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Belgium (404)

Antwerpen (20)

 starsAnchorsAnchors1WME31NAntwerpen linkeroever - Antwerpen - Belgium2012-03-28
 starsBicycle RentalsBicycle Rentals1WME109Velo-Antwerpen - Antwerpen - Belgium2012-03-19
 starsCastlesCastles1WMA38XZoerselhof - Zoersel - Antwerpen - Belgium2010-11-09
 starsChristmas StoresChristmas Stores1WME103Akotrie - Antwerpen - Belgium2012-03-19
 starsCityscapesCityscapes1WME2M2Cityscape Antwerpen - Antwerpen - Belgium2012-03-26
 starsLandlocked BoatsLandlocked Boats2WMD95VOudenaarde - minesweeper - Antwerp - Belgium2011-12-07
  Lion StatuesLion Statues2---
 starsMaritime MuseumsMaritime Museums1WME31WOpen Air Maritime Museum Boeienweide - Antwerpen, Belgium2012-03-28
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now5WME0ZGHarbor "Steen" -Antwerp- Belgium2012-03-19
 starsShip Screws and Aircraft PropsShip Screws and Aircraft Props1WME31RAntwerpen linkeroever - Antwerpen - Belgium2012-03-28
  Static Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays2---
 starsWaychapelsWaychapels1WMA394O.L.vrouw van de rozenkrans kapel - Zoersel - Antwerpen - Belgium2010-11-09
 starsWindmillsWindmills1WME2KWSt-Annekes molen - Linkeroever Antwerpen - Belgium2012-03-26

Brabant wallon (1)

 starsPhoto CutoutsPhoto Cutouts1WM6JFNWalibi center cutout2009-06-10

Brussels (4)

 starsBicycle RentalsBicycle Rentals1WMCE7EVello.Brussels - Brussels - Belgium2011-08-28
 starsDive SitesDive Sites1WMGMJNNemo33 - Brussel - Belgium2013-03-20
 starsGhost SignsGhost Signs1WMCE0DCaulier Beer 28 - Schaerbek - Brussels - Belgium2011-08-29
  Guinness World RecordsGuinness World Records1---

Hainaut (6)

 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures1WMY40CFor the mineworkers of Lessines - Lessines - Hainaut - Belgium2018-04-17
 starsBirdwatching LocationsBirdwatching Locations1WMKEM2Ploegsteert natuurreservaat - Ploegsteert - Henegouwen - Belgium2014-04-01
 starsGhost SignsGhost Signs1WMY40DSunlight soap - Lessines - Hainaut - Belgium2018-04-21
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now2WMKC1JLe Gheer Crossroad - Mesen - Belgium2014-03-18
  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1---

Limburg (6)

 starsAbbeys, Convents and MonasteriesAbbeys, Convents and Monasteries1WMH8V8Abbey Mariënlof - Borgloon - Limburg - Belgium2013-06-10
 starsHand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps1WMH8VBHand operated pump Mariënlof - Borgloon - Limburg - Belgium2013-06-10
 starsOld Agricultural EquipmentOld Agricultural Equipment1WMH983Museum of Fruit gardening Mariënlof-Borgloon- Limburg - Belgium2013-06-11
  Water TowersWater Towers1---
 starsWaychapelsWaychapels1WMH8VCO.L.V Vanbijstand Kapel - Borgloon - Limburg - Belgium2013-06-08

Luxembourg (16)

 starsDevilish LocationsDevilish Locations1WM9ZJDLit du Diable - Weris - Durby - luxembourg - Belgium2010-11-04
 starsHand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps3WMB22VPump on Bridge in Durbuy - Durbuy - Luxembourg -Belgium2011-03-25
 starsHistoric FortsHistoric Forts1WMB2G5Fort de Logne - Durbuy - Luxembourg - Belgium2011-03-27
 starsMegalithic MonumentsMegalithic Monuments4WM9ZEVThree menhirs of Oppagne- Weris - Belgium2010-10-22
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now2WMB22JDurbuy castle - Durbuy - luxembourg - Belgium2011-03-28
 starsSit-by-me StatuesSit-by-me Statues1WMB22CBaron of Durbuy statue- Durbuy - Luxembourg - Belgium2011-03-25
  Water MillsWater Mills1---
 starsWaychapelsWaychapels1WMB2G2Chapel du centenaire - Jenneret - Durbuy -Luxembourg - Belgium2011-03-27
 starsWorldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries1WMCDE8Ollomont cemetery - Ollomont - Luxembourg - Belgium2011-08-25

