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Brazil (4930)

Minas Gerais (26)

 stars1000 Places to See Before You Die1000 Places to See Before You Die1WMDAHFGold Towns of Minas Gerais - Brazil2012-03-11
 starsBaroque ArchitectureBaroque Architecture5WM6H6XIgreja São Francisco de Assis - Ouro Preto, Brazil2009-06-18
 starsCathedralsCathedrals1WM1R7JCatedral Basílica de Nossa Senhora do Pilar - Sao Joao Del Rey, Brazil2007-06-29
 starsMinesMines1WM1YBWMina da Passagem - Mariana , Brazil2007-08-02
 starsOfficial Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions8WM1R5MTourism - Museu da Inconfidência2007-06-29
 starsRoman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches6WM1R7DIgreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo - Sao Joao Del Rey, Brazil2007-06-29
 starsTrain Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots1WM1R75Estação Ferroviária de Mariana, Mariana, Brazil2007-06-30
 starsWorld Heritage SitesWorld Heritage Sites2WM1R6XSanctuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas - Congonhas, Brazil2007-07-06
 starsWorldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries1WM1R5TCemiterio de São Francisco de Assis- Ouro Preto , Brazil2007-07-01

Pernambuco (7)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1WM1XPDMirante de Leao - Fernado de Noronha "Voce esta Aqui"2007-07-29
 stars1000 Places to See Before You Die1000 Places to See Before You Die1WM6X6HFernando do Noronha2009-08-04
 starsNational Parks of the WorldNational Parks of the World1WM1XP8Parque Nacional de Marinho - Fernando de Noronha - Pernambuco state, Brazil2007-07-29
 starsScenic OverlooksScenic Overlooks1WM1XPHDois Irmaos overlook - Fernando de Moronha National Park, Brazil2007-07-29
 starsSimulacraSimulacra1WM1XPNMorro de Pico - Fernando de Noronha, Brazil2007-07-29
 starsWikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries1WM1XP5Fernando de Noronha2007-07-30
  World Heritage SitesWorld Heritage Sites1---

Rio Grande do Norte (8)

 starsExceptional TreesExceptional Trees1WM1XNGLargest Cashew Tree in the World - Parnamirim, Brazil2007-07-28
 starsHistoric FortsHistoric Forts1WM1Z0YForte dos Reis Magos - Natal, Brazil2007-08-06
 starsOfficial Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions2WM1XYVTourism - Dunas de Genipabu2007-07-30
 starsPortuguese Inventory of Architectural PatrimonyPortuguese Inventory of Architectural Patrimony1WMKGQRForte dos Reis Magos - Natal, Brazil2014-04-12
 starsSuperlativesSuperlatives1WM1XN8LARGEST - Cashew tree in the world - Parnamirim, Brazil2007-07-28
 starsUnusual  SignsUnusual Signs1WM20A1It's Ski not Sky - Natal, Brazil2007-08-14
 starsWavy PlacesWavy Places1WM1XNYPraia de Pipa - Tibau do Sul, Brazil2007-07-28

Rio de Janeiro (444)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps3WM3MJ6Metro Gloria station "voce esta Aqui" - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 stars1000 Places to See Before You Die1000 Places to See Before You Die2WM6X68Copacabana Palace Hotel - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2009-08-04
 starsAbbeys, Convents and MonasteriesAbbeys, Convents and Monasteries1WM3Z1ZConvento do Carmo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-16
 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures10WM3N0VIBM abstract - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 starsAerial LiftsAerial Lifts2WM3MTXPao de Acucar - Station III to IV - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsAirportsAirports1WM3YMXSantos Dumond Airport - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-11
 starsAnchorsAnchors2WM3NAQRio de Janeiro Yacht Club Anchor - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-30
 starsAncient AqueductsAncient Aqueducts1WM1F59Arcos de Lapa - Rio de Janeiro2007-04-24
 starsAntique HotelsAntique Hotels2WM3MHZHotel Gloria - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-27
 starsApplebee's RestaurantsApplebee's Restaurants1WM5CH6Applebee's - NYC Center - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-12-18
 starsArt MuseumsArt Museums2WM1F80Museu Nacional de Belas Artes - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-25
 starsArt VehiclesArt Vehicles1WM3NA5Graffiti VW Bus - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-26
 starsBaroque ArchitectureBaroque Architecture1WM6H34Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelaria - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2009-06-04
 starsBeachesBeaches4WM2ZEKPraia do Pouso de Cajaiba - Paraty, Brazil2008-01-15
 starsBicycle ShopsBicycle Shops1WM3NF7Pinarello - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsBlood Donation CentersBlood Donation Centers1WM3NC1Hemorio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-30
 starsBookcrossing ZonesBookcrossing Zones2WMDQAZBarrashopping - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2012-02-14
 starsBorder CrossingsBorder Crossings1WM1F63Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo state border2007-04-24
 starsCapitol BuildingsCapitol Buildings1WM1F3RAssembléia Legislativa do Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-24
 starsCathedralsCathedrals4WM3NB2Catedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro2008-04-25
 starsCity and Town HallsCity and Town Halls1WM3YN9Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-16
 starsCityscapesCityscapes2WM1F5FRio de Janeiro from Corcovado2007-04-24
 starsCoin Operated Children's RidesCoin Operated Children's Rides15WM3NEZBoat - Galeria Catete 228 - Rio de Janeiro , Brazil2008-04-26
 starsConcert HallsConcert Halls1WM1CZMTeatro Municipal - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-08
 starsCourthousesCourthouses1WM3NBDTribunal da Justica de Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-08
 starsDance ClubsDance Clubs1WM3MD8Discoteca Help - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-05-19
 starsDead Poets' Society MemorialsDead Poets' Society Memorials3WM1F32Carlos Drummond de Andrade2007-04-24
 starsDiplomatic MissionsDiplomatic Missions22WM3MWCConsulate General of Egypt in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 starsDomino's PizzaDomino's Pizza6WM3NA9Domino's - Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsEpic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures1WM3NMTMermaid - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsEquestrian StatuesEquestrian Statues6WM1F2ZManuel Luís Osório2007-04-24
 starsEternal FlamesEternal Flames1WM3YNVUnknown Soldier flame - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-09
 starsExact ReplicasExact Replicas1WM1D9DStatue of Liberty - Barra Shopping mall - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-10
 starsExtraterrestrial LocationsExtraterrestrial Locations2WM44AQJose de Alencar - Alencar Crater - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-07-05
 starsFIFA World Cup VenuesFIFA World Cup Venues1WM4AMQMaracana Stadium - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-07-30
 starsFamous FiresFamous Fires1WM40EQMuseu Arte Moderna - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-17
 starsFarmers' MarketsFarmers' Markets1WM3MRBGloria Organic Farmer's Market - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-27
 starsFigurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture22WM3NAKMan fighting Cat - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsFountainsFountains7WM3NB9Largo do Machado fountain - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-26
 starsGates of DistinctionGates of Distinction4WM3NBHRua do Russel gate - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-26
 starsGeorge WashingtonGeorge Washington1WM3YTBGeorge Washington bronze medallion - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-16
 starsGiants of CommerceGiants of Commerce1WM3MDFPetrobras Parrot - Nova Iguacu, Brazil2008-04-27
 starsGinormous Everyday ObjectsGinormous Everyday Objects1WM1FV7125 ft Jesus2007-04-29
 starsGraffitiGraffiti7WM3N7PMonster and skeleton - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-05-19
 starsGrave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person1WM3NG4Luís Alves de Lima e Silva (Duque de Caxias) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsGreat Buildings of the WorldGreat Buildings of the World1WM3Z2YMinistry of Education - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-10
 starsGuest BooksGuest Books2WM3YJ1FEB Museu guestbook - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-11
 starsHard Rock CafeHard Rock Cafe1WM3YMJHard Rock Cafe - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-08
 starsHelicopter Landing PadsHelicopter Landing Pads1WM3NRHPao de Acucar helipad - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-27
 starsHighway Rest AreasHighway Rest Areas1WM3NBRGraal Embaixador - BR116 - Resende, Brazil2008-04-29
 starsHistory MuseumsHistory Museums7WM1F4EMuseu Nacional - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-24
 starsHospitalsHospitals1WM3YMPInstituto Nacional de Cancer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-13
 starsImmortalized in LyricsImmortalized in Lyrics1WM1F67Ipanema - "The Girl from Ipanema"2007-04-24
 starsIndependent BookstoresIndependent Bookstores4WM3ME5Livraria Kosmos - - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-27
 starsIndependent Cigar ShopsIndependent Cigar Shops2WM3NE1Gryphus - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-26
 starsIndoor MallsIndoor Malls4WM3NEGShopping Praia Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsInfamous Crime ScenesInfamous Crime Scenes1WM1D38Candelaria massacre2007-04-09
 starsJames Bond - 007James Bond - 0071WM5HBPSugarloaf Mountain - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2009-01-09
 starsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants3WM3N2BKFC - Nossa Senhora da Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 starsLibrariesLibraries2WM1D0XBiblioteca Nacional - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-08
 starsLifeboats and Rescue StationsLifeboats and Rescue Stations1WM3NGABrazilian Navy rescue station - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-29
 starsLion StatuesLion Statues4WM1F3CHotel Novo Mundo Lion2007-04-24
 starsLiterary SitesLiterary Sites1WM1FZMLiterature - Teatro Municipal de Rio de Janeiro - "O Xangô de Baker Street"2007-06-08
 starsLive Stage TheatersLive Stage Theaters1WM3MVPTeatro Gloria - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-29
 starsLiving StatuesLiving Statues1WM3YJAHilderaldo Luiz Bellini - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-09
 starsLucky 7Lucky 75WM40F3Praca XV Lucky 7 - Rio de Janiero, Brazil2008-06-17
 starsMan-made WaterfallsMan-made Waterfalls1WM3YV8Citta America waterfall fountain - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-10
 starsMasonic TemplesMasonic Temples1WM3Z1EGrande Oriente do Brasil - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-15
 starsMaster Architects - International StyleMaster Architects - International Style3WM1F5TOscar Neimeyer - Museu de Arte Contemporanea- Niteroi, Brazil2007-04-24
 starsMcDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants25WM3MT7McDonalds - Copacabana Beach - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-24
 starsMilitary Ground Equipment DisplaysMilitary Ground Equipment Displays1WM3YPMWWII era Jeep - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-13
 starsMilitary InstallationsMilitary Installations1WM3NANEscola de Guerra Naval - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-05-07
 starsMilitary Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned)Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned)1WM3PNVSubmarine Riachuelo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-05-06
 starsModern Olympic VenuesModern Olympic Venues3WMRD53Sambadorme - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2016-08-05
 starsMonarchs of the WorldMonarchs of the World5WM1F44Maria Leopoldina of Austria2007-04-24
 starsMonopoly in the Real WorldMonopoly in the Real World7WM3M7KAv Atlantica (Brazilian Edition) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsMountain SummitsMountain Summits1WM3N0QPao de Acucar - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-05-04
 starsMovie LocationsMovie Locations6WM1D9HChrist the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro) - "The Amazing Race"2007-04-10
 starsMunicipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas10WM3MX9Parque Garota da Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 starsMuralsMurals5WM3NB8Tree Mural - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsMusical InstrumentsMusical Instruments1WM1D9AHard Rock Cafe Rio Guitar2007-04-10
 starsMusician StatuesMusician Statues3WM3MENFrédéric Chopin - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-27
 starsNatural/Organic Food StoresNatural/Organic Food Stores1WM3NB4Mundo Verde (centro) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsNautical Flag PolesNautical Flag Poles5WM3NAXGuanabara Sailing Club flag pole - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsNeon SignsNeon Signs4WM3MKVDomsat - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 starsNews Article LocationsNews Article Locations2WM1D9M"900 lie on beach path to protest Rio violence"2007-04-10
 starsNewspaper HeadquartersNewspaper Headquarters1WM3YNNO Globo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-10
 starsNewstands / NewsagenciesNewstands / Newsagencies8WM3N2MBanca do Blues - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 starsNon-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials1WM3NF8Soldiers' Memorial - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsObelisksObelisks2WM3NBAAvenida Central Obelisk - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsOdd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings1WM3NB1Catedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsOfficial Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions10WM1D0FTourism - Catete Palace2007-04-08
 starsPayphonesPayphones6WM3MD1Copacabana Palace payphone - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-26
 starsPermanent Car DisplaysPermanent Car Displays1WM457GWWII era Jeep - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-07-09
 starsPhilatelic PhotographsPhilatelic Photographs2WM3YTWArcos da Lapa - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-10
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now7WM1F60Praca XV de Novembro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-24
 starsPizza Hut RestaurantsPizza Hut Restaurants2WM3YMDPizza Hut - Barra Shopping - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-08
 starsPolice StationsPolice Stations2WM3NE0Largo da Carioca policia militar hut - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsProfessional Sports VenuesProfessional Sports Venues1WMRD51Maracana Stadium - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2016-06-12
 starsPublic Funiculars and Incline RailwaysPublic Funiculars and Incline Railways1WM3MDPFunicular Outeiro da Glória - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-26
 starsPublic PlaygroundsPublic Playgrounds4WM3MR3Largo do Machado playground - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 starsPublicly Held Corporation HeadquartersPublicly Held Corporation Headquarters2WM3NB7Petrobras - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsRecommended AccommodationRecommended Accommodation1WM3MD6The Golden Park Hotel - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsRoman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches5WM3NAZCatedral Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro2008-04-26
 starsRonald McDonald HousesRonald McDonald Houses1WM3YNKCasa Ronald McDonald - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-17
 starsRotary International MarkersRotary International Markers2WM5XJ0Maracana Monument - Rio de Janerio, Brazil2009-02-25
 starsSailing and Yacht ClubsSailing and Yacht Clubs1WM1F3PIate Clube de Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-24
 starsSatellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities2WM6VTAChrist the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2009-07-25
 starsScenic Boat RidesScenic Boat Rides1WM3YTVRebocador Laurindo Pitta boat ride - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-17
 starsScenic HikesScenic Hikes1WM1F3HPao de Acucar Hike - Rio de Janeiro2007-04-24
 starsScience MuseumsScience Museums1WM3N29Museu das Ciencias da Terra - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-29
 starsScouts Monuments and MemorialsScouts Monuments and Memorials1WMB59VO Escoteiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2011-05-03
 starsSit-by-me StatuesSit-by-me Statues2WM1F35Carlos Drummond de Andrade2007-04-24
 starsSkateparksSkateparks2WM3YHKBotafogo Skate Park - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-10
 starsSkyscrapersSkyscrapers2WM1F3ECentro Candido Mendes2007-04-24
 starsSolar PowerSolar Power1WM3YTXSolar Power utility box - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-11
 starsSpecific Veteran MemorialsSpecific Veteran Memorials1WM3YX3Francisco Manuel Barroso da Silva - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-17
 starsStatic Aircraft DisplaysStatic Aircraft Displays1WM3PP0Helicóptero Rei do Mar - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-11
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays2WM3YQVKrupp 8mm anti-aircraft C55 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-14
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures42WM1F3YPedro II of Brazil2007-04-24
 starsStatues of LibertyStatues of Liberty1WM5166Statue of Liberty - Barra Shopping mall - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-10-25
 starsSteakhousesSteakhouses2WM3YKXOutback Steakhouse - Barra Shopping - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-10
 starsSubway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants2WM3N0MSubway -Voluntarios da Patria - Rio de Janeiro , Brazil2008-04-24
 starsSushi RestaurantsSushi Restaurants2WM3YZYPlaneta Sushi - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-16
 starsTGI Friday's RestaurantsTGI Friday's Restaurants1WM4Z99TGI Friday's - New York City Center - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-10-17
 starsThis Old ChurchThis Old Church3WM3PMVIgreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelaria - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-30
 starsTime CapsulesTime Capsules1WM3YKKBandeirantes time capsule - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-10
 starsTopiariesTopiaries2WM1F7ACoelho de Pascoa - Rio de Janeiro2007-04-25
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks6WM3N1ZLargo da Carioca clock - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-23
 starsTrain Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots1WM1F5YEstrada de Ferro Central do Brasil - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-24
 starsTruck StopsTruck Stops1WM3YT9Shell Truck Stop -BR116 - Nova Iguacu, Brazil2008-06-11
 starsVintage Movie TheatersVintage Movie Theaters2WM3NEKCine Odeon - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-30
 starsWAL*MART StoresWAL*MART Stores1WM3YRVWalmart Supercenter - Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-12
 starsWar and Military MuseumsWar and Military Museums1WM3NECMuseu Naval - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-04-24
 starsWaterfallsWaterfalls1WM2ZEQCahoeira de Cajaiba - Paraty, Brazil2008-01-17
 starsWikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries10WM1FVCChrist the Redeemer (statue)2007-04-29
 starsWorld War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1WM3YVXPraca Maua WWI Monument - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-15
 starsWorld War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments1WM1CZGMonument to the Soldiers Killed in World War II - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2007-04-08
 starsYMCA / YWCAYMCA / YWCA1WM3Z80Associação Cristã de Moços - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2008-06-09

