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  Christian CrossesChristian Crosses1---

Isle of Man (2009)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps24---
 starsAbstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures9WMX7PAGloccamorra Apartments - Douglas Head - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-12-10
 starsAccessible-Designed Recreational LocationsAccessible-Designed Recreational Locations2WMXNPMInner Wheel Club of Ramsey Sensory Garden - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-02-05
  Anglican and Episcopal ChurchesAnglican and Episcopal Churches24---
 starsAnimal HospitalsAnimal Hospitals2WMVBGAArg Beiyn Veterinary Practice - Onchan, Isle of Man2017-03-29
 starsAntique HotelsAntique Hotels4WMXC6XSefton Hotel - Harris Promenade - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-12-26
 starsArboretumsArboretums2WMV8PDMillennium Arboretum - Maughold, Isle of Man2017-03-15
 starsArch BridgesArch Bridges6WMV31DBowring Road Bridge - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-15
 starsArchitecture PrizesArchitecture Prizes3WM13X77Our Lady, Star of the Sea and St. Maughold - Ramsey, Isle of Man2021-03-06
 starsArt Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau7WMVMNMFormer Strand Cimema - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-05-05
 starsArt GalleriesArt Galleries2WMXK9VGenesis Gallery - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-01-27
 starsArtistic SeatingArtistic Seating10WMYVGMBridge Seat - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-07-30
 starsBait ShopsBait Shops2WMTZFH[Gone] - Rods 'N' Reels - St. Pauls Square, Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-28
  Baptist ChurchesBaptist Churches1---
 starsBarber PolesBarber Poles6WMV3Q0JJ Byrne Barber - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-20
 starsBattlefieldsBattlefields1WMV6HRBattle of Skyhill (1079) - Isle of Man2017-03-22
 starsBeach HutsBeach Huts1WMV63QBeach Huts - Laxey, Isle of Man2017-03-01
 starsBed and BreakfastBed and Breakfast7WMZ77AThorncliffe Guesthouse - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-10-29
  Bell TowersBell Towers18---
 starsBest Burgers in TownBest Burgers in Town1WM1189QDanny's Fine Burgers - Parliament Square - Ramsey, Isle of Man2019-09-07
 starsBicycle ShopsBicycle Shops1WMVC24Erin Bike Hut - Port Erin, Isle of Man2017-04-02
 starsBlacksmith ShopsBlacksmith Shops1WMV8XRThe Laxey Blacksmith Foundry Shop - Laxey, Isle of man2017-04-18
  Blue PlaquesBlue Plaques3---
 starsBorder CrossingsBorder Crossings4WM142KMBraddan / Doulgas - Marine Drive, Isle of Man2021-04-02
 starsBowling CentresBowling Centres1WMTXB8PepsiMAX Bowl - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-21
 starsBrewpubsBrewpubs1WM12PMWShore Hotel Brew Pub - Old Laxey, Isle of Man2020-06-28
 starsBridge Date Stones and PlaquesBridge Date Stones and Plaques1WMVKKXRamsey Swing Bridge - 1892 - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-05-01
 starsBridgeless Water CrossingsBridgeless Water Crossings1WMTWHVGardener's Lane Ford - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-14
 starsBroken Column HeadstonesBroken Column Headstones4WM133ACWilliam Karran Kermode - Kirk Braddan Cemetery - Braddan, Isle of Man2020-09-07
 starsBus StationsBus Stations1WMTPTMRamsey Bus Station - Ramsey, Isle of Man2016-12-26
 starsCairnsCairns2WMX4ZXCronk ny Arrey Laa Cairn - Rushen, Isle of Man2017-11-27
 starsCapitol BuildingsCapitol Buildings1WMXDF4Tynwald - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-12-30
 starsCemetery ChapelsCemetery Chapels2WM1359FKirk Braddan Cemetery Chapel - Braddan, Isle of Man2020-09-19
 starsChalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style LodgingChalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging1WM12RFFThie yn Droghad - Old Laxey, Isle of Man2020-07-21
