - Mendig, RP, Germany
WM148B8United Kingdom, North West EnglandPoole/Freeman1892 - House - Port Sunlight, Wirral, UK.
WM53B1United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1879 - Maynard's Charity, Ford Street, Tavistock, Devon UK
WM53Q4United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1850 - Westbridge Cottages, Tavistock, Devon UK
WM53Q7United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1860 - Tavistock Townhall, Devon UK
WM53QKUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1835 - Cornmarket Tavistock Devon UK
WM53RBUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1895 - Constitutional Club, Tavistock, Devon UK
WM53WXUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1869 - Fitzford Cottages, Tavistock,Devon UK
WM53WZUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1762 - Ford Street Charity, Tavistock, Devon UK
WM53ZKUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1744-City Mill, Winchester, Hampshire, UK
WM53ZYUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1872- Bealbury Methodist Church- Bealbury in Cornwall, UK
WM5401United Kingdom, North East EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1840- Former Independent Chapel at Whorlton, County Durham, UK
WM5408United Kingdom, North East EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1861-Staindrop Methodist Church - Staindrop, County Durham UK
WM540YUnited Kingdom, North East EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1662- Bishop Cosin's Almshouse- City of Durham. UK
WM541CUnited Kingdom, North West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1876- Mount Zion Chapel-Garsdale Head, Cumbria Uk
WM541HUnited Kingdom, North East EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1828-Eggleston Methodist Chapel-County Durham, UK
WM541QUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1903- Mustard Seed Evangelical Church-Callington, Cornwall UK
WM544MUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1867-Methodist Chapel-Crafthole,Cornwall UK
WM54EWUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1698 - Church House, Walkhampton, Devon UK
WM54F6United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1904 - Zoar Methodists Church, Devon UK
WM556JUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1889 - Liftondown Methodist Church, Devon UK
WM556NUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1866 - West End Cottages, Lifton, Devon UK
WM558QUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1578- The Old Tudor House-Taunton, Somerset, UK
WM564WUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1878 - Old Church, Horrabridge, Devon UK
WM5655United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1892 - Victorian House, Walkhampton, Devon UK
WM56WPNew Zealand, North IslandPunga and Paua1933 - Blue Baths. Rotorua. New Zealand.
WM56X6New Zealand, North IslandPunga and Paua1932 - Provincial Hotel. Napier. New Zealand.
WM575RUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1864- Row of Shops in Duke Street- Tavistock, Devon
WM5765United Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1835- Methodist Church- Mary Tavy, Devon
WM57PKUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1894 - Gillmore Villas, Wadebridge, Cornwall UK
WM57PQUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1903 - Fairplace Methodist and United Reformed Church, Okehampton, Devon UK
WM57R9United Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121864 - Old Fire Station Stony Stratford, Bucks
WM57ZRUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121892 - The Retreat - Stony Stratford
WM58BVUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1896- Foresters Hall- Pike Street, Liskeard
WM5E9QUnited Kingdom, North East EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1679-Golden Lion -Barnard Castle, County Durham
WM5FAJUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1863-Former Primitive Methodist Church, Minions, Cornwall
WM5H2KUnited Kingdom, East MidlandsNorfolk121844 - Foxley Farm Barn- Foxley
WM5HG7United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1764 - House in Church Lane, Lamerton, Tavistock, Devon
WM5J8AUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121890 - The Old Bath House - Wolverton - Bucks
WM5J8CUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk12 1912 - The Industrial & Provident Society Store - Wolverton
WM5JMEUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1860 - Market Inn, Tavistock, Devon, UK
WM5JMGUnited Kingdom, West MidlandsSuperted1883 - Birmingham Eye Hospital, Birmingham, UK
WM5JTRUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk12 1894 - No 122 Church Street Wolverton
WM5JTXUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121907 - Methodist Church West End - Wolverton
WM5JVVUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1953 - Over 60's Rest Room, Brook Street, Tavistock, Devon UK
WM5K0JUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1901 - Freemason's Hall, Tavistock, Devon, UK
WM5MATUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121914 - The Old Drill Hall - Wolverton - Bucks
WM5MAXUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121894 - The Beeches & Viewsley - Wolverton
WM5N1VUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121888 The Axe & Compass - Edlesborough
WM5NAGUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1708 - Charles Church, Plymouth, Devon
WM5WKVUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandSir Lose-a-lot1682-Matron's College, Salisbury,Wilts UK
WM63Q6United Kingdom, LondonTeam Sieni1878 - London Leather Hide & Wool Exchange, Southwark, London, UK
WM68YRUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121850 -The Bethel Church- Launton - Oxon
WM6BAGUnited Kingdom, YorkshireSir Lose-a-lot1689-Former Pub & Shop, The Green, Richmond, N'Yorks
WM6WWMUnited Kingdom, East MidlandsNorfolk121887 Fire Engine House - Brackley - Northants
WM6Y3JUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1867 - The Old Methodist Chapel, Chagford, Devon UK
WM75Q4France, NormandieTeam Sieni1757 - L'Église de Notre Dame, Cérences, Manche, France
WM7GN3United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1842 - House, Harrowbarrow, East Cornwall, UK
WM7MF9United Kingdom, Eastern EnglandNorfolk121684 -Sayer Alms Houses - Berkhamstead
WM7PMGUnited Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1861 - Whitchurch Methodist Church, Tavistock, Devon UK
WM7QY3United Kingdom, South East EnglandNorfolk121871 Hickman Almshouses - Aylesbury . Bucks
WM8GP0United Kingdom, South West EnglandBrentorboxer1880 - House, Western Road Launceston, Cornwall,UK
WM8ZQXNew Zealand, North IslandNo Fixed Aboder1933 - St Thomas's Anglican Church - Whitford, North Island, New Zealand
WM92TPNew Zealand, North IslandPhronimos1919 - Vogeltown Primary School, New Plymouth
WM9PYXUnited Kingdom, Eastern Englandgreysman1827 - John Aickman's Foundry, 19 King Street, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.