Namur (21)

 starsAbbeys, Convents and MonasteriesAbbeys, Convents and Monasteries2WMGDCJMaredsous abbey - Maredsous - Namur-Belgium2013-02-18
 starsBaroque ArchitectureBaroque Architecture1WMAWV5Saint-loup church - Namur - Belgium2011-03-05
 starsCanoe/Kayak TripsCanoe/Kayak Trips1WM72R9Les kayaks jaunes -Anseremme-Belgium2009-09-05
 starsCave Entrances (Natural)Cave Entrances (Natural)1WMA46HCave of Remouchamps - Liege - Belgium2010-11-14
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras1WMGDHAGargoyles of the abbey of Marédret - Namur - Belgium2013-02-20
 starsGinormous Everyday ObjectsGinormous Everyday Objects1WM9Z3QGinormous race bike - Basse-Bodeux - Ardennen - Belgium2010-10-21
 starsHand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps4WMAW6XOld pump Ch de la poste - Namur - Belgium2011-03-11
 starsPhilatelic PhotographsPhilatelic Photographs1WMAWV7Saint-loup Church - Namur - Belgium2011-03-06
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now2WMGFQXAbbey of Marédret - Namur - Belgium2013-02-28
 starsScenic HikesScenic Hikes1WMGDHDTwo abbey's hiking trip- Marédret-Namur- Belgium2013-02-20
 starsWater MillsWater Mills1WMGDCKWatermill Maredret - Namur - Belgium2013-02-18
 starsWater TowersWater Towers1WMGD9KErmeton-sur-Biert watertower- Namur- Belgium2013-02-17
 starsWaychapelsWaychapels2WMGD9GKapel De la coeur - Marédret- Namur2013-02-17

Oost-Vlaanderen (38)

  Border CrossingsBorder Crossings3---
 starsCanadian Legion Memorials Cairns and CenotaphsCanadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs1WMK81Cswitch back -Watervliet - oostvlaanderen - Belgium2014-02-26
 starsCity and Town HallsCity and Town Halls1WM7BRTDendermonde, Oost-vlaanderen - Belgium2009-10-02
 starsCoats of ArmsCoats of Arms1WMK7W0Kasteel van Ooidonck - Deinze - Oost-vlaanderen - Belgium2014-02-26
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras1WMK7W1Kasteel van Ooidonck - Deinze - Oost-vlaanderen - Belgium2014-02-25
 starsHand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps1WMBNEYSt-Margriete church pump - Oostvlaanderen - Belgium2011-06-06
  Photos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now2---
 starsStained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows1WMGG4PSint-Martinus church - Berlare - Oost-vlaanderen - Belgium2013-03-03
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays1WMBNF3Leopart tank - Maldegem - Belgium2011-06-06
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1WM8XZAJulius Caesar - Velzeke - Oost-Vl - Belgium2010-05-29
 starsSundialsSundials1WM7BFRSundial market Dendermonde,Oost-vlaanderen,Belgium2009-10-01
 starsTourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1WM7BRQTourist information center Dendermonde,Oost-vlaanderen,Belgium2009-10-02
 starsVeteran CemeteriesVeteran Cemeteries1WMY2XXFrench Cemeterie WWI - Machelen - Oostvlanderen - Belgium2018-04-10
 starsWastewater Treatment FacilitiesWastewater Treatment Facilities2WM780XWastewater treament zwalm,Oost-vlaanderen,Belgium2009-09-18
 starsWater MillsWater Mills3WM77YCIjzerkotmolen, Zwalm, Oost-vlaanderen, Belgium2009-09-19
  Water TowersWater Towers1---
  Waterway Locks, Planes and LiftsWaterway Locks, Planes and Lifts1---
 starsWindmillsWindmills2WM97M4Pietendriesmolen - Knesselaere - O-vl - Belgium2010-07-10
  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments3---

