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Aland Isles (82)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1---
 starsAnchorsAnchors1WM18H8BÅSS anchor - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-05
 starsBait ShopsBait Shops1WM18KTHJakt & Fiskebutiken - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-21
 starsBell TowersBell Towers1WM18QNHLemland's church belltower- Lemland, Åland Islands2023-09-13
 starsBellsBells1WM18N1PLedskärs Mistklocka- Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-29
 starsBest Burgers in TownBest Burgers in Town1WM18N8GMe Gusta Burgers - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-30
 starsBreweriesBreweries1WM18MX7Open Water Brewery - Lemland, Åland Islands2023-08-26
 starsCar Part SculpturesCar Part Sculptures1WM18HZHBaby Seal - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-08
 starsCastlesCastles1WM18MF2Bomarsundin linna - Bomarsund, Åland Islands2023-08-24
  Citizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials1---
 starsDiplomatic MissionsDiplomatic Missions1WM18Q73Consulaat der Nederlanden - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-11
 starsDockside RestaurantsDockside Restaurants1WM18NDZÅSS Paviljongen - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-29
 starsDoves of peaceDoves of peace1WM18J4WMerikorttelin kyyhky - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-09
 starsDraw WellsDraw Wells1WM18H6QVattenbrunn - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-05
 starsDrawing WaymarksDrawing Waymarks1WM18QX0Pommern - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-10-08
  Elevated BuildingsElevated Buildings1---
 starsExact ReplicasExact Replicas1WM18NXHKastelholm - Sund, Åland Islands2023-09-02
 starsFactory ToursFactory Tours1WM18NWZTaffel - Godby, Åland Islands2023-10-08
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture1---
 starsFlags of the WorldFlags of the World1WM18NDEHotel Arkipelag - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-30
 starsFlora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs1WM18Q2GSällsynta växter i Badhuspark - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-09
 starsFountainsFountains1WM18KZPÖnskebrunnen - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-20
 starsGates of DistinctionGates of Distinction1WM18K5JBoquerian - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-15
 starsGhosts and HauntingsGhosts and Hauntings1WM18RG7Kastelholmassa kummittelee - Kastelholm, Åland Islands2023-09-19
 starsGrave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person1WM18TQCDanne Sundman - Lemland, Åland Islands2023-09-25
 starsHiking and walking trailheadsHiking and walking trailheads1WM18MN5Vandringsleden i Bomarsund2023-08-25
 starsIndependent PharmaciesIndependent Pharmacies1WM18PB1Första Apoteket - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-05
 starsIndependent Pizza RestaurantsIndependent Pizza Restaurants1WM18NNRNonna Rina - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-01
 starsIndoor MallsIndoor Malls1WM18N1YMaxinge - Jomala, Åland Islands2023-08-27
 starsInfamous Crime ScenesInfamous Crime Scenes1WM18V09Mall threat - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-27
 starsLook-Out TowersLook-Out Towers1WM18PMNHöga C - Finström, Åland Islands2023-09-07
  Lutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches3---
 starsMaritime MuseumsMaritime Museums1WM18HV2Ålands sjöfartsmuseum - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-07
 starsMedieval ChurchesMedieval Churches3WM18H2VHammarlands kyrka - Hammarland, Åland isles2023-08-03
  Milk Platforms - MaitolaituritMilk Platforms - Maitolaiturit1---
 starsMonuments of the Eastern FreedomfightsMonuments of the Eastern Freedomfights1WM18P78Punaisten teloitus Färjsundissa - Godby, Åland Islands2023-09-05
 starsMosaicsMosaics1WM18M3BÖnskebrunnen mosaic - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-21
 starsMotor Vehicle MuseumsMotor Vehicle Museums1WM18JYEGeta Nostalgi & Motor Museum - Geta, Åland Islands2023-08-20
 starsMusical Instrument RetailersMusical Instrument Retailers1WM18PBPÅland music shop - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-10-08