São Paulo (4445)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps95WM1Q40Parque Ecológico do Tietê's 'Voce Esta Aqui' - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-21
 stars1000 Places to See Before You Die1000 Places to See Before You Die3WMDAHGMaracana Stadium - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2012-03-10
 stars3 Dimensional Art3 Dimensional Art3WM554MMega Fabrica - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-11-12
 stars666 Sightings666 Sightings4WM257VRua Joaquim Floriano, 666 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-07
 stars9/11 Memorial Sites9/11 Memorial Sites1WM2HT29/11 memorial - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-12
 starsA.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting StationsA.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations4WM1722"Radio Gazeta AM 890 - A indentidade de Sao Paulo" Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-06
 starsAbandoned Dead VehiclesAbandoned Dead Vehicles2WM32Z8Carapicuiba dead car - Carapicuiba, Brazil2008-02-04
 starsAbbeys, Convents and MonasteriesAbbeys, Convents and Monasteries3WM198GMosteiro da Luz - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-02
 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures86WM171ZO Caixeiro2007-02-06
 starsActive Rail LocationsActive Rail Locations1WM3DYEThe trains at Estacao da Luz - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-03-29
 starsAirportsAirports4WM18YZCongonhas International Airport - São Paulo, Brazil2007-02-27
 starsAll Things Star WarsAll Things Star Wars2WM1DN9Star Wars pinball machine2007-04-14
 starsAmusement ParksAmusement Parks2WM19F1Play Center - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-04
 starsAnchorsAnchors4WM19YFMarques de Tamandaré anchor2007-03-10
 starsAnglican and Episcopal ChurchesAnglican and Episcopal Churches1WMDAHNParoquia Anglicana de Sao Joao - Sao Paulo, Brazil2011-12-16
 starsAnimal HospitalsAnimal Hospitals17WM170JCountry Pet shop e veterinaria2007-02-06
 starsAntique ShopsAntique Shops24WM18Z6Fernando Motta - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-27
 starsApple StoresApple Stores1WM101JFApple - Shopping Morumbi - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-03-03
 starsApplebee's RestaurantsApplebee's Restaurants4WM5AZ6Applebee's - Shopping Morumbi - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-12-17
 starsArboretumsArboretums1WM1ZTVArboreto - Jardim Botanico - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-12
 starsArch BridgesArch Bridges7WM26RWParque Ibirapuera bridge - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-13
 starsArt Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau2WM1KVVMarian Palace Hotel - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-28
 starsArt GalleriesArt Galleries25WM1TYTFenix - Embu, Brazil2007-07-09
 starsArt MuseumsArt Museums6WM15NNMuseu de Arte de Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-01-23
 starsArt VehiclesArt Vehicles4WM1QQZDrive-In Car - Carapicuiba, Brazil2007-06-25
 starsArtificial Climbing WallsArtificial Climbing Walls1WMDJ3GOutdoor Climbing Wall at Competition Oscar Freire - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-19
 starsArtistic Bus SheltersArtistic Bus Shelters1WM10265Beach Mural - Sao Sebastiao, Brazil2019-05-22
 starsArtistic Neon LightsArtistic Neon Lights1WM1PVMItau sign - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-20
 starsArtistic SeatingArtistic Seating3WMDJ2ZMosaic Bench - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-26
 starsArtistically Decorated Utility BoxesArtistically Decorated Utility Boxes10WM6TC4Face - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-25
 starsAssembly of God ChurchesAssembly of God Churches6WMDHYWAssembleia de Deus - Ipiranga - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-28
 starsAuction HousesAuction Houses3WMDJ3WCia Paulista de Leilaos -Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-01
 starsAviariesAviaries1WMDJ5RCemiterio Gethsemani Aviary - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-26
 starsBandshellsBandshells2WM43Q5Caieiras Plaza bandstand - Caieiras, Brazil2008-07-05
 starsBarber PolesBarber Poles6WMDHXKBarbearia 9 de Julho Barber Pole - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-26
 starsBeachesBeaches17WM2KXGPraia das Astúrias - Guaruja, Brazil2007-11-18
 starsBeatlemania!Beatlemania!1WM1KDPBeatles on "Divina Comédia" - Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil2007-05-26
 starsBed and BreakfastBed and Breakfast1WM1N9NMaranata - Paranapiacaba, Brazil2007-06-07
 starsBell TowersBell Towers4WM6W1VPraca da Se Bell Tower - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-30
 starsBellsBells7WM18E1Marco da Paz bell - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-22
 starsBest Burgers in TownBest Burgers in Town3WMDJ3HFrank Phillips - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-31
 starsBest Kept SecretsBest Kept Secrets1WM426PDictatorship plaque - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-06-26
 starsBicycle RentalsBicycle Rentals13WMDGDGItagua Bikes - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-02-06
 starsBicycle ShopsBicycle Shops8WM194ESports Star Bikes - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-01
 starsBicycle TendersBicycle Tenders2WM45A2Centro Cultural hanging bike rack - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-07-09
 starsBloggersBloggers1WM1HAWSaopaulo1's Myspace Blog2007-06-04
 starsBookcrossing ZonesBookcrossing Zones52WM1BGZBanco de onibus (Rua Augusta ) - , Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-25
 starsBotanical GardensBotanical Gardens2WM1N2NJardim Botanico de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-08
 starsBottle SculpturesBottle Sculptures1WMDG83Bottle Turtle - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-02-22
 starsBowling CentresBowling Centres4WM1NGNDragon Bowling (ABC Plaza) - Santo Andre, Brazil2007-06-09
 starsBreweriesBreweries1WM3Z2RCrystal brewery - Lorena, Brazil2008-06-18
 starsBrewpubsBrewpubs2WM1JK8Ceverjaria Devassa - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-20
 starsBubble Tea aka BobaBubble Tea aka Boba1WM101TRBubble kill - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-03-03
 starsBuddhist Temples and Public ShrinesBuddhist Temples and Public Shrines4WM3PM8 Busshinji Temple - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-30
 starsBuffet RestaurantsBuffet Restaurants11WMDJ4PBovinus Fast Grill - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-26
 starsBuilding BuildingsBuilding Buildings30WM160YVilla Jardim Apartment Complex (Sao Paulo, Brazil)2007-01-27
 starsBurger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants36WM19GNBurger King - Av Santo Amaro - Sao Paulo,Brazil2007-03-05
 starsBurger Shops - Regional ChainsBurger Shops - Regional Chains11WMDFV3Bob's Burger - Shopping Grand Plaza - Santo Andre, Brazil2012-01-18
 starsBus StationsBus Stations8WMDFWZTerminal Rodoviario Nicolau Delic - Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil2012-01-12
 starsCampgroundsCampgrounds3WM1TVVCamping Vidamansa - Sao Sebastiao, Brazil2007-07-09
 starsCandy StoresCandy Stores37WM18R3Kopenhagen (Rua Augusta) - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-25
 starsCanoe/Kayak TripsCanoe/Kayak Trips1WMDG7QKayaking Praia Enseada - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-01-30
 starsCapitol BuildingsCapitol Buildings1WM15W1Assembléia Legislativa de São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-01-25
 starsCar Part SculpturesCar Part Sculptures4WM22QDDon Quixote - Osasco, Brazil2007-08-25
 starsCarillonCarillon1WM6TC3Banco Real Carillon - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-26
 starsCarl's Jr./Hardee's RestaurantsCarl's Jr./Hardee's Restaurants1WM101A7Carl's Jr - Terminal 3 Guarulhos International Airport - Guarulhos, Brazil2019-03-04
 starsCarouselsCarousels2WM3K0ZShopping West Plaza carousel - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-05-03
 starsCathedralsCathedrals9WM1HWFCatedral de Se - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-14
 starsCelebrity HangoutsCelebrity Hangouts2WM1HXETato Gabus' Pao de Acucar supermarket2007-05-14
 starsCemetery ChapelsCemetery Chapels1WM101A8Cemiterio Municipal Chapel - Bertioga, Brazil2019-06-04
 starsChildren's GardensChildren's Gardens1WM1K8DCentro de Educacao Ambiental - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-26
 starsChili's RestaurantsChili's Restaurants1WMDJ95Chili's - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-23
 starsChinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants7WM2MK8Taizan - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-22
 starsChristian CrossesChristian Crosses9WM1QJHCarapicuiba Cross- Carapicuiba, Brazil2007-06-25
 starsChristmas StoresChristmas Stores3WM2NMPChristmas World - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-26
 starsChurchyard CemeteriesChurchyard Cemeteries1WM3KQWCemiterio Bom Jesus Paranapiacaba - Paranapiacab, Brazil2008-04-30
 starsChurchyard CrossesChurchyard Crosses1WM44C2Igreja Nossa Senhora do Brasil cross - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-07-05
 starsCitizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials13WMDHYMAdoniran Barbosa - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-09
 starsCity and Town HallsCity and Town Halls30WM18DQSao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-22
 starsCityscapesCityscapes8WM18DFSao Paulo, Brazil from the Edificio Italia2007-02-22
 starsClassic BBQ and Sandwich JointsClassic BBQ and Sandwich Joints2WM191ERodeio - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-28
 starsCoastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses1WMDGAXUbatuba Lighthouse - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-01-18
 starsCoats of ArmsCoats of Arms3WMDGCMUbatuba Coat of Arms - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-02-09
 starsCoffee Shops - Regional ChainsCoffee Shops - Regional Chains1WMDPGEVanilla Caffe -Al Itu - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-18
 starsCoin Operated Children's RidesCoin Operated Children's Rides14WM3J4XRacing motorcycles - Shopping Ibirapuera - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-11
 starsCoin-Operated Fortune Telling MachinesCoin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines1WM3CV0Zolda, the Gypsy - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-03-18
 starsComic Book ShopsComic Book Shops2WMDHXHRika - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-27
 starsCommercial CommemorationsCommercial Commemorations1WMDJD2Sao Paulo Metro - 10 Years - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-11
 starsCommercial Fishing PortsCommercial Fishing Ports1WMT60RIlha Dos Pescadores - Ubatuba, Brazil2016-10-18
 starsCommunity CommemorationCommunity Commemoration5WMDJDQ500 anos do descobrimento do Brasil - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-08
 starsCommunity GardensCommunity Gardens1WM2KRZBixiga community garden - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-21
 starsCompass RosesCompass Roses6WM1B1BPraca de Se compass - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-20
 starsConcert HallsConcert Halls2WM18DPTeatro Municipal - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-22
 starsConvention CentersConvention Centers4WM2FFTParque Anhembi - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-10-25
 starsConverted FountainsConverted Fountains5WM1K7FParque Vila Lobos Plant Fountain - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-31
 starsCoordinate PalindromesCoordinate Palindromes1WM1PBBAv Dr Francisco Mesquita Palindrome - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-13
 starsCountry ChurchesCountry Churches1WM382BEstrada do Pico Agudo church - Salesopolis, Brazil2008-03-05
 starsCourthousesCourthouses12WM1FK3Tribunal Regional Federal da 3ª Região - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-04-28
 starsDance ClubsDance Clubs12WM1HWMO Caipirao - Embu, Brazil2007-05-15
 starsDated Architectural Structures MultifariousDated Architectural Structures Multifarious3WM101T1Estacao Vila Prudente - 2010 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-05-28
 starsDated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones8WM6W261884 - Downtown Building - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-30
 starsDead Poets' Society MemorialsDead Poets' Society Memorials11WM1EVHÁlvares de Azevedo2007-04-22
 starsDedicated TreesDedicated Trees1WM101YXCarlos Marichella - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-03-04
 starsDevilish LocationsDevilish Locations1WM194NVale de Anhangabaú 2007-03-01
 starsDiners, Drive-ins, and DivesDiners, Drive-ins, and Dives1WM6W27Bar do Mane - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-08-02
 starsDinosaur StatuesDinosaur Statues3WM28ZTVelociraptor - Aquario de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-24
 starsDiplomatic MissionsDiplomatic Missions56WM2V17Consulate General of Italy in Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-12-23
 starsDirection and Distance ArrowsDirection and Distance Arrows1WM2NNCInstituto Butantan directional arrows - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-12-02
 starsDisaster MemorialsDisaster Memorials3WM1Z1FMemorial de Massacre Armenio - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-06
 starsDockside RestaurantsDockside Restaurants2WM1026HGiselle - Sao Sebastiao, Brazil2019-06-10
 starsDog Friendly HotelsDog Friendly Hotels1WM1BGNComfort Suites Oscar Freire2007-03-25
 starsDog StatuesDog Statues2WM1HG7Adolpho Bloch and his dog - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-12
 starsDog-Friendly RestaurantsDog-Friendly Restaurants4WM1KKJBienal Boulangerie - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-29
 starsDollar StoresDollar Stores3WM1NH4Baratotal - Santo Andre, Brazil2007-06-09
 starsDomes of the (Under) WorldDomes of the (Under) World1WMDHYTSe Cathedral Dome - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-10
 starsDomino's PizzaDomino's Pizza5WM260HDomino's - Alameda Santos - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-10
 starsDoorways of the WorldDoorways of the World7WM171PSão Luiz Gonzaga Parish - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-06
 starsDraw WellsDraw Wells1WM1020PWell - Bertioga, Brazil2019-05-27
 starsE85 Fuel PumpsE85 Fuel Pumps1WMDJ0KShell R. João Antônio de Oliveira - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-01
 starsElevated Everyday ObjectsElevated Everyday Objects1WM3R3CSoccer Ball - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-06-16
 starsElevation SignsElevation Signs6WM27PTFranco da Rocha, Brazil - 723 m2007-09-18
 starsElvisElvis2WM22P4Elvis Presley's star replica - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-25
 starsEngrish SignsEngrish Signs3WMC3J6No Potograph - Sao Paulo, Brazil2011-07-20
 starsEpic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures6WM3NMNVitoria - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-26
 starsEquestrian StatuesEquestrian Statues2WM198YBandeirantes2007-03-02
 starsEtched in StoneEtched in Stone1WMDJ8PBandeirantes Monument - De Almeida and Ricardo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-10
 starsEternal FlamesEternal Flames1WM257ZMonumento da Independencia Flame - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-06
 starsExact ReplicasExact Replicas11WM2247Statue of Liberty - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-22
 starsExtraterrestrial LocationsExtraterrestrial Locations5WM43QVJohann Wolfgang von Goethe - Goeth Basin - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-07-04
 starsFIFA World Cup VenuesFIFA World Cup Venues2WM4CJ3Morumbi Stadium - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-08-06
 starsFamous Fictional FiguresFamous Fictional Figures1WMDFXEDon Quixote - Osasco, Brazil2012-02-09
 starsFamous FiresFamous Fires3WM1R3RJoelma Fire - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-28
 starsFerries and Ferry LandingsFerries and Ferry Landings2WM16X5Ilhabela - Sao Sebastiao ferry (Brazil)2007-02-05
 starsFerris WheelsFerris Wheels1WM3N89Playcenter Ferris Wheel - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-24
 starsFestivalsFestivals1WM3XZGEsquinas de Brasil - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-06-20
 starsFiberglass HorsesFiberglass Horses2WM2FT9Golden Horse horse - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-12-10
 starsFigurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture84WM1H8PHomanagem ao Tango - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-10
 starsFire Fighting VehiclesFire Fighting Vehicles13WM1J6XPolicia Militar fire truck - Sao Paulo2007-05-17
 starsFirefighter MemorialsFirefighter Memorials2WM3DC4Santos Firefghters memorial - Santos, Brazil2008-03-24
 starsFirehousesFirehouses13WM18EZCorpo de Bombeiros 1rst GB Consolacao2007-02-22
 starsFireworks DisplaysFireworks Displays2WM3K0WNew Years Eve on Avenida Paulista - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-29
 starsFireworks TreesFireworks Trees1WM4F41Jundiai fireworks tree - Jundiai, Brazil2008-08-15
 starsFirst of its KindFirst of its Kind8WM1N3BFIRST - Archbishop of Sao Paulo2007-06-06
 starsFishing HolesFishing Holes4WM1T69Praia das Asturias fishing spot - Guaruja, Brazil2007-07-05
 starsFitness TrailsFitness Trails2WM3D4VParque Ibirapuera fitness path - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-03-18
 starsFlags of OrganizationsFlags of Organizations2WMDJ9GRenaissance Hotels - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-01
 starsFlags of the WorldFlags of the World2WM101TMMemorial da America Latina Flags - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-06-02
 starsFlatironsFlatirons2WM3PVQFlat Iron - Downtown - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-05-04
 starsFlea MarketsFlea Markets4WM2CHAMASP antiques flea market - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-10-11
 starsFlora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs5WM101ZBJeriva - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-05-25
 starsFormer SchoolsFormer Schools2WM16XDChapel School,Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-05
 starsFountainsFountains110WM15V5Parque Ibirapuera Lagoon Fountains2007-01-25
 starsFree Community Book ExchangesFree Community Book Exchanges1WM101GXPonto da Leitura - Sao Sebastiao, Brazil2019-05-18
 starsFree For Your BirthdayFree For Your Birthday1WM1QQ0Pena Don Fernando - Carapicuiba, Brazil2007-06-25
 starsFreestanding ArchesFreestanding Arches4WM2JT3Torii, portal de Liberdade - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-13
 starsFrieze ArtFrieze Art1WM6W1WSecretaria da Justica - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-30
 starsFuneral HomesFuneral Homes1WMDG8FFuneraria Litoranea - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-02-23
 starsGarage Door ArtGarage Door Art7WM1M9ALone Tree2007-06-02
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras3WM1KWKTeatro Municipal gargoyles - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-28
 starsGates of DistinctionGates of Distinction6WM19YRGaleria Antonio Meneghetti - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-10
 starsGazebosGazebos9WM4YNKParque da Luz Gazebo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-10-14
 starsGeocaching Tour GuidesGeocaching Tour Guides1WM1DNGSaopaulo1's Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-04-14
 starsGeographic High PointsGeographic High Points1WM3479Highest point in Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-02-25
 starsGeographical CentersGeographical Centers5WM1948Marco Zero - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-01
 starsGhost SignsGhost Signs1WM2JWXDrogaria Farto - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-13
 starsGhosts and HauntingsGhosts and Hauntings1WM1NZXHaunted - Sao Paulo's city Council - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-12
 starsGiant Board GamesGiant Board Games1WM223BLudus Chess board - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-25
 starsGiants of CommerceGiants of Commerce4WM3K12Jurassic Buffet Dino - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsGinormous Everyday ObjectsGinormous Everyday Objects3WM1TX8Giant Pencil - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-07-09
 starsGluten Free RestaurantsGluten Free Restaurants1WM2JX9Outback Steakhouse (Shopping Center Norte) - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-13
 starsGoogie ArchitectureGoogie Architecture2WM22JACentro Cultural Grande Otelo - Osasco, Brazil2007-08-24
 starsGraffitiGraffiti96WM18F1Chicken,Guns and Bears2007-02-22
 starsGrand OpeningGrand Opening1WM101Z5Igreja Nossa Senhora do Brasil - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-06-01
 starsGrave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person15WM1882Jose Maria Lisboa - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-20
 starsGreat Lines of EarthGreat Lines of Earth1WMDGAETropic of Capricorn - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-02-03
 starsGreenhouses and NurseriesGreenhouses and Nurseries3WM1ZT5Estufas "Dr. Frederico Carlos Hoehne (right) - Sao Paulo Brazil2007-08-11
 starsGuest BooksGuest Books4WM1QHQCasa da Cultura Aldeia Carapicuiba - Carapicuiba, Brazil2007-06-25
 starsGuinness World RecordsGuinness World Records2WM1V82Largest Beach Front Garden - Santos, Brazil2007-07-11
 starsHaunted AttractionsHaunted Attractions1WM3N88Castelo dos Horrores - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsHelicopter Landing PadsHelicopter Landing Pads7WM3NR6Memorial da America Latina helipad - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-27
 starsHighway Rest AreasHighway Rest Areas3WM1T06Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 60 Rest Area - Cubatao, Brazil2007-07-05
 starsHiking Path FootbridgesHiking Path Footbridges1WM36WGParque Nascentes do Tiete bridge - Salesopolis, Brazil2008-02-25
 starsHindu TemplesHindu Temples1WM479NAdi Templo - Hare Krishna Temple - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-08-06
 starsHistoric EatsHistoric Eats1WMDHXFVioleta - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-08
 starsHistoric FortsHistoric Forts2WM39M9Fortaleza de Santo Amaro da Barra Grande - Guaruja, Brazil2008-03-03
 starsHistory MuseumsHistory Museums28WM174DMuseu Afro-Brasileiro (Sao Paulo, Brazil)2007-02-07
 starsHoliday DisplaysHoliday Displays14WM2KCGItau Holiday Dispay - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-15
 starsHomemade TombstonesHomemade Tombstones4WM2VCDAntonio Gilmar Barbosa de Melo - Cemiterio Sao Miguel Arcanjo - Santana de Parnaiba, Brazil.2007-12-29
 starsHooters RestaurantsHooters Restaurants2WMDJ7FHooters - Sao Paulo, Brazil (FORMER)2012-01-23
 starsHorse Racing TracksHorse Racing Tracks1WM1BD8Sao Paulo Jockey Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-24
 starsHospitalsHospitals27WM2VX4Hospital Vital Brasil - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-12-28
 starsHumane Societies and RescuesHumane Societies and Rescues1WM23WQCentro de Controle de Zoonoses de São Paulo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-31
 starsHumorous Combination BusinessesHumorous Combination Businesses3WM1RTZCafe Annyta - Embu, Brazil2007-07-03
 starsIMAX TheatersIMAX Theaters1WMDHVXShopping Bourbon Pompéia IMAX - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-25
 starsIce Cream ParlorsIce Cream Parlors38WM18QNHaagen-Dazs-Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-25
 starsIce Skating RinksIce Skating Rinks1WM257EPantinacao Ice Star Ice Rink - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-07
 starsIconic FactoriesIconic Factories2WM2RZGGeneral Motors - Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil2007-12-17
 starsImmortalized in LyricsImmortalized in Lyrics1WM18DKIpiranga e a Avenida São João - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-22
 starsIndependent Artist Supply StoresIndependent Artist Supply Stores2WM5MJ0Casa do Artista - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-01-23
 starsIndependent BakeriesIndependent Bakeries19WM1QVVXando Paulista Padaria & Restaurante - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-27
 starsIndependent BookstoresIndependent Bookstores9WM3AJCLivraria Teixeira - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-03-05
 starsIndependent Breakfast SpotsIndependent Breakfast Spots2WM1KKPBienal Boulangerie - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-27
 starsIndependent Cigar ShopsIndependent Cigar Shops18WM1TWZLenat Tabaco and Gifts - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-07-09
 starsIndependent Coffee ShopsIndependent Coffee Shops15WM18GRKaldi Cafe2007-02-23
 starsIndependent DinersIndependent Diners16WM1ND3The House - Casual Diner and Coffee - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-08
 starsIndependent Doughnut ShopsIndependent Doughnut Shops1WM22QBCafe Donuts - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-27
 starsIndependent Fish HousesIndependent Fish Houses7WM2AN8Salmon and Co. - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-10-03
 starsIndependent Hot Dog RestaurantsIndependent Hot Dog Restaurants6WM260VLoucos Por Dogs - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-10
 starsIndependent Movie Rental ShopsIndependent Movie Rental Shops27WM2NP0Ponto Doce - Sao Caetano do Sul, Brazil2007-11-26
 starsIndependent Music StoresIndependent Music Stores3WM191BToka CD's - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-28
 starsIndependent PharmaciesIndependent Pharmacies8WM6VVNDroga 2000 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-30
 starsIndependent Pizza RestaurantsIndependent Pizza Restaurants75WM18QTBendita Maria - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-25
 starsIndoor MallsIndoor Malls52WM171XShopping Top Center - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-06
 starsInfamous Crime ScenesInfamous Crime Scenes1WM1964Castelinho da rua Apa murders - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-02
 starsInline Hockey RinksInline Hockey Rinks1WM2NTYRoller Brothers - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-27
 starsInside AirportsInside Airports1WM8CD8Sao Paulo / Guarulhos International Airport - Guarulhos, Brazil2010-03-15
 starsInteresting Intersection NamesInteresting Intersection Names3WM257CAugusta, Estados Unidos2007-09-19
 starsInternet CafesInternet Cafes5WM18R4Cyber 64 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-25
 starsIt's All About TintinIt's All About Tintin1WM101Z6Tintin and Captain Haddock Mural - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-05-24
 starsJapanese GardensJapanese Gardens5WM194BLargo da Pólvora, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-01
 starsJapanese RestaurantsJapanese Restaurants6WMDHZ0Izakaya Issa - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-30
 starsJazz ClubsJazz Clubs3WM1NQEAll of Jazz - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-10
 starsJimmy BuffettJimmy Buffett1WM1029HMargaritaville - Terminal 3 Guarulhos International Airport - Guarulhos, Brazil2019-03-02
 starsJohnny RocketsJohnny Rockets4WM101TZJohnny Rockets - Shopping Center West Plaza - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-02-28
 starsJuice and Smoothie BarsJuice and Smoothie Bars11WM6W2HBolado's Sucos - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-30
 starsJunk Design HousesJunk Design Houses1WMDJ93Coca-Cola Building - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-03-12
 starsKaraoke BarsKaraoke Bars3WM1KJDMusical Show - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-27
 starsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants9WMDFWJKFC - Shopping Uniao - Osasco, Brazil2012-01-11
 starsLEED BuildingsLEED Buildings1WM101HPCiticenter - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-05-25
 starsLabyrinthsLabyrinths1WM4364Labirinto de Ervas de Cheiro - Jundiai, Brazil2008-07-05
 starsLandlocked LighthousesLandlocked Lighthouses1WM1N3EFarol de Sardenha lighthouse - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-06