Vlaams-Brabant (12)

 starsAbbeys, Convents and MonasteriesAbbeys, Convents and Monasteries1WMCWPPAbbey Keizersberg - Leuven - Belgium2011-10-20
 starsAirportsAirports1WM7202Brussels international airport -Zaventem-Belgium2009-08-26
 starsCity and Town HallsCity and Town Halls1WMCWRZLeuven, Belgium2011-10-20
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras1WMCWPWGargoyles St-Pieters Churh - Leuven -Belgium2011-10-20
 starsGothic ArchitectureGothic Architecture1WMGK13Townhall Leuven - Leuven - Brabant - Belgium.2013-03-14
 starsHand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps1WMCZVXKattenpomp - Leuven - Brabant - Belgium2011-11-08
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays1WMCWPVArtellerie Regiment monument -Leuven -Belgium2011-10-25
 starsTourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1WMCWT1Tourist centre Leuven City - Brabant - belgium2011-10-24
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks1WMCWT2Town Clock Sint-Pieters Church - Leuven - Brabant - Belgium2011-10-20
 starsWayside shrinesWayside shrines1WMCWPRWayshrine in the abby Keizersberg - Leuven Belgium2011-10-20
  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1---
 starsWorldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries1WMCWPTCemeterie Keizersberg abby - Leuven - Belgium2011-10-20