 starsMusical InstrumentsMusical Instruments1WM18P90Church organ of Lemland church - Lemland, Åland Islands2023-09-04
 starsNautical Flag PolesNautical Flag Poles1WM18T9HGallerian Sittkoff nautical pole - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-27
 starsNewspaper HeadquartersNewspaper Headquarters1WM18GVTÅlandstidningen - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-02
 starsNewstands / NewsagenciesNewstands / Newsagencies1WM18HJGTotte på hörnet - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-06
 starsNumismatic PhotographsNumismatic Photographs1WM18NT8Pommern - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-02
 starsOfficial Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions2WM165DMPommern - Mariehamn, Aland Islands2022-05-09
 starsOld Agricultural EquipmentOld Agricultural Equipment1WM18MAKHay rake - Eckerö, Åland Islands2023-08-22
 starsPermanent Charity Donation LocationsPermanent Charity Donation Locations1WM18VW5Emmaus Mariehamn - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-10-04
  Philatelic PhotographsPhilatelic Photographs2---
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now1WM18VG7Kastelholm - Sund, Åland Islands2023-10-01
 starsPiratesPirates1WM18N8KPirate flag on Ålands Sjöfartsmuseum - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-06
 starsRecommended AccommodationRecommended Accommodation1WM18THZCicada hotel - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-24
  Relocated StructuresRelocated Structures1---
 starsRoadside AttractionsRoadside Attractions1WM18N2CTaffel potatoman - Godby, Åland Islands2023-08-29
 starsRotary International MarkersRotary International Markers1WM18NR5Rotary pooki båken - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-01
 starsSailing and Yacht ClubsSailing and Yacht Clubs1WM18JBJÅSS Ålandska Segelsällskapet - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-24
 starsSatellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities1WM18MZTKastelholm castle - Sund, Åland Islands2023-08-27
 starsScenic Roadside Look-OutsScenic Roadside Look-Outs1WM18P8VUffe på berget - Godby, Åland Islands2023-09-04
 starsShipwrecksShipwrecks1WM18RXMSchooner Leo - Lumparland, Aland Islands2023-09-21
 starsSigns of HistorySigns of History1WM18MH0Lumparsund - Lumparland, Åland Islands2023-08-24
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1WM18HZBGustava Andersson - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-08
 starsStatues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures1WM18NX2Frans Peter von Knorring - Finström, Åland Islands2023-09-01
 starsSushi RestaurantsSushi Restaurants1WM18Q0HMarie Bar - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-08
 starsTakeout / Delivery MenusTakeout / Delivery Menus1WM18WYCKhun Mom - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-10-13
 starsThai RestaurantsThai Restaurants1WM18PX6Khun Mom - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-09
 starsThis Old ChurchThis Old Church3WM18KAYFinströmin kirkko - Finström, Åland Islands2023-08-16
 starsTimelinesTimelines1WM18KACKastelholman linna 1388-2001 - Sund, Åland Islands2023-09-03
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks1WM18MJEGallerian Sittkoff clock - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-24
 starsVintage Gas StationsVintage Gas Stations1WM18QDXEdos Mack F:ma Edv. Karlsson - Geta, Åland Islands2023-09-11
 starsVintage Gasoline PumpsVintage Gasoline Pumps1WM18P20Esso pump - Geta, Åland Islands2023-09-02
 starsWeb CamerasWeb Cameras1WM18NGZÅSS marina - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-09-14
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries2---
 starsWooden Church ArtefactsWooden Church Artefacts1WM18KXFBabtism font - Sjöfararkappellet - Mariehamn, Åland Islands2023-08-20

Finland (909)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps26---
  3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond1---
 starsAbandoned CemeteriesAbandoned Cemeteries1WM18E5FRistinummen hautausmaa - Pöytyä, Finland2023-07-16
 starsAbbeys, Convents and MonasteriesAbbeys, Convents and Monasteries1WM134EYThe Bridgettine Convent - Turku, Finland2020-09-13
  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures17---