 starsLatin American BenchmarksLatin American Benchmarks5WMWEBQV/RN 2793 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2017-08-23
 starsLawn BowlingLawn Bowling1WM31X7Clube da Cidade bocha court - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-01-28
 starsLetters on HillsLetters on Hills1WM2721Caieiras - Caieiras, Brazil2007-09-15
 starsLibrariesLibraries30WM18DTBiblioteca Municipal - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-22
 starsLion StatuesLion Statues26WM15TPParque Ibirapuera Leao - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-01-25
 starsLions Clubs International MarkersLions Clubs International Markers3WMDJ1TLions Club Monument - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-08
 starsLive Stage TheatersLive Stage Theaters10WM18R0Teatro Procópio Ferreira-Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-25
 starsLiving StatuesLiving Statues1WM101Y5Ademir Da Guia - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-05-26
 starsLocomotivesLocomotives3WM1BVQCompania Paulista covered steam engine2007-03-28
 starsLonely ChimneysLonely Chimneys1WM3QGMLuz Chimney - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-05-05
 starsLook-Out TowersLook-Out Towers2WM3KN4Paranapiacaba lookout tower - Paranapiacaba, Brazil2008-04-24
 starsLucky 7Lucky 719WM2CJ7Ibirapuera Park's Lucky 7 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-10-12
 starsLutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches1WM3NK2Igreja Martin Luther - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsMan-made WaterfallsMan-made Waterfalls9WM23BGPraca dos Encontros waterfall- Pirapora do Bom Jesus, Brazil2007-08-29
 starsMartial ArtsMartial Arts4WM19K2Academia Pamplona - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-06
 starsMasonic TemplesMasonic Temples6WM1QE0ARLS Forca Lealdade e Preseveranca, 319 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-24
 starsMaster Architects - International StyleMaster Architects - International Style13WM1BQZOscar Niemeyer - Edificio Copan- Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-27
 starsMausoleumsMausoleums2WM6WQVAliperti Family Mausoleum - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-30
 starsMcDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants151WM15NWRua Augusta - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-01-23
 starsMethodist ChurchesMethodist Churches2WMDAHMIgreja Metodista em Pinheiros - Sao Paulo, Brazil2011-12-17
 starsMexican RestaurantsMexican Restaurants11WM2EJKEl Kabongo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-10-23
 starsMilestonesMilestones1WM2T0HMarco Zero (Zero Milestone) - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-01-21
 starsMilitary InstallationsMilitary Installations3WM19F4Parque de Material Aeronáutico de São Paulo2007-03-04
 starsMiniature RailroadsMiniature Railroads2WM3NBTRio Grande Train - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-29
 starsModel Aircraft FieldsModel Aircraft Fields1WM4F43Clube Esportivo Municipal Modelodromo de Ibirapuera - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-08-15
 starsMom and Pop Rock ShopsMom and Pop Rock Shops2WM1J70Bijouterias Firmeza - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-17
 starsMonarchs of the WorldMonarchs of the World1WM1DQNMonarchs - Dom Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil- Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-04-14
 starsMonopoly in the Real WorldMonopoly in the Real World9WM2PZ3Avenida Paulista (Brazilian Edition) - Sao Paulo, Brazil 2007-12-04
 starsMormon TemplesMormon Temples1WM23KESao Paulo, Brazil temple2007-08-30
 starsMosaicsMosaics10WM554GCaieiras City Seal Mosaic - Caieiras, Brazil2008-11-12
 starsMosquesMosques3WM2Y4RMesquita do Bras - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-01-08
 starsMotor Vehicle MuseumsMotor Vehicle Museums2WM28ZDMuseu de Automovel de Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-24
 starsMotorcycle Sales/Service SitesMotorcycle Sales/Service Sites17WM3952Suzuki dealership - Guaruja, Brazil2008-03-03
 starsMountain SummitsMountain Summits1WM347NPico do Jaragua - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-02-07
 starsMovie LocationsMovie Locations13WM198ZCopan Building (Sao Paulo, Brazil) - "The Amazing Race"2007-03-02
 starsMunicipal FlagsMunicipal Flags9WM174ESao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-07
 starsMunicipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas80WM15VWParque Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-01-25
 starsMuralsMurals97WM1715Old Avenida Paulista - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-06
 starsMusical InstrumentsMusical Instruments4WM1K87Parque Villa Lobos musical chimes2007-05-25
 starsMusician StatuesMusician Statues6WM1954Giuseppe Verdi2007-03-01
 starsNames From the BibleNames From the Bible2WM19KNSao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-06
 starsNations Within NationsNations Within Nations1WM101ADReserva Indigena Rio Silveiras - Bertioga, Brazil2019-06-15
 starsNatural SpringsNatural Springs1WM36PXTiete Spring - Salesopolis, Brazil2008-02-20
 starsNatural/Organic Food StoresNatural/Organic Food Stores8WM3C2QTaya Emporio Organico - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-03-12
 starsNature CentersNature Centers2WM298MCentro de Educacao Ambiental - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-25
 starsNautical Flag PolesNautical Flag Poles4WM3D6TCentro Cultural de Marinha flag pole - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-03-18
 starsNeon SignsNeon Signs59WM2EJWGaleria Melissa - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-10-20
 starsNews Article LocationsNews Article Locations29WM19W5Clashes mar Bush's Latin America tour2007-03-09
 starsNewspaper HeadquartersNewspaper Headquarters5WM2RZWFolha de Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-12-18
 starsNewstands / NewsagenciesNewstands / Newsagencies349WM1ND6Farah's Bookshop - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-09
 starsNobel LaureatesNobel Laureates4WM2NMVMEDICINE: Paul Ehrlich 1908 - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL2007-11-27
 starsNon-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials2WM1KCFMogi das Cruzes memorial - Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil2007-05-28
 starsNoodle ShopsNoodle Shops2WM2JX2Aska - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-17
 starsNumismatic PhotographsNumismatic Photographs1WMDBF7Edificio Martinelli - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-11
 starsObelisksObelisks11WM1NJ6Obelisco da Memoria - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-09
 starsOccupational MonumentsOccupational Monuments1WMDGB6Homenagem ao Caiçara - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-02-07
 starsOccupational/Hobby Grave StonesOccupational/Hobby Grave Stones2WM1MJWPolicia Civil Grave - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-02
  Odd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings17---
 starsOddball MuseumsOddball Museums1WM2TG2Museum of the Portuguese Language - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-12-20
 starsOff-Leash Dog AreasOff-Leash Dog Areas3WM1C48Parque Buenos Aires Dog Park2007-03-31
 starsOfficial Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions76WM18HETourism - Copan Building - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-23
 starsOld TractorsOld Tractors2WM1KDNPraca Francisco de Mello Friere Tractor - Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil2007-05-26
 starsOmnivorous TreesOmnivorous Trees3WM6TBZAlameda Casa Branca Fence Eating Tree - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-26
 starsOrientation TablesOrientation Tables1WM3KNHParanpiacaba orientation map - Paranapiacaba, Brazil2008-04-28
 starsOrphaned BridgesOrphaned Bridges2WM1BQTPonte Torta - Jundiaí, Brazil2007-03-27
 starsOrthodox ChurchesOrthodox Churches2WM2NP2Catedral Metropolitana Ortodoxa de São Paulo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-26
 starsOut of Place GravesOut of Place Graves1WM15VRHeros of 1932 obelisk - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-01-25
 starsOutdoor AltarsOutdoor Altars1WMDPGZSanto Amaro Wayside Altar - Sao Paulo, Brazil2013-12-18
 starsOutdoor Basketball CourtsOutdoor Basketball Courts11WM19YPParque Ibirapuera Court - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-10
 starsOutdoor Recreation StoresOutdoor Recreation Stores5WM1BVWCremones - Jundiai, Brazil2007-03-28
 starsOutdoor StairwaysOutdoor Stairways2WM6GVMMonte Serrat stairway - Santos, Brazil2009-06-02
 starsOutdoor Stations of the CrossOutdoor Stations of the Cross1WM399FMonte Serrat stations of the cross - Santos, Brazil2008-03-03
 starsOutside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings1WM19F2Men on Horseback, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-04
 starsPainted HydrantsPainted Hydrants3WM18E3Hieroglyphics in Sao Paulo (Brazil)2007-02-22
 starsPainted MailboxesPainted Mailboxes1WM6WPZAv Dr Arnoldo Painted Mailbox - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-29
 starsParamedic StationsParamedic Stations3WM24WGCorpo de Bombeiro 1 GP / SAMU - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-04
 starsPayphonesPayphones44WM15TNAve. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-01-25
 starsPeace MemorialsPeace Memorials2WM554DPeace Memorial - Osasco, Brazil2008-11-12
 starsPeace PolesPeace Poles5WM193WLiberdade Peace Pole - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-01
 starsPedestrian Suspension BridgesPedestrian Suspension Bridges3WM224QCidade Jardim Suspension Bridge - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-22
 starsPeople-Named PlacesPeople-Named Places10WM2XQNBiblioteca Municipal Monteiro Lobato - Osasco, Brazil2008-01-06
 starsPermanent Car DisplaysPermanent Car Displays3WM457JSantos Dumond's Hearse - Guaruja, Brazil2008-07-09
 starsPermanent Geographic CoordinatesPermanent Geographic Coordinates7WM5CH7S 23 24' w 45 44' - Parque Estadual de Jaragua - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-12-18
 starsPet StoresPet Stores5WMDGEVCia dos Bichos - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-01-30
 starsPetrosomatoglyphsPetrosomatoglyphs7WM6TC6Paw prints on Alameda Casa Branca - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-25
 starsPhilatelic PhotographsPhilatelic Photographs1WM40Y9Mao - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-06-23
 starsPhoto CutoutsPhoto Cutouts1WM47DEParque Vila Lobos cutout - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-07-21
 starsPhoto GoalsPhoto Goals5WM2BZGFind a comic foreground and take a photo2007-10-15
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now38WM1963Nossa Senhora da Ajuda - Ilhabela, Brazil2007-03-02
 starsPicture Perfect PostcardsPicture Perfect Postcards1WM1979Avenida Paulista - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-02
 starsPiersPiers5WM1T7FPier Edemire de Matos Fernandes - Sao Vicente, Brazil2007-07-05
 starsPikachu SightingsPikachu Sightings4WM1BQPPikachu in Jundiai, Brazil2007-03-27
 starsPizza Hut RestaurantsPizza Hut Restaurants22WM3AQRPizza Hut - Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos - Guarulhos, Brazil2008-03-07
 starsPlaces for RecyclingPlaces for Recycling7WM3R30DO - Parque Trianon - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-05-08
 starsPlane Crash SitesPlane Crash Sites3WM1K75TAM Linhas Aéreas Flight 402 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-25
 starsPlanetariumsPlanetariums2WM38EHPlanetario Muncipal - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-02-25
 starsPolice MemorialsPolice Memorials3WM1K89Parque Villa Lobos Police memorial - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-25
 starsPolice StationsPolice Stations62WM174JGuarda Civil Metropolitana - Base 3 - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-07
 starsPolitical RevolutionsPolitical Revolutions2WMDPEVSao Paulo Obelisk - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-10
 starsPre-Victorian Historic HomesPre-Victorian Historic Homes1WM3PVNSolar da Marquesa de Santos - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-05-04
 starsPreserved Architectural Remnants and RuinsPreserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins1WM3QHHArco do Presídio - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-05-05
 starsProfessional Sports VenuesProfessional Sports Venues3WM1AYGEstádio Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-19
 starsPublic AquariumsPublic Aquariums4WM1AGTAquário de São Paulo2007-03-15
 starsPublic Funiculars and Incline RailwaysPublic Funiculars and Incline Railways2WM349ZPico do Jaragua funicular - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-02-07
 starsPublic PlaygroundsPublic Playgrounds38WM174KIbirapuera Park Playground - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-07
 starsPublic Swimming PoolsPublic Swimming Pools2WM1XCWConjunto Aquático do Parque Ecológico do Tietê - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-07-26
 starsPublic and Private Golf CoursesPublic and Private Golf Courses1WM2573Sao Paulo Golf Club - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-07
 starsPublicly Held Corporation HeadquartersPublicly Held Corporation Headquarters6WM1BGVGrupo Pão de Açúcar - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-25
 starsPubs and InnsPubs and Inns4WM18R2O'Malley's - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-25
 starsPyramidsPyramids4WM1P0VRibeirao Pires Praca Pyramid - Ribeirao Pires, Brazil2007-06-13
 starsRacetracksRacetracks4WM1JJEModelodromo Racetrack - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-20
 starsRailroad BridgesRailroad Bridges6WM1M9BRua de Cantareira Overpass - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-01
 starsReadable From AboveReadable From Above3WMDFV7Terminal Rodoviario - Santo Andre, Brazil2012-01-17
 starsRealistic Object SculpturesRealistic Object Sculptures6WM298VBible - Franco da Rocha, Brazil2007-09-25
 starsRecommended AccommodationRecommended Accommodation1WM1XQ0Larimor Pousada - Sao Sebastiao Brazil2007-07-29
 starsRed Cross and Red Crescent MovementRed Cross and Red Crescent Movement1WM101A6Hospital da Cruz Vermelha - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-05-25
 starsRed Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes1WM3B22Brigadeiro Luis Antonio Red Telephone Box - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-03-07
 starsRelief Art SculpturesRelief Art Sculptures1WM64QQMonumento à Independência - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-04-08
 starsReligious Buildings MultifariousReligious Buildings Multifarious4WM1028GCongregação Cristã No Brasil - Sao Sebastiao, Brazil2019-05-22
 starsReligious FreedomReligious Freedom1WM101KPCatherine of Alexandria - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-05-31
 starsRelocated StructuresRelocated Structures3WM1K8EO Semeador - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-25
 starsRetired PrisonsRetired Prisons4WM1KWYPenitenciário do Carandiru - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-04
 starsRiver Origins, Destinations and ConfluencesRiver Origins, Destinations and Confluences3WM334MCONFLUENCE - Itaquiti Stream and River Barueri-Mirim - Barueri, Brazil2008-02-06
 starsRoller CoastersRoller Coasters3WM3N82Boomerange - Playcenter - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-25
 starsRoller Skating RinksRoller Skating Rinks1WM2NMDRoller Brothers - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-27
 starsRoman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches83WM1MZ7Paróquia de Nossa Senhora do Brasil - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-04
 starsRonald McDonald HousesRonald McDonald Houses1WM41YHCasa Ronald McDonald - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-07-08
 starsRose GardensRose Gardens2WM1B9PParque Ernesto Dias de Castro2007-03-23
 starsRotary International MarkersRotary International Markers22WM5XJMSao Miguel Paulista Monument - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-02-25
 starsSailing and Yacht ClubsSailing and Yacht Clubs1WM10283Iate Clube Barra do Una - Sao Sebastiao, Brazil2019-05-23
 starsSalvation Army LocationsSalvation Army Locations1WMDHZ7Exército de Salvação - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-02
 starsSatellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities6WM6VGJRotary International Roundabout - Barueri, Brazil2009-07-29
 starsScenic Boat RidesScenic Boat Rides2WMDG7VGalha Negra -Ubatuba, Brazil2012-02-24
 starsScenic HikesScenic Hikes3WM1MYBCaminho do Tiete Hike - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-04
 starsScenic OverlooksScenic Overlooks1WMDGECDowntown Mirante - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-02-05
 starsScenic Roadside Look-OutsScenic Roadside Look-Outs1WMDG7ZMirante Enseada - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-01-18
 starsScience MuseumsScience Museums7WM1750Ibirapuera Planetarium - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-07
 starsScouting HeadquartersScouting Headquarters1WM3BAXUnião dos Escoteiros do Brasil - Regiao Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-03-09
 starsScouts Monuments and MemorialsScouts Monuments and Memorials1WMDHY1Robert Stevenson Smith Baden Powell - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-26
 starsSculpture GardensSculpture Gardens2WM15VMMAM Jardim de Esculpturas, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-01-25
 starsSeventh-day Adventist ChurchesSeventh-day Adventist Churches4WM3PVVIgreja Adventista Do Setimo Dia Coreana - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-05-04
 starsSigns of HistorySigns of History16WM6W2CSao Bento Monastary Plaque - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-30
 starsSkateparksSkateparks12WM1MA0Parque Juventude Skate Park2007-05-31
 starsSkyscrapersSkyscrapers3WM18G5Edificio Italia, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-23
 starsSolar PowerSolar Power6WM2VEMSolar powered Christmas Tree - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-12-26
 starsSpace Invaders ArtSpace Invaders Art1WMR3PQSI- Avendia 9 de Julho - Sao Paulo, Brazil2016-05-09
 starsSpas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and SaunasSpas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and Saunas1WM1YAMLa Prairie - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-02
 starsSpecific Veteran MemorialsSpecific Veteran Memorials4WM1XD9Expedicionarios de Itaquaquecetuba memorial - Itaquaquecetuba,Brazil2007-07-27
 starsSphinx SculpturesSphinx Sculptures1WM19DYConsolacao Sphinx2007-03-04
 starsStained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows33WM1Y1NFarm scene - Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-07-30
 starsStarbucks StoresStarbucks Stores34WM19GQMorumbi Shopping2007-03-05
 starsState/Provincial ParksState/Provincial Parks3WM1MXDParque Ecológico do Tietê - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-04
 starsStatic Aircraft DisplaysStatic Aircraft Displays2WM1MA714 Bis plane - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-31
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays6WM1AGWCannon - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-15
 starsStatic Train CarsStatic Train Cars1WM5NH2Museu Municipal de Barueri Train - Barueri, Brazil2009-01-27
 starsStatues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures102WM15VYBandeirantes2007-01-25
 starsStatues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures8WM6W1NBenedict of Nursia - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-31
 starsSteakhousesSteakhouses14WM1K84Ponteio Grill - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-25
 starsStone Church ArtefactsStone Church Artefacts1WM1020WStone Basin - Bertioga, Brazil2019-05-27
 starsSubway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants64WM17QMAl. Santos Subway (Sao Paulo, Brazil)2007-02-14
 starsSuperlativesSuperlatives4WM1V80LARGEST - Beach Front Garden - Santos, Brazil2007-07-11
 starsSushi RestaurantsSushi Restaurants74WM17MXKanji - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-13
 starsSuspension BridgesSuspension Bridges3WM39H3Viaduto Estaiado - Cubatao, Brazil2008-03-04
 starsSwimming HolesSwimming Holes1WM1NCXGuarapiranga Park beach - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-08
 starsTGI Friday's RestaurantsTGI Friday's Restaurants6WM4Z98TGI Friday's - R. Rio Negro - Barueri, Brazil.2008-10-17
 starsTaco Bell RestaurantsTaco Bell Restaurants8WM101V8Taco Bell - Shopping Bourbom - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-02-28
 starsTakeout / Delivery MenusTakeout / Delivery Menus15WM1JAHLig Lig (Jardins) - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-18
 starsTattoo Shops/ParlorsTattoo Shops/Parlors23WM2AG3Scorpions Tattoo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-10-02
 starsTearooms and TeahousesTearooms and Teahouses1WMDJ4ETea Connection - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-25
 starsTelevision and Cable Broadcasting StationsTelevision and Cable Broadcasting Stations4WM19TMTV Gazeta, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-08
 starsTennis FacilitiesTennis Facilities2WM1QCYParque de Juventude Tennis Court - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-24
 starsThai RestaurantsThai Restaurants4WM61TKMesa Thai - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-04-02
 starsThe HolocaustThe Holocaust1WM6WNQCemiterio Israelita de Butanta Memorial - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-30
 starsThe Local Neighborhood GrocerThe Local Neighborhood Grocer3WMDGF0Mercadinho Pereque - Ubatuba, Brazil2012-01-26
 starsThe UndergroundThe Underground74WM6X14Consolacao Station - Sao Paulo Metro - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-31
 starsThemed Homemade MailboxesThemed Homemade Mailboxes2WM1TW3Cat mailbox - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-07-10
 starsThis Old ChurchThis Old Church1WM1BT6Catedral Nossa Senhora do Desterro - Jundiai, Brazil2007-03-27
 starsThrift StoresThrift Stores11WM1PV0Brecho Stylo Sem Grillo- Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-18
 starsTime CapsulesTime Capsules4WM2K6BCity of Poa time capsule - Poa, Brazil2007-11-14
 starsTime and Temperature SignsTime and Temperature Signs27WM6VXWAv. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio Temperature Sign - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-25
 starsTimelinesTimelines1WM1020TForte Sao Joao Timeline - 1500 to 1997 - Bertioga, Brazil2019-06-02
 starsTopiariesTopiaries2WM34XTHeart bush - Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Brazil2008-02-11
 starsTourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers23WM17QVAv Paulista Tourist Post - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-14
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks47WM18F5Correio Clock - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-22
 starsTrain Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots13WM198PEstação Júlio Prestes - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-02
 starsTrophies, Medals and CupsTrophies, Medals and Cups2WMDJDTTrofeu Jubileu de Diamante - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-01-24
 starsTruck StopsTruck Stops4WM1T03Rodovario de Imigrantes KM 35 truck stop - Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil2007-07-05
 starsTruss BridgesTruss Bridges4WM2365Eusebio Matoso pedestrian bridge - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-28
 starsUncommon Crossing SignsUncommon Crossing Signs9WM244PCapybara Crossing - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-31
 starsUnintentionally Funny SignsUnintentionally Funny Signs1WM2AGETennis shoes can drive? - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-10-02
 starsUnique Bird HousesUnique Bird Houses1WM2G9YBird mansion - Embu, Brazil2007-10-29
 starsUnique SteeplesUnique Steeples2WM208WConvenção dos Ministros Ortodoxos das Assembléias de Deus do Estado de Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-13
 starsUnique WeathervanesUnique Weathervanes1WM2KWJChristogram weathervane - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-18
 starsUniversities and CollegesUniversities and Colleges6WM196YFaculdade de Direito - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-02
 starsUnusual  SignsUnusual Signs7WM22AANo Potograph - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-24
 starsUsed Book StoresUsed Book Stores8WM194WLivraria Cruzeiro do Sul2007-03-01
 starsUsed Video-Game StoresUsed Video-Game Stores5WM1XCZEstacao Games - Itaquaquecetuba, Brazil2007-07-26
 starsVasco da GamaVasco da Gama2WM2HARRua Vasco da Gama - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-11-04
 starsVegetarian EateriesVegetarian Eateries12WMDGNFDocimar - Caraguatatuba, Brazil2012-01-18
 starsVelodromesVelodromes1WMDHZ1Velodromo de USP - Sao Paulo, Brazil2012-02-15
 starsVideo ArcadesVideo Arcades4WM208JVenon Arcade & Lan House - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08-13
 starsVintage Gasoline PumpsVintage Gasoline Pumps1WM40KJNafta Atlantic pump- Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-07-03
 starsWAL*MART StoresWAL*MART Stores12WM19E2Walmart Supercenter - (Pacaembu) Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-04
 starsWagon WheelsWagon Wheels3WM8CE2Churrasco Gaucho Wagon Wheel - Sao Paulo, Brazil2010-03-16
 starsWastewater Treatment FacilitiesWastewater Treatment Facilities1WM2T03Estacao de Tratamento de Esgotos ABC - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-01-23
 starsWater TowersWater Towers9WM1J6YSABESP water tower - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-05-17
 starsWatercraft Rentals (Human Powered)Watercraft Rentals (Human Powered)1WM1026MRemada Forte - Sao Sebastiao, Brazil2019-05-23
 starsWavy PlacesWavy Places4WM1T7GPier Edemire de Matos Fernandes - Sao Vicente, Brazil2007-07-06
 starsWaychapelsWaychapels2WM1XX0Capela Santa Cruz - Santana de Parnaiba, Brazil2007-07-29
 starsWaymark Sticker and Pin SeekersWaymark Sticker and Pin Seekers1WM26TMSaopaulo12007-09-14
 starsWaymark Tours (WayTours)Waymark Tours (WayTours)1WM1PBTAvenida Paulista Waytour - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-15
 starsWeather StationsWeather Stations1WM28TYIbirapuera Park weather station - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-09-23
 starsWeb CamerasWeb Cameras2WM1T5GROBOTCAM DA PRAIA DE SANTOS - Santos, Brazil2007-07-05
 starsWeird Story LocationsWeird Story Locations5WM18H8Teatro Municipal - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-23
 starsWelcome SignsWelcome Signs11WM1BR2Jundiai, Brazil, "Circuito das frutas"2007-03-27
 starsWendy's RestaurantsWendy's Restaurants2WM101TVWendy's - Shopping Center West Plaza - Sao Paulo, Brazil2019-02-28
 starsWi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots29WM1914Cristallo - Oscar Freire (Sao Paulo, Brazil)2007-02-28
 starsWikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries72WM18G8São Paulo Cathedral2007-02-23
 starsWildlife MuseumsWildlife Museums1WM1APHMuseu de Instituto Butantan - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-03-17
 starsWindmillsWindmills3WM2G96Metalic Windmill - Embu, Brazil2007-10-29
 starsWoman's ClubsWoman's Clubs1WM3KGVSao Paulo Woman's Club - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-04-27
 starsWorld War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1WM1MK0British Legion Memorial, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-06-02
 starsWorld War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments7WM19Y7Brazilian Air Force Memorial2007-03-10
 starsWorldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries23WM1DN1Cemitério da Consolação - Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-04-14
 starsYMCA / YWCAYMCA / YWCA6WM40Q3ACM - Centro - Sao Paulo, Brazil2008-06-20
 starsYe Olde Butcher ShoppeYe Olde Butcher Shoppe6WM6TC2Casa de Carnes Parisiene - Sao Paulo, Brazil2009-07-25
 starsYour Name HereYour Name Here1WM18R5Richard's, Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-02-25
 starsZoosZoos1WM1N2TParque Zoológico de São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil2007-06-05