West-Vlaanderen (280)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1WMBPB8St-jacobs - Bruges - Belgium2011-06-11
 stars'Z' Welcome Signs'Z' Welcome Signs1WMBQN9Welkom Zedelgem - Belgium2011-06-14
  Abbeys, Convents and MonasteriesAbbeys, Convents and Monasteries3---
 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures1WMHJ56kolenkaai statue - Bruges- belgium2013-07-18
 starsAnchorsAnchors1WMB7G2Old fishingboat - Wenduine-De Haan - Belgium2011-04-15
 starsAntique ShopsAntique Shops1WMGED4Classics antique shop - Bruges - Belgium2013-02-22
 starsArch BridgesArch Bridges1WMBPB1Leeuwenbrug - Brugge - Belgium2011-06-15
 starsArt Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau1WMGGC8Art Deco house - Bruges - Belgium2013-03-03
 starsBaroque ArchitectureBaroque Architecture1WM8XYFSint-Walburgakerk-Bruges-W-Vl -Belgium2010-05-30
 starsBeach HutsBeach Huts2WMB23WBeach huts Blankenberge - West-vlaanderen - Belgium2011-03-31
 starsBellsBells2WM6HZ6Dumery bell2009-06-11
 starsBerry PickingBerry Picking1WMCDFQBerry picking Wijnendale Castle - Torhout - Belgium2011-08-25
 starsBest Kept SecretsBest Kept Secrets1WMGFQMVan Haecke secret garden - Bruges - Belgium2013-07-17
 starsBicycle TendersBicycle Tenders1WMA2ZKBruges bicycle tenders -2010-11-08
 starsBirdwatching LocationsBirdwatching Locations2WMAW0BDe Warrande putten - Oostkamp - W-Vl - Belgium2011-03-01
 starsBoat RampsBoat Ramps2WM6KN4Zeebrugge, West-vlaanderen, Belgium2009-06-21
 starsBrewpubsBrewpubs1WM6G76Brewpub"de halve maan-Henri Maes"2009-05-30
 starsCampgroundsCampgrounds1WM6HTQCamping Memling2009-06-07
 starsCanadian Legion Memorials Cairns and CenotaphsCanadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs2WM6KNVgratitude stone for Canadian soldiers2009-06-16
 starsCandy StoresCandy Stores1WM8VJ3la cure gourmande- Bruges - Belgium2010-05-17
 starsCasinosCasinos1WMB4DRCasino Kursaal Oostende - Oostende - Belgium2011-04-07
 starsCastlesCastles4WM6NEAKasteel van Oosterke-Damme2009-06-27
 starsCathedralsCathedrals1WM6G7TSint Salvators Cathedral, Bruges2009-05-30
 starsChurchyard CemeteriesChurchyard Cemeteries1WMA3VGOnze-Lieve Vrouw Kerk - Damme - Belgium2010-11-12
 starsCity and Town HallsCity and Town Halls5WM6J6MBrugge West-vlaanderen Belgium2009-06-09
 starsCityscapesCityscapes1WMBGDWBruges cityscape - Bruges - Belgium2011-05-19
 starsCoastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses4WM6Y41Nieuwpoort Lighthouse - West-Vlaanderen- Belgie2009-08-04
 starsComic Book ShopsComic Book Shops1WMBPDTDe striep Comic Book Store - Bruges -Belgium2011-06-09
 starsConcert HallsConcert Halls1WM6FR6Concert Building - Bruges, Belgium2009-05-28
 starsCurrent and Former ExchangesCurrent and Former Exchanges1WMGPFYDe Beurze- Bruges- W-vlaanderen - Belgium2013-03-28
 starsDive ShopsDive Shops1WM6ZRADuikpunt-Brugge-W-Vlaanderen Belgium2009-08-11
 starsEquestrian StatuesEquestrian Statues2WMA0FMStatue of Albert I - Bruges - Belgium2010-10-26
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture1---
 starsFireworks DisplaysFireworks Displays1WM6KNYFireworks fistival of Oostende2009-06-17
 starsFishing HolesFishing Holes1WM6GZ1The Meibosfishlake-Sijsele-Belgium2009-06-03
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras2WM725NGargoyles Damme-Bruges-Belgium2009-08-22
 starsGeocaching Tour GuidesGeocaching Tour Guides1WM6FTJlopac442009-06-04
 starsGothic ArchitectureGothic Architecture1WMGK10Townhall Bruges - Bruges - Belgium2013-03-14
 starsGrave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person2WMA24MMary of Bourgoundy and Charles the Reckless grave - Bruges- Belgium2010-11-07
 starsHand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps13WMA0BWPump in front of Jeruzalemchurch - Bruges - Belgium2010-10-25
 starsHelicopter Landing PadsHelicopter Landing Pads1WMC44Rhelicopter landing pad St-jans Hospital - Bruges - Belgium2011-07-23
 starsHistoric FortsHistoric Forts2WM8YQGFort Napoleon - Ostende - W-Vl - Belgium2010-06-06
 starsHistory MuseumsHistory Museums2WMC3AYMuseum of archeology - Bruges - Belgium2011-07-20
 starsHoliday DisplaysHoliday Displays1WMBNGAChrismas displays market square Bruges-Belgium2011-06-06
 starsHospitalsHospitals1WMAW06AZ Sint-Jan - Bruges - W-Vl. - Belgium2011-04-21
 starsIce Skating RinksIce Skating Rinks1WMGED3Boudewijn park ice skating ring - Bruges - Belgium2013-02-22
 starsIndependent Coffee ShopsIndependent Coffee Shops1WMA53PKoek&Zopie - Bruges - Belgium.2010-11-18
 starsIndependent Movie Rental ShopsIndependent Movie Rental Shops1WM97FXMoviemax - st-Kruis-Bruges - Belgium2010-07-09
  Insect HotelsInsect Hotels1---
 starsInsect SculpturesInsect Sculptures1WMWKE2muskito figures - Damme - West Vlaanderen - Belgium2017-09-15
 starsJapanese RestaurantsJapanese Restaurants1WMGDY8Tanuki Japanese restaurant - Bruges - Belgium2013-02-20
 starsKingdom Halls of Jehovah's WitnessesKingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses1WM6MZ5Kingdom hall Koksijde Belgium2009-06-23
 starsLa Famille BonaparteLa Famille Bonaparte1WMB707Napoleon's Canal - Damme - Bruges - Belgium2011-04-13
 starsLandlocked BoatsLandlocked Boats2WMB45CAmandine - Oostende - W-vl - Belgium2011-04-03
 starsLion StatuesLion Statues3WMBPB3Leeuwenbrug - Brugge - Belgium2011-06-09
