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sTeamTraen  posted 25 waymarks in 5 different categories within 11 countries and 20 regions, of these were 10 posted-first-in-region and also 4 posted-first-in-country.
Unfortunatly the user also has 3 waymarks with a missing region in the database.

In the following list are the countries, the regions in the country and the posted categories listed. For the country and the region the number of posted waymark is shown in parentheses. Please note that archived waymarks are not considered for this list and the data on this page is updated in irregular intervals, thus the counting may differ from the one used on .

A golden star at the beginning of a line indicates the waymark was the first posted for the country, a silver star tells, that the waymark was the first posted for the region. The category icon and the name of the category follows next, clicking on the link leads you to the category list page on this site. The number of posted waymarks for the category in the current country/region is displayed next. If there was a first in country or region, the waymark with its code, title and approval date follows.

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Antigua and Barbuda (1)

 starsVictorian Post BoxesVictorian Post Boxes1WMNHFRVictorian postbox, High Street, St John's, Antigua2015-03-19

Cyprus (1)

 starsRed Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1WM7JCTThree Green RTBs (!) in Troodos, Cyprus2009-11-01

France (5 waymarks / 2 categories)

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (1)

 starsRed Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1WM3RK3Red Telephone Box in Dijon, France2008-05-11

Grand-Est (2)

 starsFirst of its KindFirst of its Kind1WM2831World's first oil well2007-09-20
  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---

Normandie (1)

 starsRed Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1WM97RDRed Telephone Box at Juno Beach (Courseulles-sur-Mer, France)2010-07-10

Île-de-France (1)

  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---

Germany (2 waymarks / 1 categories)

Baden-Württemberg (1)

  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---

Hessen (1)

 starsRed Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1WM62D9RTB in Kassel, Germany2009-03-21

Gibraltar (1)

  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---

Iceland (1)

  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---

Italy (1)

Valle d'Aosta (1)

 starsRed Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1WMPTGHRed Telephone Box in Aosta, Italy2015-10-18

New Zealand (1)

North Island (1)

  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---

Spain (1)

Islas Baleares (1)

 starsWeb CamerasWeb Cameras1WM12RQNTorrent de Mal Pas webcam, Palma de Mallorca, Spain2020-07-08

Switzerland (1)

Genève (1)

 starsRed Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1WMEJN0Red Telephone Box in Vernier, Switzerland2012-06-05

United Kingdom (10 waymarks / 3 categories)

Eastern England (3 waymarks / 2 categories)

  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes2---
  Victorian Post BoxesVictorian Post Boxes1---

London (1)

  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---

North West England (1)

  Victorian Post BoxesVictorian Post Boxes1---

Northern Scotland (2)

 starsChristmas StoresChristmas Stores1WM9DDENutcracker, Crieff, Scotland2010-08-05
  Victorian Post BoxesVictorian Post Boxes1---

South West England (2 waymarks / 1 categories)

  Victorian Post BoxesVictorian Post Boxes2---

Southern England (1)

  Victorian Post BoxesVictorian Post Boxes1---