Canada (513)

British Columbia (498)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps8---
 stars1000 Places to See Before You Die1000 Places to See Before You Die3WM9J5JMuseum of Anthropology - Vancouver, BC2010-09-09
 stars3 Dimensional Art3 Dimensional Art7WM9J49Burger King - Vancouver International Airport - Richmond, BC2010-08-30
  7-Eleven Stores7-Eleven Stores10---
  A + W  RestaurantsA + W Restaurants3---
  A.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting StationsA.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations1---
  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures2---
  Anglican and Episcopal ChurchesAnglican and Episcopal Churches1---
 starsApple StoresApple Stores1WM9K0GApple Store - Pacific Centre - Vancouver, BC2010-08-31
  Art GalleriesArt Galleries1---
  Art VehiclesArt Vehicles1---
  Baptist ChurchesBaptist Churches1---
  Bear StatuesBear Statues3---
  Berry PickingBerry Picking1---
  Bicycle TendersBicycle Tenders9---
  Blacksmith ShopsBlacksmith Shops1---
 starsBoer Wars Memorials and MonumentsBoer Wars Memorials and Monuments1WM9JYNBoer War Plaque - Vancouver, BC2010-09-15
  Bookcrossing ZonesBookcrossing Zones1---
  British Columbia Heritage MarkersBritish Columbia Heritage Markers9---
 starsBubble Tea aka BobaBubble Tea aka Boba2WM9JGZBubbling - North Vancouver, BC2010-09-08
 starsBurger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants4WM9J42Burger King - Vancouver International Airport - Richmond, BC2010-08-31
  Canada Post OfficesCanada Post Offices6---
  Canadian BenchmarksCanadian Benchmarks2---
  Canadian Legion Memorials Cairns and CenotaphsCanadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs2---
  Canadian National Historic SitesCanadian National Historic Sites1---
  Candy StoresCandy Stores2---
  Chinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants1---
  Christian CrossesChristian Crosses1---
  Christmas StoresChristmas Stores1---
  Citizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials14---
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls6---
  Coffee Shops - Regional ChainsCoffee Shops - Regional Chains2---
  Coin Operated Children's RidesCoin Operated Children's Rides1---
 starsCommercial CommemorationsCommercial Commemorations1WM9JZCVancouver Daily Province - 67 Years - Vancouver, BC2010-09-10
  Community CommemorationCommunity Commemoration4---
  Convention CentersConvention Centers1---
  Curling ClubsCurling Clubs1---
  Dairy Queen RestaurantsDairy Queen Restaurants7---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones3---
  Dedicated BenchesDedicated Benches56---
  Dedicated TreesDedicated Trees2---
  Denny's RestaurantsDenny's Restaurants2---
 starsDiplomatic MissionsDiplomatic Missions4WM9K0YConsulate General of Brazil - Vancouver, BC2010-08-31
  Disaster MemorialsDisaster Memorials1---
 starsDive ShopsDive Shops1WM9JCXRowand's Reef Scuba Shop - Vancouver, BC2010-09-03
  Dog Friendly HotelsDog Friendly Hotels1---
  Domino's PizzaDomino's Pizza1---
  Donated Engraved Bricks and PaversDonated Engraved Bricks and Pavers1---
  Elevated Everyday ObjectsElevated Everyday Objects1---
  Epic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures1---
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture3---
  First of its KindFirst of its Kind3---
  Fish and Chips RestaurantsFish and Chips Restaurants2---
  Flags of OrganizationsFlags of Organizations1---
  Flora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs2---
  Freestanding ArchesFreestanding Arches1---
  Gates of DistinctionGates of Distinction1---
  Guinness World RecordsGuinness World Records1---
  Hall of FameHall of Fame1---
  History MuseumsHistory Museums3---
 starsHuman Migration MonumentsHuman Migration Monuments1WMEQ5QCherry Tree Garden - Richmond, BC, USA2012-07-08
  IHOP RestaurantsIHOP Restaurants3---
  Independent Artist Supply StoresIndependent Artist Supply Stores1---
  Independent BakeriesIndependent Bakeries1---
 starsIndependent BookstoresIndependent Bookstores1WM9K2RSteveston Bookstore - Richmond, BC2010-09-06
  Independent Fish HousesIndependent Fish Houses3---
 starsIndoor MallsIndoor Malls1WM9J88Richmond Centre - Richmond, BC2010-09-02
 starsInside AirportsInside Airports1WM9J0ZVancouver International Airport - Richmond, BC2010-08-30
  Japanese GardensJapanese Gardens1---
  Juice and Smoothie BarsJuice and Smoothie Bars5---
  Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants5---
  Landlocked BoatsLandlocked Boats1---
  Legion Posts and BranchesLegion Posts and Branches1---
  Lion StatuesLion Statues1---
 starsLions Clubs International MarkersLions Clubs International Markers2WMA4QXLynn Valley Lions Memorial - North Vancouver, BC2010-11-20
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants15---
  Military Ground Equipment DisplaysMilitary Ground Equipment Displays1---
  Military InstallationsMilitary Installations1---
  Movie LocationsMovie Locations3---
  Municipal Community CentersMunicipal Community Centers2---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas5---
  National Parks of the WorldNational Parks of the World2---
  Nautical Flag PolesNautical Flag Poles2---
  Neon SignsNeon Signs10---
 starsNewstands / NewsagenciesNewstands / Newsagencies5WM9J18Hudson News - Concourse E - Vancouver International Airport - Richmond, BC2010-08-31
  Non-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials2---
  Occupational MonumentsOccupational Monuments1---
  Odd Fellow LodgesOdd Fellow Lodges1---
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions2---
  Orientation TablesOrientation Tables1---
  Outdoor StairwaysOutdoor Stairways1---
  Outdoor Warning SirensOutdoor Warning Sirens1---
  Outside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings10---
  Penny SmashersPenny Smashers1---
  Permanent Charity Donation LocationsPermanent Charity Donation Locations1---
  Permanent World Fair and Expo StructuresPermanent World Fair and Expo Structures1---
  Petting Farms and ZoosPetting Farms and Zoos1---
 starsPicture Perfect PostcardsPicture Perfect Postcards1WM9JV1Totem Poles Postcard - Vancouver, BC2010-09-10
  Pizza Hut RestaurantsPizza Hut Restaurants2---
  Pizza Shops - Regional ChainsPizza Shops - Regional Chains1---
  Police StationsPolice Stations1---
  Public PlaygroundsPublic Playgrounds3---
  Public Swimming PoolsPublic Swimming Pools1---
 starsReadable From AboveReadable From Above1WM9PK1"Canada - Vancouver" - Vancouver, BC2010-09-17
  Realistic Object SculpturesRealistic Object Sculptures1---
  Recommended AccommodationRecommended Accommodation1---
 starsRevolving RestaurantsRevolving Restaurants1WM9JZ6Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant - Vancouver, BC2010-08-31
  Roadside AttractionsRoadside Attractions2---
  Rolling Ball SculptureRolling Ball Sculpture1---
  Rose GardensRose Gardens1---
  Rotary International MarkersRotary International Markers1---
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities1---
  Ship Screws and Aircraft PropsShip Screws and Aircraft Props2---
  Solar PowerSolar Power1---
  Specific Veteran MemorialsSpecific Veteran Memorials1---
  Starbucks StoresStarbucks Stores21---
  Static Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays1---
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1---
  Subway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants9---
  Sushi RestaurantsSushi Restaurants6---
  Taco Bell RestaurantsTaco Bell Restaurants1---
  Television and Cable Broadcasting StationsTelevision and Cable Broadcasting Stations1---
  Thai RestaurantsThai Restaurants1---
  The UndergroundThe Underground2---
  There's a Book About ItThere's a Book About It2---
  Tim Horton's RestaurantsTim Horton's Restaurants9---
  Time and Temperature SignsTime and Temperature Signs1---
  Tourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers6---
  Town ClocksTown Clocks7---
  Truss BridgesTruss Bridges1---
  Universities and CollegesUniversities and Colleges1---
  Unusual Speed LimitsUnusual Speed Limits1---
  Used Book StoresUsed Book Stores1---
 starsUsed Video-Game StoresUsed Video-Game Stores1WM9J8TEB Gmaes - Richmond Centre - Richmond, BC2010-09-02
  WAL*MART StoresWAL*MART Stores1---
  Welcome SignsWelcome Signs1---
  Wendy's RestaurantsWendy's Restaurants4---
  Western Canadian HeritageWestern Canadian Heritage2---
  Wi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots1---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries21---
  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments1---
  World War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments2---