 starsActive Rail LocationsActive Rail Locations1WM14CGCAninkaistensilta - Turku, Finland2021-06-13
 starsAgricultural FairgroundsAgricultural Fairgrounds1WM18C28OKRA - Oripää, Finland2023-07-15
 starsAll Things Star WarsAll Things Star Wars1WM16XBDStormtrooper - Huittinen, Finland2022-10-24
 starsAlpaca and Llama FarmsAlpaca and Llama Farms1WM18DZTHolvin Alpakat - Turku, Finland2023-08-20
 starsAmateur Baseball FieldsAmateur Baseball Fields1WM16Y01Kupittaan kentät 1 ja 2 - Turku, Finland2022-11-22
 starsAmateur Radio RepeatersAmateur Radio Repeaters1WM16XWHOH1MN - Turku, Finland2022-12-16
  Animal HospitalsAnimal Hospitals2---
 starsAntique HotelsAntique Hotels1WM16WZJHotel Hamburger Börs - Turku, Finland2022-10-21
 starsAntique ShopsAntique Shops1WM18EWEAntiikkiliike Wanha Elias - Turku, Finland2023-07-21
  Arch BridgesArch Bridges1---
  Art Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau9---
  Art GalleriesArt Galleries1---
  Art MuseumsArt Museums1---
  Art StudiosArt Studios1---
  Artificial Climbing WallsArtificial Climbing Walls1---
  Artistic Neon LightsArtistic Neon Lights1---
  Artistically Decorated Utility BoxesArtistically Decorated Utility Boxes93---
 starsAssembly of God ChurchesAssembly of God Churches1WM16KVCLiving waters chuch - Helsinki, Finland2022-08-26
  Astronomical ObservatoriesAstronomical Observatories2---
 starsAuction HousesAuction Houses1WM179X9Hellman Auctions Ltd - Naantali, Finland2023-01-11
 starsBait ShopsBait Shops1WM164HAMeri & Metsä - Raisio, Finland2022-05-19
  Barber PolesBarber Poles3---
 starsBarnsBarns2WM16ZBXUusitalon navetta - Lieto, Finland2022-11-05
  Bear StatuesBear Statues2---
  Bell TowersBell Towers7---
 starsBerry PickingBerry Picking1WM16FYQAlitalon Marja - Turku, Finland2022-08-08
 starsBest Kept SecretsBest Kept Secrets1WM16D52Hollow Posankka statue - Turku, Finland2022-07-06
  Bicycle RentalsBicycle Rentals1---
 starsBicycle Repair StationsBicycle Repair Stations1WM13JZBMotovelo Pläkkikaupunki - Turku, Finland2020-12-28
  Bicycle ShopsBicycle Shops1---
  Bicycle TendersBicycle Tenders1---
  Billiards and Pool HallsBilliards and Pool Halls1---
  Birdwatching LocationsBirdwatching Locations1---
 starsBlues LegendsBlues Legends1WM172K9Puutori Blues - Turku, Finland2022-11-27
  Boat RampsBoat Ramps1---
  Botanical GardensBotanical Gardens2---
  Bowling CentresBowling Centres1---
  Bridge Date Stones and PlaquesBridge Date Stones and Plaques3---
 starsBroken Column HeadstonesBroken Column Headstones1WM13WRZBoberg - Turun Hautausmaa - Turku, Finland2021-03-03
 starsBubble Tea aka BobaBubble Tea aka Boba3WM14FJ1Bokachá - Turku, Finland2021-06-29
 starsBuddhist Temples and Public ShrinesBuddhist Temples and Public Shrines1WM16X1ATemple Liên Tâm - Turku, Finland2022-10-21
 starsBuffet RestaurantsBuffet Restaurants1WM15RWVRed Chopsticks - Turku, Finland2022-02-20
  Burger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants1---
  Burger Shops - Regional ChainsBurger Shops - Regional Chains2---
  Bus StationsBus Stations1---
 starsBygone Toll HousesBygone Toll Houses1WM16PKRPikisaari Tullitalo - Turku, Finland2022-09-15
 starsCampgroundsCampgrounds1WM16Q3BRuissalo Camping - Turku, Finand2022-09-15
  Candy StoresCandy Stores3---
 starsCanoe/Kayak TripsCanoe/Kayak Trips1WM14WMKAurajoen melontareitti - Turku, Finland2021-09-02
  Capitol BuildingsCapitol Buildings1---
 starsCar Part SculpturesCar Part Sculptures1WM135CHArt of OdoRumpf - Turku, Finland2020-09-20
 starsCaritas InternationalisCaritas Internationalis1WM18D01Caritas - Suomen Caritas, Helsinki, Finland2023-07-09
 starsCarl Linnaeus and His ApostlesCarl Linnaeus and His Apostles1WM13VDZPehr Kalm - Turku, Finland2021-02-26
 starsCemetery ChapelsCemetery Chapels2WM15XVRKärsämäen siunauskappeli - Turku, Finland2022-03-24
 starsCentury FarmsCentury Farms1WM181VNAlitalon tila - Turku, Finland2023-05-12
 starsChinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants1WM136MVYangtze Kiinalainen Ravintola - Turku, Finland2020-09-28
  Christian CrossesChristian Crosses3---
 starsChristmas StoresChristmas Stores1WM16GXFSanta Claus shop - Helsinki, Finland2022-08-02
 starsChurch of Christ ScientistChurch of Christ Scientist1WM184MHChristian Science Reading Room - Helsinki, Finland2023-05-31