 starsLucky 7Lucky 71WM8XNRLucky seven in Bruges - W-vl -Belgium2010-05-30
 starsMcDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1WM6HTHMcDonalds Restaurant Maalsesteenweg - Bruges2009-06-11
 starsMedieval ChurchesMedieval Churches3WM6K3TOnze lieve vrouw kerk Lissewege2009-06-13
 starsMilestonesMilestones1WM6G8APelderijn milestone2009-05-30
  Miniature GolfMiniature Golf1---
 starsMovie LocationsMovie Locations1WMAW58the meeting bench - Bruges - Belgium " In Bruges"2011-03-05
 starsMoving BridgesMoving Bridges7WM6K58Four bridges of Vandamme sea lock Zeebrugge2009-06-13
 starsMunicipal FlagsMunicipal Flags2WMBFZGBruges City Flag - Bruges - Belgium2011-05-17
 starsMuralsMurals3WM72XRMural Bredene -Oostende- Belgium2009-08-25
 starsOld Agricultural EquipmentOld Agricultural Equipment1WM72R5One person mower-Hovaermill-Koekelare- w-vl -Belgium2009-08-25
 starsOrientation TablesOrientation Tables1WMMB5TOrientation table Fazanthenheuvel - Poperinge - Belgium2014-08-25
 starsOrphaned BridgesOrphaned Bridges1WM75GMTwo bridges at nieuwwege, Bruges,belgium2009-09-05
 starsOrthodox ChurchesOrthodox Churches1WM6GYXOrthodox church HH Konstantijn&Helena2009-06-03
 starsOutdoor MazesOutdoor Mazes2WM6NE6Maze Kasteel van Loppem- W-Vl- Belgium2009-06-26
 starsOutside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings2WMB4K5The Totem of Bruges - W-vl - Belgium2011-04-05
 starsPayphonesPayphones2WM6J00payphone Assebroucke Bruges2009-06-10
 starsPhilatelic PhotographsPhilatelic Photographs2WMA23KBelfort - Bruges - Belgium2010-11-05
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now34WM98QRGentpoort Bruges - W-vl - Belgium2010-07-15
 starsPlane Crash SitesPlane Crash Sites4WM758YWellington III x 3697-gt ,Vlissegem ,W-vl ,Belgium2009-09-06
 starsPolice StationsPolice Stations4WM6NE4Het Houtsche politieteam oostkamp-Belgium2009-06-26
 starsRailroad BridgesRailroad Bridges1WM6Y9TRailroad bridge.Dudzele-Brugge-Belgium2009-08-05
 starsRenaissance ArchitectureRenaissance Architecture1WMGGN2Griffie van het Brugse Vrije - Brugge - W-vl - Belgium2013-03-05
 starsRetired PrisonsRetired Prisons1WMA1C8Pandereitje retired prison - Bruges - Belgium2010-11-01
 starsScenic Boat RidesScenic Boat Rides2WM98QQBruges-Damme tour - W-vl - Belgium2010-07-15
 starsScenic at NightScenic at Night3WM6KRVOostende harbor Summertime2009-06-17
 starsStained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows4WM6MZ3St-godelieve abbey Gistel W-Vlaanderen Belgie2009-06-23
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays1WM6NG7German kanon - musee for freedom - Ramskappele-Belgium2009-07-02
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures2WM8X8CMaria van Bourgondie-Brugge-W-vl-Belgium2010-05-25
  Statues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures4---
 starsStone BridgesStone Bridges2WMBPAZLeeuwenbrug - Brugge - Belgium2011-06-09
 starsSundialsSundials2WM6KTXSundial Jeruzalemstraat Brugge2009-06-17
 starsThemed Homemade MailboxesThemed Homemade Mailboxes1WMGMFZLittle monster mailbox - Vlamerthinge - belgium2013-03-22
 starsTourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1WM725GTourist information center Nieuwpoort-Belgium2009-08-22
  Town ClocksTown Clocks2---
 starsUnique Chimneys and Chimney PotsUnique Chimneys and Chimney Pots2WM7CMWKasteel van Loppem chimneys, Bruges, W-Vl, Belgium2009-10-05
 starsUnique Manhole CoversUnique Manhole Covers1WM8V9NManhole bruges belgium2011-06-09
 starsUnique WeathervanesUnique Weathervanes2WM7255Old weathervane Market square Bruges-Belgium2009-08-22
 starsUniversities and CollegesUniversities and Colleges1WM78R4Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge Oostende - Bruges, Belgium2009-09-20
 starsVelodromesVelodromes1WMGED1Patrick Sercu velodrome - Bruges - Belgium2013-02-22
 starsVeteran CemeteriesVeteran Cemeteries4WMA3MXVeteran cemeterie Steenbrugge - Brugge -Belgium2010-11-18
 starsVintage Movie TheatersVintage Movie Theaters1WMBP7NZwart huis - Vintage cinema - Bruges - Belgium2011-06-08
 starsWastewater Treatment FacilitiesWastewater Treatment Facilities1WM7BFPAquafin Oostende,West-vlanderen ,Belgium2009-10-07
 starsWater MillsWater Mills1WM8XYRVan den Borresmolen - Oostvlaanderen- Belgium2010-05-30
 starsWater TowersWater Towers7WM6JFBWatertoren St-Kruis Brugge2009-06-10
 starsWaterway Locks, Planes and LiftsWaterway Locks, Planes and Lifts3WM6K59Sealock "Vandamme"in Zeebrugge2009-06-16
 starsWay of St. JamesWay of St. James1WMGK5YSint-Jacob-de-Meerdere kerk - Hoek - Damme - Belgium2013-03-19
 starsWaychapelsWaychapels28WM6G3THeilig Hartkapel - Bruges2009-05-30
 starsWayside shrinesWayside shrines2WMBW6DWayside shrines near Koolkerke - Bruges - Belgium2011-06-26
 starsWeather StationsWeather Stations1WMGMG5Koksijde Weatherstation - Koksijde - Belgium2013-03-22
 starsWeb CamerasWeb Cameras1WM6FR7web cam Bruges belgium2009-06-04
 starsWi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots1WM6HTWCharlie Rockets Hostel belgacom wifi2009-06-10
  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments11---
 starsWorldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries3WMA3MYSteenbrugge cemeterie - bruges - Belgium2010-11-15