Ontario (14)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps2---
  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures1---
  Bookcrossing ZonesBookcrossing Zones1---
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture1---
 starsInside AirportsInside Airports1WM8CCYToronto Pearson International Airport2010-03-15
 starsNews Article LocationsNews Article Locations1WM8DJXToronto’s New Arrival2010-03-18
  Newstands / NewsagenciesNewstands / Newsagencies1---
  Ontario Provincial PlaquesOntario Provincial Plaques1---
  Starbucks StoresStarbucks Stores2---
  Tim Horton's RestaurantsTim Horton's Restaurants2---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries1---

Québec (1)

  Canadian National Historic SitesCanadian National Historic Sites1---

Colombia (4)

 starsInside AirportsInside Airports1WM8713El Dorado International Airport - Bogota, Colombia2010-02-10
 starsPayphonesPayphones1WM469BEl Dorado International Airport payhone - Bogota, Colombia2008-07-14
 starsWikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries1WM469AEl Dorado International Airport - Bogota, Colombia2008-07-14

France (3)

Grand-Est (3)

  Monuments Historiques FrançaisMonuments Historiques Français1---
  Renaissance ArchitectureRenaissance Architecture1---

Germany (2)

Baden-Württemberg (1)


Nordrhein-Westfalen (1)

  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations1---

Greece (1)

  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities1---

Mexico (42)

Baja California (42)

 stars'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps1WM47H4Av Revolucion You're Here - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures1WM47HPUnnamed Block sculpture - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsArt VehiclesArt Vehicles1WM47J3Yellow School Bus - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-19
 starsBarber PolesBarber Poles1WM47H2Barberia Nelson - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsBorder CrossingsBorder Crossings1WM47G3United States / Mexico Crossing W of I-52008-07-18
 starsBurger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants1WM47J5Burger King - Av Revolucion - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-22
 starsCarl's Jr./Hardee's RestaurantsCarl's Jr./Hardee's Restaurants1WM5MHVCarl's Jr - Av. Revolucion - Tijuana, Mexico2009-01-22
 starsCigar Store IndiansCigar Store Indians1WM47J6La Casa del Habano indian - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsDinosaur StatuesDinosaur Statues1WM47JBT-Rex on Av Revolucion reastaurant - Tijuan. Mexico2008-07-19
 starsDomino's PizzaDomino's Pizza1WM47HXDomino's - Av Revolucion - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsDoorways of the WorldDoorways of the World1WM47H7Jai Alai Hall - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-19
 starsEpic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures3WM8DJRHuehueteotl - Tijuana, Mexico2010-03-18
 starsFigurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture7WM47JKHuehueteotl - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsFountainsFountains1WM47HBJai Alai Hall fountain - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-19
 starsFreestanding ArchesFreestanding Arches1WM47GEReloj Monumental - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsGraffitiGraffiti1WM47GVTijuana overpass graffiti - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsImmortalized in LyricsImmortalized in Lyrics1WM47GKManu Chao's "Welcome to Tijuana" - Tijuana Mexico2008-07-20
 starsIndependent Cigar ShopsIndependent Cigar Shops1WM47J8La Casa del Habano - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants1WM47HTKFC - Av Revolucion - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsLucky 7Lucky 71WM4EK7San Diego/Tijuana Lucky 72008-08-14
 starsMade for the MillenniumMade for the Millennium1WM47GJReloj Monumental - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsMcDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1WM47G7Downtown McDonalds - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-21
 starsNeon SignsNeon Signs1WM47JFAnimale - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsPolice StationsPolice Stations1WM47GYDowntown Police hut -Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities2---
 starsSubway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants1WM47HZSubway - Av Revolution - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-19
 starsTourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1WM47GPInformacion Turistica - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-19
 starsTown ClocksTown Clocks2WM47G8Downtown Tijuana clock - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsUnique Manhole CoversUnique Manhole Covers1WM492AViva Tijuana cover - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-23
 starsUnusual  SignsUnusual Signs1WM47GQMisspelled You are here map - Tijuana, Mexico2008-07-18
 starsWax MuseumsWax Museums1WM588YMuseo de Cera - Tijuana, Mexico2008-12-04
 starsWikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries1WM47JCAvenida Revolución2008-07-18

United States (51572)