  Churchyard CemeteriesChurchyard Cemeteries2---
  Citizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials5---
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls4---
  Civil Defense Fallout SheltersCivil Defense Fallout Shelters1---
  Civil Rights MemorialsCivil Rights Memorials1---
  Coats of ArmsCoats of Arms2---
 starsCoca Cola MemorabiliaCoca Cola Memorabilia2WM13K2PGhost Sign of Coca Cola - Turku, Finland2020-12-30
 starsCoffee Shops - Regional ChainsCoffee Shops - Regional Chains2WM1361QRobert's Coffee - Turku, Finland2020-10-27
  Coin Operated Self Service Car WashesCoin Operated Self Service Car Washes2---
 starsCoin ShopsCoin Shops1WM186YGHolmasto - Helsinki, Finland2023-06-11
 starsComic Book ShopsComic Book Shops1WM12QVKTurun Sarjakuvakauppa, Turku - Finland2020-07-05
  Community CommemorationCommunity Commemoration1---
 starsConvention CentersConvention Centers1WM145YCJoki - Turku, Finland2021-05-18
  Converted Bank BuildingsConverted Bank Buildings2---
  Converted FactoriesConverted Factories2---
  Converted FirehousesConverted Firehouses1---
 starsConverted FountainsConverted Fountains1WM158JZElämän Lähde - Laitila, Finland2021-11-08
  Coordinate PalindromesCoordinate Palindromes1---
 starsCounting and Measuring DisplaysCounting and Measuring Displays4WM13V9GCounting display "Raision pyörälaskuri" - Raisio, Finland2021-02-21
  Cross Country Ski TrailheadsCross Country Ski Trailheads1---
 starsCycling RoutesCycling Routes2WM16RWT11 - Turku - FI Kupittaa, Turku2022-10-07
 starsDairy CreameriesDairy Creameries1WM16E2ALaitilan Meijeri - Laitila, Finland2022-07-11
 starsDance ClubsDance Clubs1WM16KBRForte - Turku, Finland2022-08-24
  Dated Architectural Structures MultifariousDated Architectural Structures Multifarious1---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones8---
  Dead Poets' Society MemorialsDead Poets' Society Memorials1---
  Death Mask GravestonesDeath Mask Gravestones1---
  Dedicated TreesDedicated Trees2---
  Diplomatic MissionsDiplomatic Missions5---
  Direction and Distance ArrowsDirection and Distance Arrows1---
  Disc Golf CoursesDisc Golf Courses4---
 starsDive ShopsDive Shops1WM165W2Ursuit - Turku, Finland2022-05-26
 starsDiving PlatformsDiving Platforms1WM16H5ASamppalinnan maauimala - Turku, Finland2022-08-02
 starsDog Friendly HotelsDog Friendly Hotels2WM17ZTJHotelli Rakuuna - Lappeenranta, Finland2023-05-09
 starsDog-Friendly RestaurantsDog-Friendly Restaurants2WM180EPNautilus - Lappeenranta, Finland2023-05-09
 starsDoorways of the WorldDoorways of the World6WM14ZG5Turun Taidemuseo - Turku, Finland2021-09-23
  E85 Fuel PumpsE85 Fuel Pumps2---
  Electric Car Charging StationsElectric Car Charging Stations15---
 starsElevated BuildingsElevated Buildings1WM1779DVilja-aitta - Paimio, Finland2022-12-30
  Elevated Everyday ObjectsElevated Everyday Objects1---
  Elevation SignsElevation Signs1---
  Epic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures1---
  European Post OfficesEuropean Post Offices1---
  Extraterrestrial LocationsExtraterrestrial Locations3---
 starsFactory ToursFactory Tours1WM16F6MFazer - Vantaa, Finland2022-08-08
  Famous FiresFamous Fires1---
  Farmers' MarketsFarmers' Markets1---
  Ferries and Ferry LandingsFerries and Ferry Landings1---
  Field HospitalsField Hospitals1---
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture12---
 starsFirefighter MemorialsFirefighter Memorials1WM16DTFLieto VPK firefighter memorial - Turku, Finland2022-07-10
  First of its KindFirst of its Kind4---
 starsFish LaddersFish Ladders2WM13V8VFishladders of Raisionjoki - Raisio, Finland2021-02-22
  Fitness TrailsFitness Trails3---
  Flags of OrganizationsFlags of Organizations1---
 starsFlags of the WorldFlags of the World1WM184R4Hotel Kämp - Helsinki, Finland2023-05-31
 starsFlatironsFlatirons1WM177JVVerkatehdas - Turku, Finland2022-12-30
  Flora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs3---
 starsFormer SchoolsFormer Schools4WM145Q0Teollisuuskoulu - Turku, Finland2021-04-24
  Foucault PendulumsFoucault Pendulums1---
 starsFramed ViewsFramed Views2WM16XMGTallipiha - Tampere, Finland2022-10-27
 starsFreestanding ArchesFreestanding Arches1WM16J5TRuskon kirkon portti - Rusko, Finland2022-08-11