Egypt (3)

  Dive SitesDive Sites3---

France (20)

Hauts-de-France (13)

 starsGrave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person1WMKDR9Edmée Jeanne Jacob Jarlaud - Acheux en Amienois-Picardië-France2014-04-08
 starsHistoric FortsHistoric Forts1WM9Z6AFort Vauban - Berques- Nord pas de Calais- France2010-10-21
 starsMoving BridgesMoving Bridges1WM9Z3PCanal de pas de Calais bridge - Hennuin - France2010-10-20
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now5WMKAZHAcheux en Amienois - Picardie - France2014-03-14
  Stained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows1---
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1WM9Z5YStatue of Hubert Latham-Cap Blanc nez- Calais - France2010-10-23
  Tourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1---
 starsWater TowersWater Towers1WMB4NGWatertoren Ardres - France.2011-04-05
 starsWaychapelsWaychapels1WMKDRCwaychapel Acheux en Amienois - Picardië - France2014-03-27

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (7)

 starsBellsBells1WMK87EBells Salon de Provence - Provence - France2014-02-27
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls1---
 starsHand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps1WMK83ARognes - France2014-02-28
  Lion StatuesLion Statues1---
 starsScenic HikesScenic Hikes2WMK81Pla Plaine de Sèze - Lambesc - France2014-02-26
  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1---