 starsChildhood HomesChildhood Homes2WMZMG8Edward Forbes F.R.S. - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-12-10
 starsChinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants2WMV315Silver Star - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-04-19
 starsChristian CrossesChristian Crosses7WMXJM5Royal British Legion (Port Erin Branch) Garden of Remembrance - Port Erin, Isle of Man2018-01-21
 starsChurch of Christ ScientistChurch of Christ Scientist1WMV5M8First Church of Christ, Scientist - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-03-01
 starsChurchyard CemeteriesChurchyard Cemeteries14WMV7DXKirk Maughold - Maughold, Isle of Man2017-03-09
  Churchyard CrossesChurchyard Crosses3---
 starsCitizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials151WMTWH2Arthur F Wheeler - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-14
 starsCity and Town HallsCity and Town Halls3WMTTTDRamsey, Isle of Man2017-01-08
 starsCityscapesCityscapes1WMXYEQView over Ramsey from May Hill - Isle of Man2018-03-18
  Coastal LighthousesCoastal Lighthouses6---
 starsCoats of ArmsCoats of Arms41WMTRA8Crest of the Onchan District Commissioners, Isle of Man2017-01-14
 starsCoin Operated Children's RidesCoin Operated Children's Rides1WM10PJBNorthern Swimming Pool - Ramsey, Isle of Man2019-06-07
  Coin-Op BinocularsCoin-Op Binoculars3---
  Commercial CommemorationsCommercial Commemorations17---
 starsCommercial Fishing PortsCommercial Fishing Ports1WMTZFDRamsey - Isle of Man2017-01-28
 starsCommunity CommemorationCommunity Commemoration2WMVM3ALaxey Centenary Mosaic - Laxey, Isle of Man2017-05-02
 starsCompass RosesCompass Roses4WMV8DHJubilee Compass, Millennium Arboretum Viewing Point - Maughold, Isle of Man2017-03-14
 starsConcert HallsConcert Halls1WMVG96Erin Arts Centre (Laare Ellynyn Phurt Chiarn) - Port Erin, Isle of Man2017-04-16
 starsContinental Reformed and Congregational Church SitesContinental Reformed and Congregational Church Sites2WM15RTTFormer URC Isle of Man Church – Finch Road – Douglas, Isle of Man2022-02-18
 starsConverted Bank BuildingsConverted Bank Buildings7WMV0TWIsle of Man Bank - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-06
 starsConverted FirehousesConverted Firehouses1WMV1RNFormer Fire Station - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-02-09
 starsConverted FountainsConverted Fountains3WMV22KMarket Square Fountain - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-10
 starsCourthousesCourthouses3WMV2NBThe Old Court House - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-15
  Dated Architectural Structures MultifariousDated Architectural Structures Multifarious6---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones58---
  Dead Poets' Society MemorialsDead Poets' Society Memorials4---
  Dedicated BenchesDedicated Benches195---
 starsDedicated TreesDedicated Trees13WMZ1G7Lilian Slinger - North Ramsey Bowling Club - Mooragh Park - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-08-26
  Disaster MemorialsDisaster Memorials3---
 starsDisguised Cell TowersDisguised Cell Towers3WMWHKPPine Tree - Kirk Michael, Isle of Man2017-09-07
 starsDomino's PizzaDomino's Pizza1WMV898Domino's - The Village Walk, Onchan, Isle of Man2017-03-13
 starsDoorways of the WorldDoorways of the World9WMVA3FDoorway of Masonic Buildings - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-03-22
 starsDoves of peaceDoves of peace2WM184DBPeter Harridge Dedeicated Bench - Mooragh Park – Ramsey, Isle of Man2023-05-28
 starsElectric Car Charging StationsElectric Car Charging Stations5WMWXQZMarket Square Charging Station - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-10-28
 starsElevated BuildingsElevated Buildings1WM1582MOffice Building - Ramsey, Isle of Man2021-11-07
