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United States (393 waymarks / 163 categories)

Arizona (1)

  Preserved Machines on Public DisplayPreserved Machines on Public Display1---

Colorado (41 waymarks / 30 categories)

  3 Dimensional Art3 Dimensional Art1---
  Active Rail LocationsActive Rail Locations1---
  Bear StatuesBear Statues1---
  Border CrossingsBorder Crossings1---
  Coin-Op BinocularsCoin-Op Binoculars1---
  Colorado Historical MarkersColorado Historical Markers2---
  Dedicated TreesDedicated Trees1---
  First of its KindFirst of its Kind2---
  Googie ArchitectureGoogie Architecture1---
  Historic Preservation AwardsHistoric Preservation Awards1---
  History MuseumsHistory Museums1---
  Independent Breakfast SpotsIndependent Breakfast Spots1---
  Independent DinersIndependent Diners1---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas1---
  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations1---
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions2---
  Places of Geologic SignificancePlaces of Geologic Significance3---
  Readable From AboveReadable From Above1---
  Realistic Object SculpturesRealistic Object Sculptures1---
  Relocated StructuresRelocated Structures1---
  Rock and Mineral DisplaysRock and Mineral Displays2---
  Signs of HistorySigns of History4---
  Statues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures2---
  There's a Book About ItThere's a Book About It1---
  Truss BridgesTruss Bridges1---
  U.S. BenchmarksU.S. Benchmarks1---
  U.S. Post OfficesU.S. Post Offices1---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries2---
  Worldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries1---

Kansas (22 waymarks / 18 categories)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1---
 starsEtched in StoneEtched in Stone1WMRRFJGeneral Eisenhower - Eisenhower Presidential Library - Abilene, KS2016-08-01
  Ginormous Everyday ObjectsGinormous Everyday Objects1---
  Independent Breakfast SpotsIndependent Breakfast Spots1---
  Independent DinersIndependent Diners1---
  Neon SignsNeon Signs1---
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions1---
 starsPlaces of Geologic SignificancePlaces of Geologic Significance2WMRR1HArikaree Breaks - Cheyenne County, KS2016-07-27
  Realistic Object SculpturesRealistic Object Sculptures2---
  Roadside AttractionsRoadside Attractions1---
  Rock and Mineral DisplaysRock and Mineral Displays1---
  Signs of HistorySigns of History2---
  U.S. BenchmarksU.S. Benchmarks1---
  U.S. National Natural LandmarksU.S. National Natural Landmarks1---
  U.S. Post OfficesU.S. Post Offices1---
  Wagon Roads and TrailsWagon Roads and Trails1---
  Web CamerasWeb Cameras1---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries2---

Louisiana (7 waymarks / 6 categories)

  Border CrossingsBorder Crossings1---
  Louisiana Historical MarkersLouisiana Historical Markers1---
  Non-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials1---
  Signs of HistorySigns of History2---
  Water TowersWater Towers1---

Massachusetts (5 waymarks / 4 categories)

  Methodist ChurchesMethodist Churches1---
  Odd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings2---

Nebraska (2)

  Grave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person1---
  Nebraska Historical MarkersNebraska Historical Markers1---

Nevada (1)

 starsPhoto GoalsPhoto Goals1WMY171Put Your Nose to the Grindstone2018-04-02

New Mexico (15 waymarks / 11 categories)

  Art Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau1---
  Best Burgers in TownBest Burgers in Town1---
  Cave Entrances (Natural)Cave Entrances (Natural)1---
  Doorways of the WorldDoorways of the World1---
  Independent DinersIndependent Diners1---
  National Scenic BywaysNational Scenic Byways3---
  Outside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings2---
  Realistic Object SculpturesRealistic Object Sculptures1---
  Roman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches1---
  This Old ChurchThis Old Church2---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries1---

New York (2 waymarks / 1 categories)


Oklahoma (19 waymarks / 18 categories)

  Artistic Welcome SignsArtistic Welcome Signs1---
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture2---
  Ghost SignsGhost Signs1---
  Ice Cream ParlorsIce Cream Parlors1---
  Living StatuesLiving Statues1---
  Natural LakesNatural Lakes1---
  Roadside AttractionsRoadside Attractions1---
  Route 66 - The Mother RoadRoute 66 - The Mother Road1---
  School MascotsSchool Mascots1---
 starsSuper Fund SitesSuper Fund Sites1WM14EFNTar Creek Superfund - Picher, OK2021-06-24
  Truss BridgesTruss Bridges1---
  U.S. BenchmarksU.S. Benchmarks1---
  U.S. Post OfficesU.S. Post Offices1---
  Vintage Gas StationsVintage Gas Stations1---
  Web CamerasWeb Cameras1---
  Your Name HereYour Name Here1---

Rhode Island (4 waymarks / 3 categories)

 starsCastlesCastles1WMAQJVThe Towers, Narragansett, RI2011-02-23
  Coastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses1---
 starsCommercial Fishing PortsCommercial Fishing Ports2WMT52DWickford Cove/Harbor - Wickford, RI2016-09-27

Tennessee (1)


Texas (272 waymarks / 116 categories)