Arizona (261)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps3---
  American Guide SeriesAmerican Guide Series2---
 starsApplebee's RestaurantsApplebee's Restaurants2WMCAM5Applebee's - 16th - Yuma, AZ2011-08-29
  Arby's RestaurantsArby's Restaurants1---
  Arizona Historical MarkersArizona Historical Markers7---
  Artistic SeatingArtistic Seating3---
  Artistic Welcome SignsArtistic Welcome Signs1---
  Baptist ChurchesBaptist Churches1---
  Blue Star Memorial Highway MarkersBlue Star Memorial Highway Markers1---
  Bookcrossing ZonesBookcrossing Zones7---
  Border CrossingsBorder Crossings1---
  Buffet RestaurantsBuffet Restaurants2---
  Burger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants4---
  Burger Shops - Regional ChainsBurger Shops - Regional Chains3---
  Carl's Jr./Hardee's RestaurantsCarl's Jr./Hardee's Restaurants2---
  Carnegie Library BuildingsCarnegie Library Buildings1---
  Chili's RestaurantsChili's Restaurants2---
  Chinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants3---
  Citizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials4---
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls3---
  Coca Cola MemorabiliaCoca Cola Memorabilia1---
  Commercial CommemorationsCommercial Commemorations1---
  Covered WagonsCovered Wagons1---
  Dairy Queen RestaurantsDairy Queen Restaurants2---
  Dated Architectural Structures MultifariousDated Architectural Structures Multifarious2---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones1---
  Dedicated BenchesDedicated Benches6---
  Dedicated TreesDedicated Trees5---
  Demonstration GardensDemonstration Gardens1---
  Denny's RestaurantsDenny's Restaurants1---
  Dollar StoresDollar Stores1---
  Domino's PizzaDomino's Pizza2---
  Donated Engraved Bricks and PaversDonated Engraved Bricks and Pavers2---
 starsDrawing WaymarksDrawing Waymarks1WMCH1EYuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park Building - Yuma, AZ2011-09-22
  Dunkin Donuts'Dunkin Donuts'1---
  Elks LodgesElks Lodges1---
  Etched in StoneEtched in Stone1---
  Fiberglass HorsesFiberglass Horses1---
  Fire Fighting VehiclesFire Fighting Vehicles2---
  First of its KindFirst of its Kind1---
  Fish and Chips RestaurantsFish and Chips Restaurants1---
  Flora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs1---
 starsFraternal Order of EaglesFraternal Order of Eagles2WM11D52FOE Aerie No. 4419 - Parker, AZ2020-03-05
  Free Community Book ExchangesFree Community Book Exchanges3---
  Freestanding ArchesFreestanding Arches1---
 starsFuneral HomesFuneral Homes1WMCANVYuma Mortuary and Crematory - Yuma, AZ2011-08-31
  Ghost TownsGhost Towns1---
  Gifts from Other CountriesGifts from Other Countries1---
  Gluten Free RestaurantsGluten Free Restaurants1---
  Highway Rest AreasHighway Rest Areas2---
  History MuseumsHistory Museums1---
  IHOP RestaurantsIHOP Restaurants2---
  Ice Cream ParlorsIce Cream Parlors1---
  Jack In The BoxJack In The Box5---
 starsJuice and Smoothie BarsJuice and Smoothie Bars1WMCAN4Junga Juice - Yuma, AZ2011-08-30
  Kugel BallsKugel Balls1---
  Last of its KindLast of its Kind1---
  Legion Posts and BranchesLegion Posts and Branches1---
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
  Mexican RestaurantsMexican Restaurants1---
  Military InstallationsMilitary Installations1---
  Monopoly in the Real WorldMonopoly in the Real World1---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas4---
  Named Farms and RanchesNamed Farms and Ranches1---
  National Wildlife RefugesNational Wildlife Refuges1---
  Nations Within NationsNations Within Nations1---
  Nautical Flag PolesNautical Flag Poles2---
  New World Ancient EvidenceNew World Ancient Evidence1---
  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations13---
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions3---
  Old Spanish Trail Auto RouteOld Spanish Trail Auto Route1---
  Outdoor StairwaysOutdoor Stairways1---
  Outdoor Stations of the CrossOutdoor Stations of the Cross1---
  Outside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings2---
  Ovens and KilnsOvens and Kilns2---
  Penny SmashersPenny Smashers3---
  Permanent Car DisplaysPermanent Car Displays1---
  Pet StoresPet Stores2---
  Photo CutoutsPhoto Cutouts1---
 starsPictorial Village SignsPictorial Village Signs1WM10DJHMeadview, AZ2019-05-16
  Pizza Hut RestaurantsPizza Hut Restaurants2---
  Pizza Shops - Regional ChainsPizza Shops - Regional Chains1---
  Police StationsPolice Stations4---
  Public PlaygroundsPublic Playgrounds2---
  Punishment and Disciplinary DevicesPunishment and Disciplinary Devices1---
  Quonset HutsQuonset Huts1---
  Radio Shack StoresRadio Shack Stores1---
  Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way EquipmentRailroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment1---
  Religious Buildings MultifariousReligious Buildings Multifarious2---
  Retired PrisonsRetired Prisons1---
  Roadside AttractionsRoadside Attractions4---
  Roman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches3---
  Salvation Army LocationsSalvation Army Locations1---
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities9---
  Scenic Roadside Look-OutsScenic Roadside Look-Outs1---
  Seventh-day Adventist ChurchesSeventh-day Adventist Churches1---
  Solar PowerSolar Power1---
  Sonic Drive In RestaurantsSonic Drive In Restaurants1---
  Starbucks StoresStarbucks Stores3---
  Static Train CarsStatic Train Cars1---
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1---
  Statues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures1---
  Subway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants2---
  Taco Bell RestaurantsTaco Bell Restaurants3---
  Television and Cable Broadcasting StationsTelevision and Cable Broadcasting Stations2---
  Themed Homemade MailboxesThemed Homemade Mailboxes1---
  There's a Book About ItThere's a Book About It1---
  Time and Temperature SignsTime and Temperature Signs1---
  Tourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers2---
  Town ClocksTown Clocks1---
 starsTrail of TearsTrail of Tears1WM10DK5A Trail of Tears - Peach Springs, AZ2019-05-22
  U.S. BenchmarksU.S. Benchmarks1---
  U.S. National Register of Historic PlacesU.S. National Register of Historic Places8---
  U.S. Post OfficesU.S. Post Offices2---
  UK Historical MarkersUK Historical Markers1---
  Used Video-Game StoresUsed Video-Game Stores3---
  VFW PostsVFW Posts1---
  WAL*MART StoresWAL*MART Stores3---
  WWII Prisoner of War CampsWWII Prisoner of War Camps1---
  Weird Story LocationsWeird Story Locations1---
  Wi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots1---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries7---
  Worldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries1---

Arkansas (108)

  American Guide SeriesAmerican Guide Series1---
  Anglican and Episcopal ChurchesAnglican and Episcopal Churches1---
  Arby's RestaurantsArby's Restaurants1---
  Arkansas Historical MarkersArkansas Historical Markers10---
  Artistic Welcome SignsArtistic Welcome Signs1---
  Blue Star Memorial Highway MarkersBlue Star Memorial Highway Markers1---
  Bookcrossing ZonesBookcrossing Zones2---
  Burger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants2---
 starsBurger Shops - Regional ChainsBurger Shops - Regional Chains1WM17YB1Krystal - Missouri - West Memphis, AR2023-07-15
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls5---
  Coca Cola MemorabiliaCoca Cola Memorabilia1---
  Converted Bank BuildingsConverted Bank Buildings1---
  Cracker Barrel RestaurantsCracker Barrel Restaurants1---
  Dated Architectural Structures MultifariousDated Architectural Structures Multifarious1---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones1---
  Daughters of the American RevolutionDaughters of the American Revolution2---
  Dedicated BenchesDedicated Benches2---
  Denny's RestaurantsDenny's Restaurants1---
  Dollar StoresDollar Stores1---
 starsDomino's PizzaDomino's Pizza2WM17X4WDominos - Missouri - West Memphis, AR2023-07-11
  Ghost SignsGhost Signs1---
  Guest BooksGuest Books1---
  Highway Rest AreasHighway Rest Areas1---
  History MuseumsHistory Museums1---
  IHOP RestaurantsIHOP Restaurants1---
 starsIndependent BakeriesIndependent Bakeries1WM17XQPAlly B's - Marion, AR2023-07-11
  Independent DinersIndependent Diners1---
 starsIndependent Fish HousesIndependent Fish Houses1WM17XGZSeafood Shack - Marion, AR2023-07-11
  Independent Pizza RestaurantsIndependent Pizza Restaurants1---
  Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants2---
 starsKingdom Halls of Jehovah's WitnessesKingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses1WM17X55Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness - West Memphis, AR2023-07-11
  Masonic TemplesMasonic Temples1---
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants2---
 starsMexican RestaurantsMexican Restaurants1WM17XH1Mi Pueblo - Marion, AR2023-07-11
 starsNames From the BibleNames From the Bible1WM18GRTJericho, AR2023-08-20
  Neon SignsNeon Signs1---
 starsParamedic StationsParamedic Stations1WM17X5TCrittenden EMS - West Memphis, AR2023-07-10
  Photo CutoutsPhoto Cutouts1---
  Police StationsPolice Stations2---
  Population SignsPopulation Signs2---
  Quonset HutsQuonset Huts1---
  Railroad BridgesRailroad Bridges2---
  Realistic Object SculpturesRealistic Object Sculptures1---
  Roman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches1---
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities1---
  Sonic Drive In RestaurantsSonic Drive In Restaurants2---
  Subway RestaurantsSubway Restaurants3---
 starsSushi RestaurantsSushi Restaurants1WM17XH4Sen - Marion, AR2023-07-14
  Taco Bell RestaurantsTaco Bell Restaurants2---
  Tourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1---
  Truck StopsTruck Stops1---
  U.S. BenchmarksU.S. Benchmarks1---
  U.S. National Register of Historic PlacesU.S. National Register of Historic Places7---
  U.S. Post OfficesU.S. Post Offices3---
  Universities and CollegesUniversities and Colleges1---
  WAL*MART StoresWAL*MART Stores1---
 starsWeather RadarsWeather Radars1WM17X56West Memphis Municipal Airport Weather Radar - West Memphis, AR2023-07-26
  Wendy's RestaurantsWendy's Restaurants2---
  Wi-Fi HotspotsWi-Fi Hotspots1---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries4---

California (45775)