Jersey (27)

 starsCastlesCastles1WM6Y34Mont Orgueil Castle-Jersey-Channel Islands2009-08-04
 starsChurchyard CemeteriesChurchyard Cemeteries2WMA3VCSt-laurens chucrhyard cemeterie- Jersey - UK2010-11-12
 starsCoastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses1WM6W9Cla corbiere lighthouse-Jersey-Channel islands2009-07-28
 starsDive SitesDive Sites1WM6YZWSt-Catherine's Break water -Jersey-Channel Islands2009-08-11
 starsGhost SignsGhost Signs1WM6Y9PF.Foot -St-Helier-Jersey-Channel Islands.2009-08-10
 starsMegalithic MonumentsMegalithic Monuments3WM6XV2Le Dolmen du Couperon - Jersey - Channel Islands2009-08-03
 starsMethodist ChurchesMethodist Churches1WM6X2XPhiladelphie Methodist Church - Jersey - Channel Islands2009-08-02
 starsModel Aircraft FieldsModel Aircraft Fields1WM70JRJersey model aeroclub field-Jersey-Channel Islands2009-08-16
 starsPayphonesPayphones1WM6W02st-lawrence-payphone-Jersey-channel islands.2009-07-28
 starsPublic and Private Golf CoursesPublic and Private Golf Courses1WM7221Royal Jersey golf club-Jersey - Channel Islands2009-08-22
 starsScenic HikesScenic Hikes1WM6Y3TBelle hougue point cliffwalk-Jersey-Channel Islands2009-08-04
 starsScenic at NightScenic at Night1WM6W9HMarina harbor Jersey-Channel islands2009-07-27
 starsShipwrecksShipwrecks1WM71W3German patrol boat-Jersey-Channel lslands2009-08-20
 starsStained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows1WM6X2TFisherman chapel of st-Brelade- Jersey-Channel Islands.2009-07-31
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays2WM6W8TBatterij Lothringen-Jersey-Channel ilands2009-07-27
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1WM8X89Gerald Durrell-Jersey-Chanel Islands- Great Britian2010-05-25
 starsTourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1WM6Y9CTourist Information center-Jersey -Channel Islands2009-08-05
  Town ClocksTown Clocks1---
 starsWater MillsWater Mills1WM6WE0Water mill de Quétivel-Jersey-Channel islands2009-08-02
 starsWindmillsWindmills1WM6W05windmill st-Peters-Jersey - channel islands2009-07-26
 starsWorld War II SitesWorld War II Sites2WM7BC0Channel Island Military museum,Jersey,united kingdom2009-09-30
 starsZoosZoos1WM6Y31Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - Jersey, Channel Islands2009-08-04

Luxembourg (1)

 starsWayside shrinesWayside shrines1WMCDE6Wayside shrine Basbellain - luxembourg2011-08-25

Netherlands (37)

Noord-Brabant (2)

  Border CrossingsBorder Crossings1---
 starsHand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps1WMEFAQSint-Paulushof waterpomp- Etten Leur - Netherlands2012-06-02

Zeeland (34)

  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures1---
 starsBirdwatching LocationsBirdwatching Locations1WM97G1birdwatching De Blikken -2010-07-11
 starsCanadian Legion Memorials Cairns and CenotaphsCanadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs2WMBNF1Canadian Memorial plaque - Eede - Netherlands2011-06-06
 starsDive ShopsDive Shops3WM6ZRDDuikcentrum de Grevelingen-Zeeland-Netherlands2009-08-11
 starsDive SitesDive Sites4WM6PWBDen Osse-Grevelingen-Netherlands2009-07-05
  Hand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps1---
 starsLion StatuesLion Statues1WM6PWDLion in Zierikzee - Netherlands2009-07-06
 starsMetal DetectingMetal Detecting1WMA53JCadzand - Zeeland - Netherlands2010-11-23
 starsNational Parks of the WorldNational Parks of the World1WM7688National park Oosterschelde,Zeeland,Netherlands2009-09-16
 starsRetired PrisonsRetired Prisons1WM6P8XOude gevangenis van Vissingen -Zeeland - Nederland2009-06-30
 starsSailing and Yacht ClubsSailing and Yacht Clubs1WMC299Breskens sailing and yachtclub - Breskens - Netherlands2011-07-17
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays3WM6PWHkanonnen op oranjedyck-Vlissingen-Netherlands2009-07-07
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1---
  Town ClocksTown Clocks1---
 starsWaterway Locks, Planes and LiftsWaterway Locks, Planes and Lifts1WM98QTGoesse sas Waterlock - Oosterschelde - Zeeland- Netherlands2010-07-16
 starsWineriesWineries1WM9WMDDe Kleine Schorre Wineries - Zeeland- Netherlands2010-10-06
  World War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1---