  Frieze ArtFrieze Art6---
  Funeral HomesFuneral Homes1---
 starsFunerary ArtFunerary Art3WM1559CWoman with urn (Onninen) - Turku, Finland2021-10-21
  GPS Tracklog ArtGPS Tracklog Art1---
 starsGates of DistinctionGates of Distinction4WM146YERettig Palace Gate - Turku, Finland2021-05-17
 starsGhosts and HauntingsGhosts and Hauntings4WM155GEMan with black hat - Turku, Finland2021-10-31
  Giant Board GamesGiant Board Games1---
  Ginormous Everyday ObjectsGinormous Everyday Objects3---
 starsGoogie ArchitectureGoogie Architecture2WM174FBKauppatorin esiintymislava - Turku, Finland2022-12-30
  Grave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person1---
 starsGraves Mentioning a Cause of DeathGraves Mentioning a Cause of Death1WM15M53Helge Lauren & Turkka Hurme - Turku, Finland2022-01-31
 starsGround Based Air Navigation Support StructuresGround Based Air Navigation Support Structures1WM16363DVOR DME landing beacon - Rusko, Finland2022-04-26
  Hand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps1---
  Headstones of CentenariansHeadstones of Centenarians1---
 starsHelicopter Landing PadsHelicopter Landing Pads1WM145RCTYKS helipad - Turku, Finland2021-04-29
  Highway Rest AreasHighway Rest Areas1---
 starsHiking and walking trailheadsHiking and walking trailheads1WM1796JHärkämäki - Mälikkälä trail - Turku, Finland2023-01-07
 starsHistoric EatsHistoric Eats1WM15DM8Brahen Kellari - Turku, Finland2021-12-18
  Historic FortsHistoric Forts1---
 starsHistoric Transformer Sub-Stations BuildingsHistoric Transformer Sub-Stations Buildings1WM151ZMKylämäki - Turku, Finland2021-09-30
 starsHistoric Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage BlocksHistoric Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks2WM16J12Hitching Ring on Rusko church - Rusko, Finland2022-08-10
  History MuseumsHistory Museums1---
 starsHoliday DisplaysHoliday Displays2WM13FFQChristmas tree of Turku Cathedral - Turku, Finland2020-12-01
 starsHomesteadsHomesteads1WM15F6HPentti Viherluoto - Turku, Finland2022-01-04
  Horse Racing TracksHorse Racing Tracks1---
 starsHot Rod Hangouts and Car ShowsHot Rod Hangouts and Car Shows1WM18RDEFHRA Malmi Cruising Pre-party - Helsinki, Finland2023-09-17
 starsHuman ErrorHuman Error1WM13YKTLevel crossing sign without railroad - Turku, Finland2021-03-31
 starsHumane Societies and RescuesHumane Societies and Rescues1WM17THATurun Kaupungin Eläinhoitola - Turku, Finland2023-04-02
  Hydroelectric Power StationsHydroelectric Power Stations1---
 starsIMAX TheatersIMAX Theaters1WM1690PIMAX Finnkino itis - Helsinki, Finland2022-06-04
  Ice Cream ParlorsIce Cream Parlors2---
  Ice Skating RinksIce Skating Rinks2---
  Iconic FactoriesIconic Factories1---
 starsImmortalized in LyricsImmortalized in Lyrics1WM14X46Pallivaha - Turku, Finland2021-09-07
 starsIndependent Artist Supply StoresIndependent Artist Supply Stores1WM15488Itäisenkadun Kehystämö - Turku, Finland2021-10-17
  Independent BakeriesIndependent Bakeries5---
 starsIndependent Breakfast SpotsIndependent Breakfast Spots1WM14TJ8Helmikahvila - Turku, Finland2021-08-22
 starsIndependent Cigar ShopsIndependent Cigar Shops1WM15YCETurun Tupakkakauppa - Turku, Finland2022-03-30
  Independent Coffee ShopsIndependent Coffee Shops2---
 starsIndependent Doughnut ShopsIndependent Doughnut Shops1WM16JKQMunkkis - Loimaa, Finland2022-08-16
 starsIndependent Hot Dog RestaurantsIndependent Hot Dog Restaurants1WM1548GFriend's Kitchen- Turku, Finland2021-10-14
 starsIndependent Music StoresIndependent Music Stores1WM14FXZRound Sound Records - Turku, Finland2021-07-13
  Independent PharmaciesIndependent Pharmacies1---
  Independent Pizza RestaurantsIndependent Pizza Restaurants4---
  Indoor MallsIndoor Malls1---
  Infamous Crime ScenesInfamous Crime Scenes6---
  Insect HotelsInsect Hotels2---
 starsInsect SculpturesInsect Sculptures1WM15DQXHyönteinen - Turku, Finland2021-12-15
  Inside AirportsInside Airports1---
 starsJapanese RestaurantsJapanese Restaurants1WM1436CYasukon Keittiö - Turku, Finland2021-04-05
  Juice and Smoothie BarsJuice and Smoothie Bars1---
 starsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants1WM15ECTKFC - Hamburger Börs - Turku, Finland2021-12-19