 starsEpic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures8WM13VPZFafnir - St. Andrew Church - Andreas, Isle of Man2021-02-24
  Etched in StoneEtched in Stone74---
  European Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and BenchmarksEuropean Historic Survey Stones, Monuments and Benchmarks8---
 starsEuropean Post OfficesEuropean Post Offices14WMZ31CRamsey Post Office - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-09-09
 starsExact ReplicasExact Replicas3WMV9RMLaxey Junketings - Laxey, Isle of Man2017-03-22
 starsExtraterrestrial LocationsExtraterrestrial Locations6WMZQFMHelios - Greek Titan and the Sun - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-12-28
 starsFamous FiresFamous Fires1WMVDRBSummerland Fire - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-04-06
 starsFerries and Ferry LandingsFerries and Ferry Landings1WM12WEJIsle of Man Sea Terminal - Douglas, Isle of Man.2020-07-26
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture10---
 starsFire Fighting VehiclesFire Fighting Vehicles2WMXQRF1956 Dennis F101 Pump Escape (SLW 178) - Jurby, Isle of Man2018-02-21
 starsFirehousesFirehouses2WMTTT1Ramsey Fire Station Stashoon Mooghee Rhumsaa2017-01-12
 starsFirst of its KindFirst of its Kind4WMVBPWFIRST - Municipal Power Station on the Isle of Man - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-03-29
 starsFish and Chips RestaurantsFish and Chips Restaurants5WMV07TThe Ramsey Trawlerman - Ramsey, isle of Man2017-02-01
 starsFitness TrailsFitness Trails1WMTZHDMooragh Park 'Xerscape' - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-28
 starsFlags of OrganizationsFlags of Organizations3WMVNRGSefton Hotel - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-05-21
 starsFlags of the WorldFlags of the World1WMXC54The Empress Hotel Flags - Central Promenade - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-12-25
 starsFlatironsFlatirons1WMZTGNVilliers House - Douglas, Isle of Man2019-01-04
 starsFlora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs10WMXP51Ramsey Bay Marine Nature Reserve - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-02-10
  Former SchoolsFormer Schools12---
 starsFountainsFountains5WMV078The Fountains Apartments Fountain - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-31
 starsFree Community Book ExchangesFree Community Book Exchanges1WMV9HYThe Maughold Exchange - Port-e-Vullen, Isle of Man2017-03-19
 starsFreestanding ArchesFreestanding Arches6WMV4ECEntrance Arch to the Northern Coastal Walkway - Port Soderick, Isle of Man2017-02-21
 starsFreestanding ColumnsFreestanding Columns2WMXJ41Andreas Parish War Memorial - Andreas, Isle of the Man2018-01-19
 starsFrieze ArtFrieze Art8WMV7WKThe Saddle Hotel - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-03-11
 starsFuneral HomesFuneral Homes4WMV0T4Cowle's Northern Funeral Service - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-04
 starsFunerary ArtFunerary Art2WM157EPChristian Cross Silhouette (Walmsley) - Churchtown, Isle of Man2021-11-13
 starsGargoyles and ChimerasGargoyles and Chimeras2WMXZ0QSt. Olave's Church Chimera - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-03-19
 starsGates of DistinctionGates of Distinction1WMXE2ETown Hall Gates - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-01-09
 starsGhost SignsGhost Signs2WMVH0YWatterson Strand Bakery - Port Erin, Isle of Man2017-04-19
  Grand OpeningGrand Opening27---
 starsGrave of a Famous PersonGrave of a Famous Person5WMTX35Sir Norman Wisdom OBE - Bride, Isle of Man2017-01-17
 starsGraves Mentioning a Cause of DeathGraves Mentioning a Cause of Death2WMWRTYLeading Seaman James Shimmin - Andreas, Isle of Man2017-10-09
  Guest BooksGuest Books15---