  3 Dimensional Art3 Dimensional Art1---
  7-Eleven Stores7-Eleven Stores3---
  ALDI StoresALDI Stores1---
  Abandoned CemeteriesAbandoned Cemeteries1---
  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures1---
  All Things Star WarsAll Things Star Wars1---
  American Guide SeriesAmerican Guide Series1---
  Art Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau2---
  Art GalleriesArt Galleries1---
  Art StudiosArt Studios1---
  Artistic Neon LightsArtistic Neon Lights7---
  Artistic SeatingArtistic Seating3---
  Baptist ChurchesBaptist Churches2---
  Barber PolesBarber Poles1---
  Best Burgers in TownBest Burgers in Town4---
  Best Kept SecretsBest Kept Secrets1---
  Bicycle ShopsBicycle Shops1---
  Celebrity HangoutsCelebrity Hangouts1---
  Chinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants1---
  Churchyard CemeteriesChurchyard Cemeteries1---
  Citizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials2---
  Closed Drive-In TheatresClosed Drive-In Theatres2---
  Coca Cola MemorabiliaCoca Cola Memorabilia1---
  Coin Operated Children's RidesCoin Operated Children's Rides1---
  Converted Bank BuildingsConverted Bank Buildings2---
  Country ChurchesCountry Churches1---
  Covered WagonsCovered Wagons1---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones2---
  Dedicated BenchesDedicated Benches5---
  Disguised Cell TowersDisguised Cell Towers1---
  Donated Engraved Bricks and PaversDonated Engraved Bricks and Pavers4---
  Doorways of the WorldDoorways of the World1---
  Elevated Everyday ObjectsElevated Everyday Objects3---
  Etched in StoneEtched in Stone2---
  Fiberglass HorsesFiberglass Horses6---
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture4---
  Firefighter MemorialsFirefighter Memorials2---
  First of its KindFirst of its Kind26---
  Flower FieldsFlower Fields2---
  Former SchoolsFormer Schools3---
  Free Community Book ExchangesFree Community Book Exchanges3---
  Free For Your BirthdayFree For Your Birthday1---
  Frieze ArtFrieze Art1---
  Geocaching Tour GuidesGeocaching Tour Guides1---
  Ghost SignsGhost Signs1---
  Ghosts and HauntingsGhosts and Hauntings1---
  Giant Board GamesGiant Board Games1---
  Googie ArchitectureGoogie Architecture2---
  Headstones of CentenariansHeadstones of Centenarians3---
  Historic EatsHistoric Eats1---
  Holiday DisplaysHoliday Displays2---
  Homemade TombstonesHomemade Tombstones1---
  Humorous Combination BusinessesHumorous Combination Businesses1---
  Ice Cream ParlorsIce Cream Parlors1---
  Independent DinersIndependent Diners1---
  Independent Doughnut ShopsIndependent Doughnut Shops3---
  Infamous Crime ScenesInfamous Crime Scenes1---
  International Space Station SightingsInternational Space Station Sightings1---
  Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants1---
  Kinetic Sculpture and ArtKinetic Sculpture and Art1---
  LEED BuildingsLEED Buildings1---
  Last of its KindLast of its Kind1---
  Lucky 7Lucky 71---
  Masonic TemplesMasonic Temples2---
  Methodist ChurchesMethodist Churches2---
  Mexican RestaurantsMexican Restaurants4---
  Movie LocationsMovie Locations1---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas1---
  Natural SpringsNatural Springs1---
  Neon SignsNeon Signs25---
  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations1---
  Non-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials2---
  Occupational/Hobby Grave StonesOccupational/Hobby Grave Stones3---
  Odd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings3---
  Old TractorsOld Tractors1---
  Omnivorous TreesOmnivorous Trees2---
  One-Room SchoolhousesOne-Room Schoolhouses1---
  Outdoor Warning SirensOutdoor Warning Sirens2---
  Pet StoresPet Stores1---
  Pikachu SightingsPikachu Sightings1---
  Police StationsPolice Stations1---
  Quonset HutsQuonset Huts1---
  Realistic Object SculpturesRealistic Object Sculptures3---
  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1---
  Relocated StructuresRelocated Structures2---
  Signs of HistorySigns of History3---
  Solar PowerSolar Power2---
  Star TrekStar Trek1---
  Static Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays1---
  Sushi RestaurantsSushi Restaurants1---
  Takeout / Delivery MenusTakeout / Delivery Menus3---
  Texas Historical MarkersTexas Historical Markers5---
  Thai RestaurantsThai Restaurants1---
  Time CapsulesTime Capsules2---
  Time and Temperature SignsTime and Temperature Signs1---
  Town ClocksTown Clocks1---
  Truss BridgesTruss Bridges1---
  Turtle CrossingsTurtle Crossings1---
  U.S. BenchmarksU.S. Benchmarks1---
  Unintentionally Funny SignsUnintentionally Funny Signs1---
  Unique WeathervanesUnique Weathervanes1---
  Unoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and CabinsUnoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and Cabins1---
  Vintage Gas StationsVintage Gas Stations1---
  Vintage Movie TheatersVintage Movie Theaters1---
  Wagon Roads and TrailsWagon Roads and Trails1---
  Wi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots1---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries1---
  Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/MonumentsWoodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments19---
  Worldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries12---

Wyoming (1)

  Truss BridgesTruss Bridges1---