 starsKids Eat FreeKids Eat Free1WM16ZZ9Buena Vista - Rauma, Finland2022-12-16
 starsLEED BuildingsLEED Buildings1WM15WG4EduCity - Turku, Finland2022-03-18
 starsLEGO Sculptures and ModelsLEGO Sculptures and Models1WM163R5Friends Andrea - Lempäälä, Finland2022-05-03
  Landlocked BoatsLandlocked Boats2---
 starsLandlocked LighthousesLandlocked Lighthouses1WM154D0Forum Marinum lighthouse - Turku, Finland2021-10-16
  Laser Tag FacilitiesLaser Tag Facilities1---
  Lion StatuesLion Statues2---
  Love PadlocksLove Padlocks1---
  Lucky 7Lucky 71---
  Lutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches6---
 starsMan-made Animal Bridges and CrossingsMan-made Animal Bridges and Crossings1WM15F9DE18 Peltolan vihersilta - Kaarina, Finland2021-12-27
  Maritime Monuments and MemorialsMaritime Monuments and Memorials1---
  Maritime MuseumsMaritime Museums1---
  Master Architects - International StyleMaster Architects - International Style1---
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants2---
  Medieval ChurchesMedieval Churches4---
  Mexican RestaurantsMexican Restaurants1---
  Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned)Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned)1---
 starsMilitary Surplus StoresMilitary Surplus Stores1WM16FC3Varusteleka - Helsinki, Finland2022-07-21
  Miniature GolfMiniature Golf4---
 starsMinor League Baseball StadiumsMinor League Baseball Stadiums2WM16GAKLaserkeskus Areena - Laitila, Finland2022-07-27
 starsModel Aircraft FieldsModel Aircraft Fields1WM18WW4Paattisten lennokkikenttä - Turku, Finland2023-10-12
  Monarchs of the WorldMonarchs of the World4---
  Monopoly in the Real WorldMonopoly in the Real World1---
  Movie LocationsMovie Locations2---
  Municipal FlagsMunicipal Flags1---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas11---
  Musical Instrument RetailersMusical Instrument Retailers3---
  Musical InstrumentsMusical Instruments2---
 starsNames From the BibleNames From the Bible1WM16P2QKaanaa - Raisio, Finland2022-09-15
 starsNatural/Organic Food StoresNatural/Organic Food Stores1WM132WNRuohonjuuri - Turku, Finland2020-09-04
  Nautical Flag PolesNautical Flag Poles1---
  Neon SignsNeon Signs2---
  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations4---
  Non-Coastal BoardwalksNon-Coastal Boardwalks1---
 starsNoodle ShopsNoodle Shops1WM16KFBVG noodle - Turku, Finland2022-08-21
 starsNumismatic PhotographsNumismatic Photographs1WM135ZXTurku Cathedral, Finland2020-09-24
  Occupational MonumentsOccupational Monuments1---
  Octagon BuildingsOctagon Buildings2---
  Odd Fellow LodgesOdd Fellow Lodges1---
  Odd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings1---
  Off-Leash Dog AreasOff-Leash Dog Areas6---
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions3---
  Old Agricultural EquipmentOld Agricultural Equipment1---
  Old TractorsOld Tractors1---
  Olympic MemorabiliaOlympic Memorabilia1---
  Orthodox ChurchesOrthodox Churches2---
  Outdoor MazesOutdoor Mazes1---
  Outdoor StairwaysOutdoor Stairways3---
  Outdoor Warning SirensOutdoor Warning Sirens5---
  Painted MailboxesPainted Mailboxes1---
 starsPaintings Then and NowPaintings Then and Now1WM13K4PMay by Erika Adamsson - Turku, Finland2021-02-14
  Paramedic StationsParamedic Stations1---
  Pedestrian Suspension BridgesPedestrian Suspension Bridges1---
 starsPenny SmashersPenny Smashers1WM18D44Sea Life Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland2023-07-10
  People-Named PlacesPeople-Named Places2---
  Permanent Geographic CoordinatesPermanent Geographic Coordinates1---
  Pet CemeteriesPet Cemeteries1---
  Pet StoresPet Stores6---
  Philatelic PhotographsPhilatelic Photographs1---
  Photo CutoutsPhoto Cutouts1---
  Photo GoalsPhoto Goals1---
  Photos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now6---
 starsPick-Your-Own FarmsPick-Your-Own Farms1WM16KEKAlitalon Marja - Turku, Finland2022-08-21
  Pictorial Pub SignsPictorial Pub Signs4---
  Pizza Hut RestaurantsPizza Hut Restaurants1---
  Places for RecyclingPlaces for Recycling17---
  Police StationsPolice Stations1---
  Pre-Victorian Historic HomesPre-Victorian Historic Homes1---
 starsPreserved Machines on Public DisplayPreserved Machines on Public Display2WM155R8Ship engine - Turku, Finland2021-10-22