 starsHelicopter Landing PadsHelicopter Landing Pads1WMV4B5Noble's Hospital Helipad - Strang, Braddan Isle of Man2017-02-21
 starsHiking Path FootbridgesHiking Path Footbridges4WMV4EHGlen Maye Beach - Glen Maye, Isle of Man2017-02-21
 starsHiking and walking trailheadsHiking and walking trailheads3WMY0F0Trailhead Triskelion Way - Section 7 - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-04-20
 starsHistoric Hand Operated Sluice GatesHistoric Hand Operated Sluice Gates1WM17D7FFormer Mill Sluice Gate - Glen Auldyn - Lezayre, Isle of Man2023-01-31
  History MuseumsHistory Museums2---
 starsHoliday DisplaysHoliday Displays12WMX4C2Xmas in The Old Courthouse Square - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-11-25
 starsHospitalsHospitals2WMTWJKRamsey & District Cottage Hospital - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-14
 starsHostelsHostels1WMZ05GThe Venture Centre - Lewaigue Farm, Maughold, Isle of Man2018-08-24
 starsIlluminated School Sports FieldsIlluminated School Sports Fields1WMZNCRRGS - "All-weather sports pitch" - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-12-23
 starsImmortalized in LyricsImmortalized in Lyrics4WMXKWPGeorge Formby - "Leaning On A Lamp Post" - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-02-09
 starsIndependent BookstoresIndependent Bookstores1WMZRNCLexicon - Strand Street - Douglas, Isle of Man2019-01-02
 starsIndependent Coffee ShopsIndependent Coffee Shops2WM13341Barista Coffee House - Parliament Street - Ramsey, Isle of Man2020-09-08
 starsIndependent Music StoresIndependent Music Stores1WMYZ6FPeter Norris Music - Douglas,Isle of Man2018-08-14
 starsIndependent Pizza RestaurantsIndependent Pizza Restaurants3WMV3BPPizza Napoli - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-03-14
 starsInsect HotelsInsect Hotels2WM136B6Insect Hotel - Mooragh Park - Ramsey, Isle of Man2020-09-27
  Landlocked BoatsLandlocked Boats1---
 starsLast of its KindLast of its Kind4WMV9RDLAST - iron pier on the Isle of Man - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-03-20
 starsLawn BowlingLawn Bowling7WMTY62Douglas Bowling Club - Broadway, Douglas, Isle of Man2017-01-23
 starsLibrariesLibraries2WMVCJVGeorge Herdman Library - Port Erin, Isle of Man2017-04-01
  Lifeboats and Rescue StationsLifeboats and Rescue Stations2---
 starsLion StatuesLion Statues2WMXXAWLion Statue - Clover Cottage - Ramsey,Isle of Man2018-03-13
 starsLiterary SitesLiterary Sites1WM16NN7Death In The Mooragh - Mooragh Park - Ramsey, Isle of Man2022-09-06
 starsLive Stage TheatersLive Stage Theaters1WMXH6EGaiety Theatre - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-01-14
 starsLong Distance Hiking TrailsLong Distance Hiking Trails1WMXFN6Raad ny Foillan - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-01-07
 starsLucky 7Lucky 728WM10A23Lucky 7 - Andreas, Isle of Man2019-04-02
 starsLychgates and DepositoriesLychgates and Depositories3WM1191DSt. Michael and All Angels Church Lychgate - Kirk Michael, Isle of Man2019-09-09
 starsMade for the MillenniumMade for the Millennium26WMTWN8Millennium Sculpture - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-15
 starsMan-made WaterfallsMan-made Waterfalls1WM1460AGlen Auldyn Weir - Glen Auldyn - Lezayre, Isle of Man2021-04-27
  Maritime Monuments and MemorialsMaritime Monuments and Memorials18---
 starsMasonic TemplesMasonic Temples2WMTWGXSt Maughold Lodge No. 1075 Freemasons Hall - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-14
 starsMausoleumsMausoleums3WMV8GXChristian Family Mausoleum - Maughold, Isle of Man2017-03-14
  Megalithic MonumentsMegalithic Monuments2---
 starsMethodist ChurchesMethodist Churches20WMTPV6Ramsey Independent Methodist Church - Ramsey, Isle of Man2016-12-27
 starsMilestonesMilestones8WMTPTQBallure Road, Ramsey, Isle of Man2016-12-27