  'Marry Me' Markers'Marry Me' Markers1---
  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps538---
 stars'Z' Welcome Signs'Z' Welcome Signs1WM77PQZamora, CA2009-09-17
  1000 Places to See Before You Die1000 Places to See Before You Die11---
  3 Dimensional Art3 Dimensional Art65---
  3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond10---
  666 Sightings666 Sightings8---
  7-Eleven Stores7-Eleven Stores571---
  9/11 Memorial Sites9/11 Memorial Sites30---
  A + W  RestaurantsA + W Restaurants61---
  A.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting StationsA.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations14---
 starsALDI StoresALDI Stores65WMWKZ0Aldi - 2nd - Beaumont, CA, USA2017-10-02
 starsAMVETSAMVETS2WM5VQ0AmVet Post #6 - San Jose, CA2009-02-17
  Abandoned Air Force Radar SitesAbandoned Air Force Radar Sites1---
  Abandoned CemeteriesAbandoned Cemeteries2---
  Abandoned Dead VehiclesAbandoned Dead Vehicles1---
  Abandoned Train TunnelsAbandoned Train Tunnels1---
  Abbeys, Convents and MonasteriesAbbeys, Convents and Monasteries1---
  Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln11---
  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures209---
  Accessible-Designed Recreational LocationsAccessible-Designed Recreational Locations16---
  Active QuarriesActive Quarries2---
  Active Rail LocationsActive Rail Locations2---
 starsAdvertising ColumnsAdvertising Columns7WMR2HV499 Jefferson St - San Francisco, CA, USA2017-09-11
  Aerial LiftsAerial Lifts9---
  Afghanistan-Iraq War MemorialsAfghanistan-Iraq War Memorials9---
  Agricultural FairgroundsAgricultural Fairgrounds1---
  All Things Star WarsAll Things Star Wars11---
 starsAlpaca and Llama FarmsAlpaca and Llama Farms3WM4TWNLilly of the Valley Alpacas - Modesto, CA2008-10-02
  Amateur Baseball FieldsAmateur Baseball Fields57---
  Amateur Radio RepeatersAmateur Radio Repeaters1---
  American Civil War Monuments and MemorialsAmerican Civil War Monuments and Memorials3---
 starsAmerican Guide SeriesAmerican Guide Series4WM1VBQBidwell Mansion - Chico, CA2007-07-13
  Amusement ParksAmusement Parks5---
 starsAnamorphous Street ArtAnamorphous Street Art9WM57HZLadder Mural - Santa Clara, CA2008-11-26
 starsAngel of Hope StatuesAngel of Hope Statues2WM49B7Oak Hill Memorial Park - San Jose, CA2008-07-25
 starsAnglican and Episcopal ChurchesAnglican and Episcopal Churches34WM4GN4St. Mark's Episcopal Church - Santa Clara, CA2008-08-29
  Animal HospitalsAnimal Hospitals101---
  Animal MemorialsAnimal Memorials17---
  Ansel Adams Photo HuntAnsel Adams Photo Hunt2---
  Antarctic Points of InterestAntarctic Points of Interest1---
  Antique HotelsAntique Hotels33---
  Antique ShopsAntique Shops28---
 starsAntique and Classic Car DealershipsAntique and Classic Car Dealerships2WM5T4MDodi Auto Sales - Monterey, CA2009-02-10
  Apple StoresApple Stores33---
 starsApplebee's RestaurantsApplebee's Restaurants99WM5AZMApplebee's - Saratoga Ave - San Jose, CA2008-12-10
 starsArboretumsArboretums2WM1GJ5UC Davis Arboretum - Davis CA2007-05-05
  Arby's RestaurantsArby's Restaurants43---
  Arch BridgesArch Bridges14---
 starsArchitecture PrizesArchitecture Prizes34WMBB4HCathedral of Our Lady of the Angels - Los Angeles, CA2011-04-30
  Art Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau12---
  Art GalleriesArt Galleries43---
  Art MuseumsArt Museums16---
 starsArt StudiosArt Studios14WM98Q0Sun House - Grace Hudson - Ukiah, CA2010-07-14
  Art VehiclesArt Vehicles11---
  Artesian WellArtesian Well1---
  Artificial Climbing WallsArtificial Climbing Walls3---
 starsArtistic Bus SheltersArtistic Bus Shelters10WMHF5HSunflower Bus shelter - Livermore, CA2013-08-27
  Artistic Neon LightsArtistic Neon Lights6---
 starsArtistic SeatingArtistic Seating132WM4VC1Butterfly Bench - Santa Rosa, CA2008-10-03
  Artistic Welcome SignsArtistic Welcome Signs31---
 starsArtistically Decorated Utility BoxesArtistically Decorated Utility Boxes674WM62Z2Storm - Fairfax, CA2009-03-26
 starsAssembly of God ChurchesAssembly of God Churches15WM5DE5Community Church of Santa Clara - Santa Clara, CA2008-12-23
  Astronomical ObservatoriesAstronomical Observatories5---
 starsAtlas StatuesAtlas Statues3WM69Y3Atlas Statue - Madison Ave - Sacramento, CA2009-04-30
 starsAuction HousesAuction Houses3WMCMF9DGW Auctioneers & Appraisers - Sunnyvale, CA2011-09-21
  Auto ClubsAuto Clubs36---
 starsAutomobile Salvage YardsAutomobile Salvage Yards3WM835TPick-N-Pull - San Jose, CA2010-01-21
 starsAviariesAviaries8WM89HPParker Aviary - San Diego, CA2010-03-08
  Aviation MuseumsAviation Museums4---
  Azimuth BenchmarksAzimuth Benchmarks1---
  Bailey BridgesBailey Bridges5---
 starsBait ShopsBait Shops15WM5Q7HLeland Fly Fishing Outfitters - San Francisco, CA2009-02-04
  Baptist ChurchesBaptist Churches15---
  Barber PolesBarber Poles83---
  Battery Powered Personal Transport RentalsBattery Powered Personal Transport Rentals3---
  Bear StatuesBear Statues105---
  Bed and BreakfastBed and Breakfast11---
  Bell TowersBell Towers36---
 starsBenjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin4WM5379Ben Franklin statue - San Francisco, CA2008-11-05
  Best Burgers in TownBest Burgers in Town54---
  Best Kept SecretsBest Kept Secrets1---
 starsBicycle RentalsBicycle Rentals80WM941BBlazing Saddles - Mason Street - San Francisco, CA2010-06-25
  Bicycle Repair StationsBicycle Repair Stations83---
  Bicycle ShopsBicycle Shops39---
 starsBicycle TendersBicycle Tenders190WM47FWBike Chains rack - Los Angeles, CA2008-07-21
  Bifana´s HouseBifana´s House3---
 starsBig Brothers Big SistersBig Brothers Big Sisters5WM470BBig Brother, Big Sister of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA2008-07-23
 starsBilliards and Pool HallsBilliards and Pool Halls19WM5QZTTown & Country Billiards - Daly City, CA2009-02-04
  Birdwatching LocationsBirdwatching Locations1---
  Blacksmith ShopsBlacksmith Shops17---
  Blood Donation CentersBlood Donation Centers4---
  Blue PlaquesBlue Plaques63---
  Blue Star Memorial Highway MarkersBlue Star Memorial Highway Markers21---
 starsBlues LegendsBlues Legends3WM88F8House of Blues - Anaheim, CA (GONE)2010-02-25
  Boat RampsBoat Ramps19---
  Bookcrossing ZonesBookcrossing Zones105---
  Border CrossingsBorder Crossings2---
  Botanical GardensBotanical Gardens2---
  Bottle SculpturesBottle Sculptures4---
  Bowling CentresBowling Centres16---
  Boy Scout CampsBoy Scout Camps1---
 starsBridge Date Stones and PlaquesBridge Date Stones and Plaques15WMAJ4BCampbell Ave Bridge - 1940 - Campbell, CA2011-01-20
  Bridgeless Water CrossingsBridgeless Water Crossings1---
 starsBroken Column HeadstonesBroken Column Headstones2WM4ACBSunol - Santa Clara Catholic Cemetery - Santa Clara, CA2008-07-30
  Bubble Tea aka BobaBubble Tea aka Boba244---
  Buddhist Temples and Public ShrinesBuddhist Temples and Public Shrines11---
 starsBuffet RestaurantsBuffet Restaurants163WMBKRFFresh Choice - Saratoga - San Jose, CA2011-06-01
  Building BuildingsBuilding Buildings33---
 starsBungee Jump SitesBungee Jump Sites2WM932NXtreme Skyflyer - California's Great America - Santa Clara, CA2010-06-25
  Burger Chef (Former Locations)Burger Chef (Former Locations)1---
  Burger King RestaurantsBurger King Restaurants281---
  Burger Shops - Regional ChainsBurger Shops - Regional Chains263---
 starsBus StationsBus Stations25WM4Z6FGreyhound Station - Modesto, CA2008-10-17
 starsButterfly GardensButterfly Gardens14WM8Y5JYerba Buena Gardens Butterfly Gardens - San Francisco, CA2010-05-31
  Butterfly HousesButterfly Houses2---
  Bygone Toll HousesBygone Toll Houses1---
  Cable Skiing and WakeboardingCable Skiing and Wakeboarding1---
  California Historical MarkersCalifornia Historical Markers143---
  Californian Bells of El Camino RealCalifornian Bells of El Camino Real131---
  Candy StoresCandy Stores152---
  Canoe/Kayak TripsCanoe/Kayak Trips3---
  Car Part SculpturesCar Part Sculptures5---
 starsCarillonCarillon6WM5MY7Sather Tower Carillon - Berkeley, CA2009-01-23
 starsCaritas InternationalisCaritas Internationalis9WMY1PPCCUSA - Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County - San Jose, CA, USA2018-10-11
  Carl's Jr./Hardee's RestaurantsCarl's Jr./Hardee's Restaurants292---
  Carnegie Library BuildingsCarnegie Library Buildings61---
  Carnivorous Plant LocalitiesCarnivorous Plant Localities3---
  Carriages and Coaches on Permanent DisplayCarriages and Coaches on Permanent Display16---
 starsCathedralsCathedrals10WM21F5Trinity Episcopal Cathedral - San Jose, CA2007-08-19
  Cave Entrances (Artificial)Cave Entrances (Artificial)1---
  Cave Entrances (Natural)Cave Entrances (Natural)3---
  Celebrity HangoutsCelebrity Hangouts6---
 starsCemetery ChapelsCemetery Chapels4WMW9RESunshine Chapel - San Jose, CA2017-07-30
  Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style LodgingChalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging1---
 starsChildhood HomesChildhood Homes7WM7BVNJohn Steinbeck - Salinas, CA2009-10-03
  Children's GardensChildren's Gardens2---
  Children's MuseumsChildren's Museums7---
 starsChili's RestaurantsChili's Restaurants96WM5CHFChili's - W. El Camino Real - Mountain View, CA2008-12-18
  Chinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants349---
  Christian CrossesChristian Crosses5---
  Christmas StoresChristmas Stores7---
  Church of Christ ScientistChurch of Christ Scientist44---
  Church of the NazareneChurch of the Nazarene7---
  Churchyard CemeteriesChurchyard Cemeteries3---
  Churchyard CrossesChurchyard Crosses35---
  Cigar Store IndiansCigar Store Indians12---
  Citizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials551---
  City Names in Giant LettersCity Names in Giant Letters1---
  City and Town HallsCity and Town Halls390---
  Civil Defense Fallout SheltersCivil Defense Fallout Shelters6---
  Civil Rights MemorialsCivil Rights Memorials17---
 starsCivil War Discovery Trail SitesCivil War Discovery Trail Sites1WM6GKQFort Point - San Francisco, CA2009-06-02
  Civilian Conservation CorpsCivilian Conservation Corps4---
  Classic BBQ and Sandwich JointsClassic BBQ and Sandwich Joints69---
  Closed Drive-In TheatresClosed Drive-In Theatres4---
 starsCoastal BoardwalksCoastal Boardwalks7WM7HEJMonterey State Beach Boardwalk - Monterey, CA2009-10-27
  Coastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses3---
 starsCoats of ArmsCoats of Arms8WM8CPDCresalia Family - San Francisco, CA2010-03-16
 starsCobblestone BuildingsCobblestone Buildings1WMGGTFCobblestone House - Los Gatos, CA2013-08-07
 starsCoca Cola MemorabiliaCoca Cola Memorabilia29WM4HZHSAS Shoes Coca Cola display - Santa Clara, CA2008-08-28
  Coffee Shops - Regional ChainsCoffee Shops - Regional Chains184---
  Coin Operated Children's RidesCoin Operated Children's Rides91---
  Coin Operated Self Service Car WashesCoin Operated Self Service Car Washes18---
  Coin ShopsCoin Shops9---
  Coin-Op BinocularsCoin-Op Binoculars20---
  Coin-Operated Fortune Telling MachinesCoin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines24---
 starsCollege Football StadiumsCollege Football Stadiums3WM6FWGSpartan Stadium - San Jose, CA2009-05-27
 starsComedy ClubsComedy Clubs6WM9GD6Tommy T's - Pleasanton, CA2010-08-18
 starsComic Book ShopsComic Book Shops46WM5MQ8What's Hot Comics and Cards - - Santa Clara, CA2009-01-23
 starsCommercial CommemorationsCommercial Commemorations36WM983QRotary International - 100 Years - Cupertino, CA2010-07-13
  Commercial Fishing PortsCommercial Fishing Ports2---
 starsCommunity CommemorationCommunity Commemoration25WM8CP3Children of Garden Grove - Garden Grove, CA2010-03-15
  Community GardensCommunity Gardens37---
  Compass RosesCompass Roses19---
  Concert HallsConcert Halls1---
  Continental Reformed and Congregational Church SitesContinental Reformed and Congregational Church Sites6---
  Convention CentersConvention Centers6---
 starsConverted Bank BuildingsConverted Bank Buildings89WM86TAWest Side Bank - Tracy, CA2010-02-08
 starsConverted FactoriesConverted Factories3WMC5QXFormer Del Monte Cannery - San Francisco, CA, United States2011-07-29
  Converted FirehousesConverted Firehouses30---
  Converted FountainsConverted Fountains23---
 starsCounting and Measuring DisplaysCounting and Measuring Displays36WM118WNCounting Display "Cyclist Today" - San Francisco, CA, USA2019-09-08
  Country ChurchesCountry Churches3---
  Covered BridgesCovered Bridges1---
  Covered WagonsCovered Wagons10---
  Cracker Barrel RestaurantsCracker Barrel Restaurants5---
  Cruise Ship PortsCruise Ship Ports1---
  Curling ClubsCurling Clubs1---
 starsCurrent and Former ExchangesCurrent and Former Exchanges1WMGH15Former Pacific Coast Stock Exhange - San Francisco, CA2013-03-10
  Cycling RoutesCycling Routes12---
  D.U.P. Historic MarkersD.U.P. Historic Markers1---
  Dairy CreameriesDairy Creameries5---
  Dairy Queen RestaurantsDairy Queen Restaurants41---
  Dance ClubsDance Clubs4---
  Dated Architectural Structures MultifariousDated Architectural Structures Multifarious251---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones374---
 starsDaughters of the American RevolutionDaughters of the American Revolution22WM180J5Colton Hall – Site of California’s Original Constitution - Monterey, CA, USA2023-05-04
  Dead Poets' Society MemorialsDead Poets' Society Memorials4---
 starsDeath Mask GravestonesDeath Mask Gravestones1WM5W53Frederick Sackmann - Santa Clara, CA2009-02-19
  Dedicated BenchesDedicated Benches1172---
 starsDedicated TreesDedicated Trees319WM5Z6FProf. Charles F. Louie - Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA2009-03-05
 starsDefunct Amusement ParksDefunct Amusement Parks3WM4MDZFrontier Village Amusement Park - San Jose, CA2008-09-08
  Demonstration GardensDemonstration Gardens19---
 starsDenny's RestaurantsDenny's Restaurants224WM3VCTDenny's - Mathilda Ave - Sunnyvale, CA2008-05-24
 starsDiners, Drive-ins, and DivesDiners, Drive-ins, and Dives112WM6QTJFalafel's Drive-In - San Jose, CA2009-07-10
  Dining Car RestaurantsDining Car Restaurants1---
  Dinosaur StatuesDinosaur Statues11---
  Diplomatic MissionsDiplomatic Missions48---
 starsDirection and Distance ArrowsDirection and Distance Arrows21WM47XELos Angeles sister cities - Los Angeles, CA2008-08-02
  Disaster MemorialsDisaster Memorials5---
  Disc Golf CoursesDisc Golf Courses11---
  Disguised Cell TowersDisguised Cell Towers52---
  Disneyland/DCA BenchmarksDisneyland/DCA Benchmarks5---
  Dive ShopsDive Shops18---
  Dive SitesDive Sites1---
 starsDiving PlatformsDiving Platforms2WMG1RYSanta Clara Swim Center High Jump - Santa Clara, CA2013-01-09
  Dockside RestaurantsDockside Restaurants6---
  Dog Friendly HotelsDog Friendly Hotels52---
  Dog StatuesDog Statues14---
  Dog-Friendly RestaurantsDog-Friendly Restaurants39---
  Dollar StoresDollar Stores204---
 starsDomes of the (Under) WorldDomes of the (Under) World5WMAW5ECathedral Basilica of St. Joseph Dome - San Jose, CA2011-03-22
  Domino's PizzaDomino's Pizza115---
  Donated Engraved Bricks and PaversDonated Engraved Bricks and Pavers164---
  Doorways of the WorldDoorways of the World12---
 starsDoves of peaceDoves of peace6WMWWYTCounty of Santa Clara Government Center Doves of Peace - San Jose, CA, USA2017-10-27
 starsDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.22WM5EX8King Plaza - Palo Alto, CA2008-12-30
 starsDraw WellsDraw Wells4WMPX7ZMission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Well - San Luis Obispo, CA2015-11-10
 starsDrawing WaymarksDrawing Waymarks1WM61W9Central Park - Santa Clara, CA2009-03-27
  Drive-In Movie TheatersDrive-In Movie Theaters2---
 starsDunkin Donuts'Dunkin Donuts'69WMMR8VDunkin Donuts - Modesto, CA2014-11-24
  E Clampus Vitus Historical MarkersE Clampus Vitus Historical Markers319---
 starsE85 Fuel PumpsE85 Fuel Pumps22WM5Z7CPearson Fuels - A St - Hayward, CA2009-03-06
  Eagle Scout Project SitesEagle Scout Project Sites49---
 starsEarth GlobesEarth Globes13WM9AHKGlobe Atop Atlas Statue - Madison Ave - Sacramento, CA2010-07-22
  Earth HomesEarth Homes1---
 starsElectric Bike Charging StationsElectric Bike Charging Stations1WMQCAJVTA River Oaks Headquarters - San José, CA - USA2016-02-05
  Electric Car Charging StationsElectric Car Charging Stations381---
  Elevated BuildingsElevated Buildings1---
  Elevated Everyday ObjectsElevated Everyday Objects20---
  Elevation SignsElevation Signs314---
 starsElks LodgesElks Lodges36WM5AYXElks Lodge 423 - Chico, CA2008-12-17
 starsEngineering LandmarksEngineering Landmarks7WM1QE6Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA2007-06-23
  Entertainment AwardsEntertainment Awards3---
  Epic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures53---
  Equestrian StatuesEquestrian Statues6---
 starsEstablished Rock Climbing AreasEstablished Rock Climbing Areas2WM7V05Indian Rock Park - Berkeley, CA2009-12-04
  Etched in StoneEtched in Stone49---
  Eternal FlamesEternal Flames2---
  Exact ReplicasExact Replicas31---
  Exceptional Tree Growth Ring DisplaysExceptional Tree Growth Ring Displays4---
  Exceptional TreesExceptional Trees9---
  Extraterrestrial LocationsExtraterrestrial Locations9---
  FIFA World Cup VenuesFIFA World Cup Venues3---
  Factory ToursFactory Tours1---
  Famous Fictional FiguresFamous Fictional Figures29---
 starsFamous FiresFamous Fires15WM1R42Wolf House - Glen Ellen, CA2007-06-28
  Farmers' MarketsFarmers' Markets19---
 starsFeeding the AnimalsFeeding the Animals7WMMGHMFeed the Chickens and Goats - Emma Prusch Farm - San Jose, CA2014-10-05
  Ferries and Ferry LandingsFerries and Ferry Landings5---
  Ferris WheelsFerris Wheels3---
  Fiberglass HorsesFiberglass Horses6---
 starsField HospitalsField Hospitals1WMA58ELetterman Army Hospital - World War I - San Francisco, CA2010-11-19
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture246---
  Fire Fighting VehiclesFire Fighting Vehicles41---
  Firefighter MemorialsFirefighter Memorials28---
  Fireworks DisplaysFireworks Displays4---
  First of its KindFirst of its Kind136---
 starsFish HatcheriesFish Hatcheries3WM4AVDFeather River Fish Hatchery - Oroville, CA2008-08-02
 starsFish LaddersFish Ladders4WMJ95HStevens Creek Fish Ladder - Mountain View, CA2013-10-16
 starsFish and Chips RestaurantsFish and Chips Restaurants53WM5W6MLong John Silver's - Redwood St - Vallejo, CA2009-02-20
  Fishing HolesFishing Holes17---
  Fitness TrailsFitness Trails4---
 starsFlags of OrganizationsFlags of Organizations25WM748WMcDonald's - Augustine Dr Restaurant - Santa Clara, CA2009-08-30
 starsFlags of the WorldFlags of the World21WMV85XSJSU International House - San Jose, CA, USA2017-03-13
 starsFlea MarketsFlea Markets3WMC81NSan Jose Flea Market - San Jose, CA2011-08-07