 starsPresidential BirthplacesPresidential Birthplaces1WM15F9AMauno Koiviston syntymäkoti - Turku, Finland2021-12-29
 starsPublic Funiculars and Incline RailwaysPublic Funiculars and Incline Railways1WM13JPGFunicular of Kakola - Turku, Finland2020-12-28
  Public PlaygroundsPublic Playgrounds5---
  Public Swimming PoolsPublic Swimming Pools4---
 starsPuzzles in the Real WorldPuzzles in the Real World1WM15CRNTurku Cathedral - Turku, Finland2021-12-09
 starsQuadriviaQuadrivia1WM174XQQuadrivia Teräsrautela - Turku, Finland2022-12-16
  Railroad BridgesRailroad Bridges1---
 starsRailroad Maintenance-Of-Way EquipmentRailroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment1WM13V8PVR ratatyökoneita - Turku, Finland2021-02-21
 starsRecommended AccommodationRecommended Accommodation2WM169ZAScandic Aulanko - Hämeenlinna, Finland2022-06-10
 starsRed Cross and Red Crescent MovementRed Cross and Red Crescent Movement1WM14XCJRed Cross - Turku, Finland2021-09-07
  Relief Art SculpturesRelief Art Sculptures3---
  Relocated StructuresRelocated Structures1---
 starsRenaissance FairsRenaissance Fairs1WM18AYVKeskiaikaiset Markkinat - Turku, Finland2023-06-30
 starsRetired PrisonsRetired Prisons1WM13DYYKakola / Lääninvankila - Turku, Finland2020-11-19
 starsRoadside AttractionsRoadside Attractions1WM14365Posankka - Turku, Finland2021-04-06
 starsRock and Mineral DisplaysRock and Mineral Displays1WM18G4AHeureka - Vantaa, Finland2023-07-29
 starsRoman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches1WM18BT1Pyhän Birgitan ja autuaan Hemmingin kirkko - Turku, Finland2023-07-04
  Rotary International MarkersRotary International Markers1---
  Sailing and Yacht ClubsSailing and Yacht Clubs1---
  Salvation Army LocationsSalvation Army Locations2---
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities4---
  Scenic OverlooksScenic Overlooks1---
 starsScenic at NightScenic at Night3WM142GDLibrarybridge - Turku, Finland2021-04-05
 starsScience MuseumsScience Museums1WM17NVKHeureka - Vantaa, Finland2023-04-13
 starsScouting HeadquartersScouting Headquarters1WM156RVTurun Metsänkävijät scouts - Turku, Finland2021-10-28
 starsSelf Serve Pet WashSelf Serve Pet Wash2WM173DDGoWash DogWash - Espoo, Finland2022-12-16
  Ship Screws and Aircraft PropsShip Screws and Aircraft Props1---
  Signs of HistorySigns of History7---
 starsSigns of ZodiacSigns of Zodiac1WM13DPXSign of Zodiac - Taurus - Härkämäki - Turku, Finland2020-11-18
  Silhouette Public Art SculpturesSilhouette Public Art Sculptures1---
  Sister City MonumentsSister City Monuments1---
 starsSit-by-me StatuesSit-by-me Statues1WM13FRPStar Gazers (today) - Turku, Finland2020-12-05
 starsSledding PlacesSledding Places1WM15G2NImpivaara - Turku, Finland2022-01-13
  Solar PowerSolar Power1---
 starsSolitary SilosSolitary Silos1WM16JF1Old abanned silo - Rusko, Finland2022-08-13
  Spas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and SaunasSpas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and Saunas1---
  Specific Veteran MemorialsSpecific Veteran Memorials1---
 starsSpecific Wars Monuments and MemorialsSpecific Wars Monuments and Memorials2WM13GC5In honor of who fought on Finnish Civil War 1918 - Turku, Finland2020-12-28
  Stained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows3---
  Static Aircraft DisplaysStatic Aircraft Displays1---
  Static Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays2---
  Static Train CarsStatic Train Cars1---
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures8---
  Statues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures2---
  Stone BridgesStone Bridges1---
  Stone Church ArtefactsStone Church Artefacts1---
  Subway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants4---
  Sushi RestaurantsSushi Restaurants1---
  Taco Bell RestaurantsTaco Bell Restaurants1---
  Tattoo Shops/ParlorsTattoo Shops/Parlors1---
  Tennis FacilitiesTennis Facilities1---
  Thai RestaurantsThai Restaurants3---
  The UndergroundThe Underground2---
 starsThere's a Book About ItThere's a Book About It1WM16Z74Turun Linna - Turku, Finland2022-11-18
  This Old ChurchThis Old Church7---
  Thrift StoresThrift Stores1---
  Time and Temperature SignsTime and Temperature Signs8---