 starsMiniature GolfMiniature Golf3WMVMZDMooragh Park Crazy Golf Course - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-05-07
 starsMonarchs of the WorldMonarchs of the World2WMTWNCKing Orry & King Olaf - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-16
 starsMonopoly in the Real WorldMonopoly in the Real World9WMX1J1Camera Obscura - ISLE OF MAN EDITION - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-11-13
 starsMosaicsMosaics6WMV2XRBride 2000 Mosaic - Bride, Isle of Man2017-02-15
 starsMotor Vehicle MuseumsMotor Vehicle Museums2WMXAGTIsle of Man Motor Museum - Jurby, Isle of Man2017-12-17
 starsMotorcycle Sales/Service SitesMotorcycle Sales/Service Sites1WMVMZRPaul Dedman Performance Limited - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-05-06
 starsMoving BridgesMoving Bridges2WMTNQ9Ramsey Harbour Swing Bridge, Ramsey, Isle of Man2016-12-24
 starsMunicipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas5WMTZJ4Mooragh Park - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-28
 starsMuralsMurals7WMTY0WYN ARRAGH - East Street, Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-23
 starsMusical InstrumentsMusical Instruments16WMVK1RChurch Organ - St. Paul's Church - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-04-30
 starsMusician StatuesMusician Statues1WM14RRCThe Bee Gees - Loch Promenade - Dougals, Isle of Man2021-08-17
 starsNational Parks of the WorldNational Parks of the World1WM13EBCThe Blein Yn Ellan Ain Garden - St. John's, Isle of Man2020-11-25
 starsNatural ArchesNatural Arches1WMV4P4Langness Arch - Langness, Isle of Man2017-02-23
 starsNatural SpringsNatural Springs1WMVBRRSt. Catherine's Well - Port Erin, Isle of Man2017-03-29
 starsNatural/Organic Food StoresNatural/Organic Food Stores2WMV37FMother Nature Health Store - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-15
 starsNews Article LocationsNews Article Locations56WMV7KQBus plunges through collapsed bridge - Laxey, Isle of Man2017-03-11
 starsNewstands / NewsagenciesNewstands / Newsagencies2WM12QT4Newsbeat - Bucks Road, Douglas, Isle of Man2020-07-05
 starsNon-Coastal BoardwalksNon-Coastal Boardwalks4WMXYMQClaughbane Woods - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-04-25
 starsNon-Specific Veteran MemorialsNon-Specific Veteran Memorials7WMV4VRGarden of Remembrance - Port St. Mary, Isle of Man2017-03-20
 starsNoodle ShopsNoodle Shops1WMXQ7ZJava Express - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-02-16
 starsObelisksObelisks8WMX7Q7Memorial - St.Briget's Churchyard - Bride, Isle of Man2017-12-09
  Occupational MonumentsOccupational Monuments2---
 starsOccupational/Hobby Grave StonesOccupational/Hobby Grave Stones3WM14JQ8Bell Ringer Grave - St. George and All Saints Church - Doulgas, Isle of Man2021-07-17
 starsOctagon BuildingsOctagon Buildings1WMV9N4Laxey Junketings - Laxey, Isle of Man2017-03-19
 starsOdd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings1WM125EVIsle of Man Sea Terminal -Douglas, Isle of Man2020-03-03
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions25---
 starsOld Agricultural EquipmentOld Agricultural Equipment1WMXY8EPlough - MER Station - Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-03-16
 starsOlympic MemorabiliaOlympic Memorabilia2WMZPJZGold Post Box for Peter Kennaugh - Onchan, Isle of Man2018-12-21
 starsOrientation TablesOrientation Tables1WMWDN9Maughold Brooghs Orientation Table - Maughold, Isle of Man2017-08-21
 starsOrphaned BridgesOrphaned Bridges1WMZP43Box Girder Bridge - Kirk Michael, Isle of Man2018-12-12
 starsOut of Place GravesOut of Place Graves2WMVETVMuslim graves in a Christian Cemetery - Patrick, Isle of Man2017-04-09
 starsOutdoor AmphitheatersOutdoor Amphitheaters1WMX6KWDouglas Head Amphitheatre - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-12-04