WM9Z8ZHungary, BudapestNebel.comKarola-lak 1891 Budapest, Hungary
WMA3TAUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandDragontree1880 - Waddesdon Manor - Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, UK
WMADJNAustralia, Western AustraliaIanatlarge1964, The Arts Building—University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.
WMAGFVMexico, NayaritMetro21812 - Templo de San Cayetano - Xalisco (Nayarit), Mexico
WMAGPYHungary, BudapestNebel.com1894 - Apartment house, Budapest
WMCHT5United Kingdom, YorkshireTeam Sieni1878 - Former Mortimer Museum, Driffield, Yorkshire, UK
WMCJF1United Kingdom, East Midlandsgreysman1690 - The Bull's Head Pub, The Square, Monyash, Derbyshire
WMCXG4Portugal, LisboaRuiJSDuarte1834 - Tower and Clock, Montachique
WMEJPGUnited Kingdom, South East EnglandTeam Sieni1791 - Royal Seabathing Hospital, Margate, UK
WMEPR0United Kingdom, South WalesDdraig Ddu1838 - Old School, High Street, Glyn Ceiriog, Llangollen, Wrexham, Wales, UK
WMFE72United Kingdom, North West Englandgreysman1901 - Victoria Inn, Front Street, Alston, Cumbria.
WMFG1QUnited Kingdom, North West Englandgreysman1898 - Barclays Bank, Front Street, Alston, Cumbria.
WMG3BEUnited Kingdom, South WalesDdraig Ddu1891 - Wrexham Arcade, Church Street, Wrexham, Wales, UK
WMG6E3Canada, British ColumbiaT0SHEA1971 - Peace/Trinity Lutheran Church - Trail, BC[
WMGCE8United Kingdom, South WalesDdraig Ddu1804 - Craig Chapel, Pontfadog, Llangollen, Wrexham, Wales, UK
WMGE8MUnited Kingdom, North WalesDdraig Ddu1641 - St Tydechos Church, Mallwyd, Powys, Wales, UK
WMGQXVUnited Kingdom, Yorkshiredtrebilc1862 - Cater Building - Bradford, UK
WMMPPDAustralia, Western Australiablingg1928 - Town Hall , Wagin , Western Australia
WMP2NKAustralia, New South WalesTuena1957 - St. Andrew's Catholic Church, Wee Waa, NSW
WMP2T2Australia, New South WalesTuena1904 - A.C.Reid & Co, Moree, NSW
WMT7K8United Kingdom, Yorkshiredtrebilc1897 - Jubilee Centre - Bradford, UK
WMT9M5Australia, Western Australiablingg1859 - Government House , Perth, Western Australia
WMV49NAustralia, Western Australiablingg1927 - Palassis Bros , Manjimup, Western Australia
WMVD11Germany, Rheinland-Pfalzkaschper691860 - Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Willibrord - Plaidt, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
WMVHFWUnited Kingdom, West MidlandsPoole/Freeman1880 Wesleyan Chapel - Cranberry, Staffordshire.
WMVZYRNorway, VestlandMarine Biologist1710 - Bryggesporden McDonald's - Bergen, Norway
WMW77PAustralia, Western Australiablingg1950 - Health Centre, Corrigin, Western Australia
WMWJKZFrance, Hauts-de-FranceAlfouine1905 - La Poudrerie d'Esquerdes - France