 starsTimelinesTimelines5WM15FQ6Turun Yliopisto - 1922-1958 - Turku, Finland2021-12-30
  Town ClocksTown Clocks13---
 starsTraffic ParksTraffic Parks1WM1663NKupittaan liikennekaupunki - Turku, Finland2022-05-15
 starsTruss BridgesTruss Bridges1WM18WP1Myllyojan silta - Turku, Finland2023-10-11
 starsUnique Artistic Door Handles and KnockersUnique Artistic Door Handles and Knockers1WM15088Tiger door handle - Turku, Finland2021-09-23
 starsUnique Artistic Shop SignsUnique Artistic Shop Signs3WM156H7Gentle Care - Turku, Finland2021-10-26
  Unique Manhole CoversUnique Manhole Covers1---
  Unique SteeplesUnique Steeples1---
  Unique WeathervanesUnique Weathervanes2---
 starsUniversities and CollegesUniversities and Colleges2WM12K48Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland2020-06-14
 starsUnoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and CabinsUnoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and Cabins1WM1572ZUnoccupied house of Raadelma - Kaarina, Finland2021-10-28
  Urban Legends and SuperstitionsUrban Legends and Superstitions1---
 starsUsed Book StoresUsed Book Stores1WM14FHQBrahen Antikvariaatti - Turku, Finland2021-06-29
  Used Video-Game StoresUsed Video-Game Stores1---
 starsVegetarian EateriesVegetarian Eateries2WM143JWKasvis - Turku, Finland2021-04-08
  Vintage Movie TheatersVintage Movie Theaters1---
  Water DamsWater Dams1---
  Water TowersWater Towers3---
  Watercraft Rentals (Human Powered)Watercraft Rentals (Human Powered)1---
  Waterway Locks, Planes and LiftsWaterway Locks, Planes and Lifts1---
 starsWaymark Tours (WayTours)Waymark Tours (WayTours)1WM14FDZFamous crimes in Turku - Turku, Finland2021-07-22
  Web CamerasWeb Cameras3---
 starsWeird Story LocationsWeird Story Locations4WM15A0CVartiovuoren tähtitorni - Turku, Finland2021-11-20
  Wi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots2---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries33---
  Winter Sports LocationsWinter Sports Locations1---
  Wooden Church ArtefactsWooden Church Artefacts1---
  World War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments3---
  World War II SitesWorld War II Sites2---
  Worldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries5---
 starsYMCA / YWCAYMCA / YWCA2WM13WKCYMCA Turku, Finland2021-03-02
 starsYe Olde Butcher ShoppeYe Olde Butcher Shoppe1WM15W8WTurun Mestaripalvi - Turku, Finland2022-03-07

Germany (4)

Nordrhein-Westfalen (4)

  Iconic FactoriesIconic Factories1---
  Professional Sports VenuesProfessional Sports Venues1---
  Publicly Held Corporation HeadquartersPublicly Held Corporation Headquarters1---
  Recommended AccommodationRecommended Accommodation1---

Spain (21)

Islas Canarias (21)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1---
 starsArtistic Neon LightsArtistic Neon Lights1WM17NMCYumbo - Gran Canaria, Spain2023-04-22
  Bicycle RentalsBicycle Rentals1---
 starsCity Names in Giant LettersCity Names in Giant Letters1WM17KHYMaspalomas - Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain2023-03-04
 starsDisaster MemorialsDisaster Memorials1WM17DR1Death of Paratroopers - Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, España2023-02-02
  Doves of peaceDoves of peace1---
  Elevated Everyday ObjectsElevated Everyday Objects1---
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture1---
 starsGinormous Everyday ObjectsGinormous Everyday Objects1WM17EZ6Guitar - playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Spain2023-02-10
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
 starsMiniature GolfMiniature Golf2WM17EXZMinigolf Yumbo - Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Spain2023-02-10
  Outdoor StairwaysOutdoor Stairways1---
 starsPeace MemorialsPeace Memorials1WM17F9KCity of Rotary Peace - Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain2023-02-13
  Red Cross and Red Crescent MovementRed Cross and Red Crescent Movement1---
  Roman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches1---
 starsStatic Aircraft DisplaysStatic Aircraft Displays1WM17E14DC-7C of Bahia Feliz - Gran Canaria, Spain2023-02-04
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1---
  Unique Manhole CoversUnique Manhole Covers1---