Zuid-Holland (1)

 starsOutdoor StairwaysOutdoor Stairways1WMC2JJOutdoorstairs Breskens beach - Breskens - Netherlands2011-07-18

Norway (13)

Oslo (12)

 starsAnchorsAnchors1WMC166Anchors of the Norway maritime Museum - Oslo - Norway2011-07-13
 starsCityscapesCityscapes2WMC1EMCityscape Oslo west-side - Norway2011-07-14
 starsCoastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses1WMC1E9Lighthouse Kavringen - Oslo - Norway2011-07-14
 starsConcert HallsConcert Halls1WMD3BQOpera house - Oslo - Norway2011-11-13
  Landlocked BoatsLandlocked Boats1---
 starsMaritime MuseumsMaritime Museums1WMC164Norway Maritime Museum - Oslo, Norway2011-07-14
 starsOdd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings1WMD3C2Opera house - Oslo - Norway2011-11-30
  Photos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now1---
 starsScenic Boat RidesScenic Boat Rides1WMC168Senic boats ride Oslo islands- Norway2011-07-13
 starsUnique Manhole CoversUnique Manhole Covers1WMC0Z6Saint Hallvard manhole - Oslo - Norway2011-07-12
 starsWorldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries1WMC1EJGamlebyen ols cemetery - Oslo - Norway2011-07-18

Viken (1)

 starsBerry PickingBerry Picking1WMC3BGThe lakes - Moss - Norway2011-07-20

Spain (1)

Cataluña (1)

 starsShipwrecksShipwrecks1WMA5NDBoreas wreck - Palamos - Spain2010-11-22

United Kingdom (16)

North East England (1)

 starsScenic HikesScenic Hikes1WM9ZXPKinnoull Moutain senic hike - Perth - Scotland - UK2010-10-29

Northern Scotland (14)

 starsAbandoned CemeteriesAbandoned Cemeteries1WMBWDCGreyfairs Cemeterie - Perth - Scotland - UK2011-07-01
 starsArch BridgesArch Bridges1WMBW9HPerth Smeaton's Bridge - Perth - Scotland2011-07-05
  Christmas StoresChristmas Stores1---
 starsGreenhouses and NurseriesGreenhouses and Nurseries1WM9ZY1John hope royal botanic gardenhous - Edinburg - Scotland2010-10-25
 starsLifeboats and Rescue StationsLifeboats and Rescue Stations1WM9ZXVQueensferry lifeboat staion - Scotland - uk2010-10-24
 starsNational Parks of the WorldNational Parks of the World1WM9WKTCairngorms National park - Scotland - UK2010-10-12
  Natural ArchesNatural Arches1---
 starsRailroad BridgesRailroad Bridges1WMA01BForth rail Bridge - Edinburg - Scotland - Uk2010-10-25
 starsScenic HikesScenic Hikes1WM9ZXMCairgorms Moutain senic walk - Scotland - Uk2010-10-24
  Town ClocksTown Clocks1---
 starsWater MillsWater Mills1WM9WCXWatermill of Benholm- Schotlan - UK2010-10-08

South East England (1)

 starsFire Fighting VehiclesFire Fighting Vehicles1WM725EFire fighting vehicles Gatwick-London-England2009-08-23