  Flora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs87---
  Flower FieldsFlower Fields1---
  Former SchoolsFormer Schools46---
  Foucault PendulumsFoucault Pendulums1---
  Framed ViewsFramed Views4---
 starsFraternal Order of EaglesFraternal Order of Eagles38WMP7X3FOE Aerie No. 8 - San Jose, CA2016-01-26
  Fraternity and Sorority HousesFraternity and Sorority Houses31---
  Free CampsitesFree Campsites1---
  Free Community Book ExchangesFree Community Book Exchanges1542---
  Free For Your BirthdayFree For Your Birthday5---
  Free Overnight RV Parking LocationsFree Overnight RV Parking Locations14---
  Freestanding ArchesFreestanding Arches76---
  Freestanding ColumnsFreestanding Columns4---
 starsFrieze ArtFrieze Art25WM5XFECalifornia Hall - San Francisco, CA2009-02-25
 starsFuneral HomesFuneral Homes35WM85PHDriscoll's Valencia Street Serra Mortuary - San Francisco, CA2010-02-03
  Funerary ArtFunerary Art1---
  Garage Door ArtGarage Door Art10---
  Gargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras2---
 starsGasometersGasometers2WMAFY0Richmond Gasometer - Richmond, CA2011-01-12
  Gates of DistinctionGates of Distinction9---
 starsGender Separated EntrancesGender Separated Entrances1WM10K5ASanta Ana Schoolhouse - San Jose, CA2019-05-21
  Geodesic DomesGeodesic Domes11---
  Geographic High PointsGeographic High Points2---
  Geographical CentersGeographical Centers1---
  George WashingtonGeorge Washington4---
 starsGerman-American Heritage SitesGerman-American Heritage Sites8WM588XSutter's Fort - Sacramento, CA2008-11-30
 starsGhost BikesGhost Bikes20WM5354Matt Peterson and Kristy Gough Ghost Bike - Cupertino, CA2008-11-04
  Ghost SignsGhost Signs31---
  Ghost TownsGhost Towns1---
  Ghosts and HauntingsGhosts and Hauntings22---
  Giant 24 h Vending MachinesGiant 24 h Vending Machines1---
  Giant Board GamesGiant Board Games3---
  Giants of CommerceGiants of Commerce24---
 starsGifts from Other CountriesGifts from Other Countries17WM4RF5 Dolhareubang - Santa Rosa, CA, USA2008-10-02
  Ginormous Everyday ObjectsGinormous Everyday Objects2---
 starsGirl Scout Gold Award Project SitesGirl Scout Gold Award Project Sites2WMA4RJABC angels, blankets and children - San Jose, CA2011-01-05
  Gluten Free RestaurantsGluten Free Restaurants113---
  Googie ArchitectureGoogie Architecture15---
 starsGrain ElevatorsGrain Elevators4WM8QHZPenny Newman Grain Elevator - Stockton, CA2010-05-06
 starsGrand OpeningGrand Opening6WMH0QXCSU Monterey Bay - Seaside, CA (USA)2013-05-10
  Grange HallsGrange Halls18---
  Grave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person48---
 starsGraves Mentioning a Cause of DeathGraves Mentioning a Cause of Death3WMNZ81W.P. Renowden - Oak Hill Memorial Park - San Jose, CA2015-05-28
  Graves of the UnknownGraves of the Unknown2---
  Great Buildings of the WorldGreat Buildings of the World16---
  Greenhouses and NurseriesGreenhouses and Nurseries22---
 starsGround Based Air Navigation Support StructuresGround Based Air Navigation Support Structures1WMWXXNSAN JOSE VOR - Santa Clara, CA2017-10-28
  Guest BooksGuest Books19---
  Guinness World RecordsGuinness World Records9---
 starsHabitat ReStoresHabitat ReStores20WM5992Habitat For Humanity East Bay Restore - Oakland, CA2008-12-01
 starsHall of FameHall of Fame11WM3RWKHOF - Stockton Athletics Hall of Fame - Stockton, CA2008-05-29
  Hand Operated Water PumpsHand Operated Water Pumps8---
  Haunted AttractionsHaunted Attractions3---
  Headstones of CentenariansHeadstones of Centenarians10---
  Helicopter Landing PadsHelicopter Landing Pads4---
 starsHerbariaHerbaria4WM4HAGUC - University of California - Berkeley, CA2008-08-26
  Hidden MickeysHidden Mickeys177---
  High Level MarksHigh Level Marks3---
  Highway Giants -  Muffler MenHighway Giants - Muffler Men9---
  Highway Rest AreasHighway Rest Areas9---
  Hiking Path FootbridgesHiking Path Footbridges51---
 starsHiking and walking trailheadsHiking and walking trailheads78WM59FRAlviso Slough Trail - Alviso, CA2008-12-03
  Hindu TemplesHindu Temples4---
 starsHistoric EatsHistoric Eats27WM9G0QTadich Grill - San Francisco, CA2010-08-16
  Historic FortsHistoric Forts2---
  Historic Hand Operated Sluice GatesHistoric Hand Operated Sluice Gates4---
  Historic Preservation AwardsHistoric Preservation Awards6---
  Historic ReenactmentsHistoric Reenactments1---
 starsHistoric Transformer Sub-Stations BuildingsHistoric Transformer Sub-Stations Buildings3WMPNCNJessie Street Power Substation, - San Francisco, CA2015-09-26
  Historic TreesHistoric Trees3---
  Historic United Methodist SitesHistoric United Methodist Sites2---
 starsHistoric Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage BlocksHistoric Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks9WM9JWRSanta Clara Mission Hitching Post - Santa Clara, CA2010-08-29
 starsHistorical Society HeadquartersHistorical Society Headquarters15WM8N9PCalaveras County Historical Society - San Andreas, CA2010-04-23
  History MuseumsHistory Museums137---
  Holiday DisplaysHoliday Displays268---
  Homemade TombstonesHomemade Tombstones5---
  Hooters RestaurantsHooters Restaurants19---
  Horse Racing TracksHorse Racing Tracks1---
 starsHostelsHostels7WM57FRPoint Pigeon Hostel - Pescadero, CA2008-11-24
  Hot Air Balloon FestivalsHot Air Balloon Festivals1---
  Hot Rod Hangouts and Car ShowsHot Rod Hangouts and Car Shows6---
  Hot SpringsHot Springs1---
 starsHourglassHourglass4WMV8WFCypress Lawn Cemetery Hourglass - Colma, CA2017-03-26
 starsHousehold Appliances and PressesHousehold Appliances and Presses4WMTYFMGeneral Electric Fridge - Palo Alto, CA2017-01-24
 starsHoward Johnson'sHoward Johnson's11WM5325Howard Johnson's - A- Frame - Redwood City, CA2008-11-05
 starsHuman ErrorHuman Error2WMC6Z7Mackenzie or McKeenzie - Pleasanton, CA2011-08-04
 starsHuman Migration MonumentsHuman Migration Monuments8WMEQ5NGreek Immigrant Memorial - San Francisco, CA, USA2012-07-08
 starsHumane Societies and RescuesHumane Societies and Rescues18WM212V(MOVED) Humane Society Silicon Valley - Santa Clara, CA2007-08-18
 starsHumming StonesHumming Stones1WM10Z1RDisneyland Humming Stone - Anaheim, CA2019-07-15
  Humorous Combination BusinessesHumorous Combination Businesses4---
  Hydroelectric Power StationsHydroelectric Power Stations1---
 starsIHOP RestaurantsIHOP Restaurants123WM6RZ0IHOP - Beach St - San Francisco, CA2009-07-15
 starsIKEAIKEA4WM93ZRIKEA East Palo Alto - California2010-06-25
 starsIMAX TheatersIMAX Theaters43WM2166The Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater - San Jose, CA2007-08-20
  Ice Cream ParlorsIce Cream Parlors303---
  Ice Skating RinksIce Skating Rinks10---
  Iconic FactoriesIconic Factories6---
 starsIlluminated School Sports FieldsIlluminated School Sports Fields7WM5YMDGustine High School field - Gustine, CA2009-03-05
  Immortalized in LyricsImmortalized in Lyrics13---
 starsImproved Order of Red MenImproved Order of Red Men2WM7CQRErie Tribe #281 - Oakley, CA2009-10-06
 starsIndependent Artist Supply StoresIndependent Artist Supply Stores5WM5QCBArtsake - San Francisco, CA2009-02-03
  Independent BakeriesIndependent Bakeries161---
  Independent BookstoresIndependent Bookstores40---
  Independent Breakfast SpotsIndependent Breakfast Spots64---
  Independent Cigar ShopsIndependent Cigar Shops36---
  Independent Coffee ShopsIndependent Coffee Shops59---
  Independent DinersIndependent Diners43---
  Independent Doughnut ShopsIndependent Doughnut Shops94---
  Independent Fish HousesIndependent Fish Houses81---
  Independent Hot Dog RestaurantsIndependent Hot Dog Restaurants35---
  Independent Movie Rental ShopsIndependent Movie Rental Shops30---
  Independent Music StoresIndependent Music Stores9---
 starsIndependent PharmaciesIndependent Pharmacies57WM5QZYBoulder Creek Drug Store - Boulder Creek, CA2009-02-05
  Independent Pizza RestaurantsIndependent Pizza Restaurants164---
  Indoor MallsIndoor Malls51---
  Infamous Crime ScenesInfamous Crime Scenes34---
  Inline Hockey RinksInline Hockey Rinks5---
  Insect HotelsInsect Hotels6---
  Insect SculpturesInsect Sculptures23---
 starsInside AirportsInside Airports5WM886BJohn Wayne Airport - Santa Ana, CA2010-03-02
  Interesting Intersection NamesInteresting Intersection Names14---
  International Space Station SightingsInternational Space Station Sightings1---
  Irish-American Historic PlacesIrish-American Historic Places1---
  It's All About TintinIt's All About Tintin1---
 starsJack In The BoxJack In The Box323WM2XH7Jack in the Box -36848 Fremont Blvd - Fremont, CA2008-01-05
 starsJames Bond - 007James Bond - 0074WM5H3HGolden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA2009-01-06
  Japanese GardensJapanese Gardens9---
 starsJapanese RestaurantsJapanese Restaurants144WMC6YDBenihana - Concord, CA2011-08-04
  Jazz ClubsJazz Clubs6---
  Jimmy BuffettJimmy Buffett2---
 starsJohn F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy8WM5JAV(LEGACY) Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena - 1960 Democratic National Convention - Los Angeles, CA2009-01-14
  Johnny RocketsJohnny Rockets21---
 starsJuice and Smoothie BarsJuice and Smoothie Bars291WM6P7T Jamba Juice - Marsh St - San Luis Obispo, CA2009-06-30
  Junk Design HousesJunk Design Houses4---
  Karaoke BarsKaraoke Bars27---
  Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC RestaurantsKentucky Fried Chicken/KFC Restaurants233---
 starsKids Eat FreeKids Eat Free44WM5HJ6Carrows - El Camino Real - Santa Clara, CA2009-01-14
  Kilroy Was HereKilroy Was Here2---
  Kinetic Sculpture and ArtKinetic Sculpture and Art19---
 starsKingdom Halls of Jehovah's WitnessesKingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses33WM5WADKingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses - Santa Clara, CA2009-02-19
  Kissmobile and Co. SightingsKissmobile and Co. Sightings1---
 starsKiwanis International MarkersKiwanis International Markers11WMF5TTChief Solano - Vallejo, CA2012-08-27
 starsKnights of Columbus CouncilsKnights of Columbus Councils4WM5MNCK of C Council 3474 - Campbell, CA2009-01-22
  Knights of PythiasKnights of Pythias1---
 starsKokopelli SightingsKokopelli Sightings9WMAFBXKokopelli Gallery - Sausalito, CA2011-01-09
  Korean War MemorialsKorean War Memorials6---
  Kroger SupermarketsKroger Supermarkets37---
  Kugel BallsKugel Balls4---
 starsLDS Church History SitesLDS Church History Sites7WMBAKZMormon Battalion Monument - Columbia, CA2011-04-26
 starsLEED BuildingsLEED Buildings198WM5Q6YKirsch Center for Environmental Studies - Cupertino, CA2009-02-02
  LEGO Sculptures and ModelsLEGO Sculptures and Models6---
  Landlocked BoatsLandlocked Boats17---
  Landlocked LighthousesLandlocked Lighthouses9---
 starsLaser Tag FacilitiesLaser Tag Facilities12WM76C5Laser Tag - Santa Cruz, CA2009-09-08
 starsLast of its KindLast of its Kind7WM54RALast - Northern Battle of the Mexican War - Santa Clara, CA2008-11-12
  Lawn BowlingLawn Bowling44---
 starsLegacy of Medieval Spiritual WarriorsLegacy of Medieval Spiritual Warriors1WMV08AOrder of Malta Clinic - Oakland, CA2017-02-21
  Legion Posts and BranchesLegion Posts and Branches12---
  Letters on HillsLetters on Hills6---
  Lifeboats and Rescue StationsLifeboats and Rescue Stations1---
  Lighthouse Bed and BreakfastsLighthouse Bed and Breakfasts1---
 starsLighthouse Passport StampsLighthouse Passport Stamps6WM8WR5Fort Point Lighthouse - San Francisco, CA2010-05-24
  Lincoln HighwayLincoln Highway5---
  Lincoln Highway MarkersLincoln Highway Markers4---
  Lion StatuesLion Statues43---
 starsLions Clubs International MarkersLions Clubs International Markers11WMA4R1Sutter Creek Time Capsule - Sutter Creek City Hall - Sutter Creek, CA2010-11-22
  Literary SitesLiterary Sites4---
 starsLittle Free PantryLittle Free Pantry29WM127N2Free Little Pantry- San Jose, CA, USA2020-03-21
  Live Stage TheatersLive Stage Theaters24---
  Living StatuesLiving Statues31---
  Lodge-Style AccommodationsLodge-Style Accommodations2---
  Lonely ChimneysLonely Chimneys1---
  Long Distance Hiking TrailsLong Distance Hiking Trails2---
 starsLove PadlocksLove Padlocks3WMGECXLos Gatos Museum of Art Locks - Los Gatos, CA2013-02-23
  Lucky 7Lucky 713---
  Lutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches25---
 starsLychgates and DepositoriesLychgates and Depositories2WMZ3NVSt. John the Divine Episcopal Church Lych Gate - Morgan Hill, CA2019-08-17
  Made for the MillenniumMade for the Millennium4---
 starsMagic ShopsMagic Shops3WM6YM6Misdirections Magic Shop - San Francisco, CA2009-08-07
 starsMan-made Animal Bridges and CrossingsMan-made Animal Bridges and Crossings1WMZ1AMToad Hollow - Davis, CA2018-08-30
 starsMan-made Devilish LocationsMan-made Devilish Locations3WM791MDevil Mountain H-D Shop - Pittsburg, CA2009-09-22
  Man-made WaterfallsMan-made Waterfalls17---
 starsMarinasMarinas9WM84EYPittsburg Marina - Pittsburg, CA2010-01-26
  Maritime Monuments and MemorialsMaritime Monuments and Memorials8---
  Maritime MuseumsMaritime Museums3---
  Martial ArtsMartial Arts50---
  Masonic TemplesMasonic Temples47---
  Master Architects - DeconstructivismMaster Architects - Deconstructivism4---
  Master Architects - International StyleMaster Architects - International Style3---
 starsMausoleumsMausoleums12WM5HM7Stanford Mausoleum - Stanford, CA2009-01-10
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants447---
  Medal Of Honor Resting PlacesMedal Of Honor Resting Places15---
 starsMegachurchesMegachurches8WM598Z North Valley Baptist Church - Santa Clara, CA2008-12-02
  Metal DetectingMetal Detecting2---
 starsMethodist ChurchesMethodist Churches31WM4WRYFirst United Methodist Church of Salinas - Salinas, CA2008-10-08
  Mexican RestaurantsMexican Restaurants366---
  Military Ground Equipment DisplaysMilitary Ground Equipment Displays2---
  Military InstallationsMilitary Installations16---
  Military Surplus StoresMilitary Surplus Stores6---
 starsMilk Platforms - MaitolaituritMilk Platforms - Maitolaiturit2WM11Y78Milk Shrine - Carmel, CA2020-04-21
 starsMills and GinsMills and Gins1WM5BW4Cotton Mill Studios - Oakland, CA2008-12-18
 starsMillstonesMillstones9WMEEB9Grist Mill Stone - Lafayette, CA2012-05-15
  Miniature GolfMiniature Golf11---
  Miniature RailroadsMiniature Railroads7---
  Minor League Baseball StadiumsMinor League Baseball Stadiums3---
  Model Aircraft FieldsModel Aircraft Fields1---
  Model RailroadsModel Railroads7---
  Modern Olympic VenuesModern Olympic Venues3---
  Mom and Pop Rock ShopsMom and Pop Rock Shops2---
  Monarchs of the WorldMonarchs of the World5---
  Monopoly in the Real WorldMonopoly in the Real World59---
 starsMonuments of the Eastern FreedomfightsMonuments of the Eastern Freedomfights4WMAJAHHungarian American Club of Monterey Plaque - Monterey, CA2011-01-20
 starsMoominsMoomins13WM8X7FMoomin Books at Karikter - San Francisco, CA2010-05-28
  Moose Lodges and CentersMoose Lodges and Centers14---
 starsMosaicsMosaics141WM4HHMOctopus Mosiac - Pacifica, CA2008-08-28
  Motor Vehicle MuseumsMotor Vehicle Museums4---
  Motorcycle Sales/Service SitesMotorcycle Sales/Service Sites7---
  Mountain Bike TrailheadsMountain Bike Trailheads9---
  Mountain SummitsMountain Summits4---
  Movie LocationsMovie Locations129---
  Movie Theater MealsMovie Theater Meals5---
  Moving BridgesMoving Bridges4---
 starsMunicipal Community CentersMunicipal Community Centers157WM5MNFMacArthur Park Comunity Center - Los Angeles, CA2009-01-23
  Municipal FlagsMunicipal Flags24---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas780---
  Musical Instrument RetailersMusical Instrument Retailers28---
  Musical InstrumentsMusical Instruments45---
  Musician StatuesMusician Statues17---
  NPS Passport Cancellation StationsNPS Passport Cancellation Stations17---
 starsNRHP Historic Districts - Contributing BuildingsNRHP Historic Districts - Contributing Buildings369WM21FATrinity Episcopal Cathedral - San Jose, CA2007-08-25
 starsNamed Farms and RanchesNamed Farms and Ranches6WM8KQYLilly of the Valley Alpacas - Modesto, CA2010-04-16
  Named Mountain GapsNamed Mountain Gaps2---
  National Parks (U.S.)National Parks (U.S.)9---
  National Parks of the WorldNational Parks of the World4---
 starsNational Public Lands Passport LocationsNational Public Lands Passport Locations2WM8XRQNational Wildlife Refuge System - San Francisco Bay NWR – Don Edwards San Francisco NWR Visitor Center – Newark, CA2010-05-28
  National Scenic BywaysNational Scenic Byways13---
 starsNational Wild and Scenic RiversNational Wild and Scenic Rivers1WM69P0American River (lower) - Discovery Park - Sacramento, CA2009-05-02
  National Wildlife RefugesNational Wildlife Refuges5---
  Nations Within NationsNations Within Nations2---
  Native American Trail TreesNative American Trail Trees1---
  Natural ArchesNatural Arches1---
  Natural LakesNatural Lakes3---
  Natural/Organic Food StoresNatural/Organic Food Stores151---
  Nature CentersNature Centers15---
  Nautical Flag PolesNautical Flag Poles45---
  Neon SignsNeon Signs353---
  New Apostolic ChurchesNew Apostolic Churches7---
  New World Ancient EvidenceNew World Ancient Evidence11---
  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations948---
 starsNewspaper HeadquartersNewspaper Headquarters66WM2C35The Argus - Fremont, CA2007-10-09
  Newstands / NewsagenciesNewstands / Newsagencies33---
  Nike Missile SitesNike Missile Sites1---
  Nobel LaureatesNobel Laureates5---
 starsNon-Coastal BoardwalksNon-Coastal Boardwalks14WM6068Alviso marshland boardwalk - Alviso, CA2009-03-11
  Non-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials128---
  Noodle ShopsNoodle Shops110---
  Nude BeachesNude Beaches1---
  Occupational MonumentsOccupational Monuments8---
 starsOccupational/Hobby Grave StonesOccupational/Hobby Grave Stones15WM4HC3Bo'Swain - Mission City Memorial Cemetery - Santa Clara, CA2008-08-26
  Octagon BuildingsOctagon Buildings2---
  Odd Fellow LodgesOdd Fellow Lodges60---
  Odd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings12---
  Oddball MuseumsOddball Museums11---
  Off-Leash Dog AreasOff-Leash Dog Areas63---
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions41---
  Offroad TrailsOffroad Trails1---
  Old Agricultural EquipmentOld Agricultural Equipment43---
  Old TractorsOld Tractors22---
  Olmsted Designed ParksOlmsted Designed Parks1---
 starsOlympic MemorabiliaOlympic Memorabilia13WMJ6WEOlympic Memorial - Monterey Park, CA2013-10-03
  Omnivorous TreesOmnivorous Trees11---
 starsOne-Room SchoolhousesOne-Room Schoolhouses24WM7G5FDixie Schoolhouse - San Rafael, CA2009-10-22
 starsOregon Historical MarkersOregon Historical Markers1WM142E4Mills End Park - Portland, OR2022-08-10
  Orientation Tables