  Outdoor Recreation StoresOutdoor Recreation Stores3---
 starsOutdoor StairwaysOutdoor Stairways1WMXFG2Gas Works Steps - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-01-06
 starsOutdoor Warning SirensOutdoor Warning Sirens1WMVKXWPublic Warning Siren - Dhoon School - Glen Mona, Isle of Man2017-05-01
  Outside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings1---
 starsPaintings Then and NowPaintings Then and Now1WM15A4NLezayre Churchyard - Robert Evans Creer - Churchtown, Isle of Man2021-11-20
 starsPayphonesPayphones25WMV535Public phone in the Market Place - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-25
 starsPeace MemorialsPeace Memorials1WM13DFDThe Royal British Legion "Tree" - Mooragh Park - Ramsey, Isle of Man2020-11-15
 starsPermanent Charity Donation LocationsPermanent Charity Donation Locations9WMV29MDrop Inn Kids IOM - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-23
 starsPet StoresPet Stores1WMV37QRamsey Pet Supplies - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-15
 starsPhotos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now14WMV6JYMona Street - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-03-07
 starsPictorial Pub SignsPictorial Pub Signs10WMTPTFThe Trafalgar Hotel, West Quay, Ramsey, Isle of Man2016-12-26
 starsPicture Perfect PostcardsPicture Perfect Postcards4WM13V1WMaughold Head Lighthouse - Maughold, Isle of Man2021-02-20
 starsPlaces for RecyclingPlaces for Recycling8WMV0WVSea Cliff Road - Onchan, Isle of Man2017-02-06
 starsPlaces of Geologic SignificancePlaces of Geologic Significance4WMV46FNiarbyl Fault - Niarbyl Beach, Isle of Man2017-02-20
  Police StationsPolice Stations7---
 starsPre-Victorian Historic HomesPre-Victorian Historic Homes1WMXC1YCastle Mona - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-12-25
 starsPresbyterian ChurchesPresbyterian Churches2WMV26JThe old 'Kirk' - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-11
  Preserved Architectural Remnants and RuinsPreserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins14---
 starsPreserved Machines on Public DisplayPreserved Machines on Public Display2WMTX74Railway Breakdown Crane - Union Mills Station, Isle of Man2017-01-19
 starsPublic Access LandsPublic Access Lands7WMV3C3Poyll Dooey Nature Trails - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-16
 starsPublic PlaygroundsPublic Playgrounds7WMTZJRMooragh Park Playground - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-28
 starsPublic Swimming PoolsPublic Swimming Pools1WMTZM1Northern Swimming Pool - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-04-20
 starsPublic and Private Golf CoursesPublic and Private Golf Courses1WMV1H6Ramsey Golf Club - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-09
  Pubs and InnsPubs and Inns28---
 starsRacetracksRacetracks1WMVYZZRamsey BMX Track Mooragh Park - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-06-13
 starsRadio and Television Transmitter TowersRadio and Television Transmitter Towers1WMVVK9Kimmeragh TV Transmission Mast - Lamb Hill, Isle of Man, UK2017-05-29
 starsRailroad BridgesRailroad Bridges4WMV7R7Minorca Viaduct - Laxey, Isle of Man2017-03-11
 starsRailroad MuseumsRailroad Museums1WMV0X5MER Museum - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-02-08
  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes24---
 starsRelief Art SculpturesRelief Art Sculptures14WMVC27'Viking' - Port Erin, Isle of Man2017-03-30
  Religious Buildings MultifariousReligious Buildings Multifarious2---
 starsRelocated StructuresRelocated Structures1WMVJYGJubilee Clock - Douglas,Isle of Man2017-04-27
 starsRiver Origins, Destinations and ConfluencesRiver Origins, Destinations and Confluences2WMV5XXDESTINATION: Laxey River - Irish Sea2017-03-01
 starsRock and Mineral DisplaysRock and Mineral Displays3WMV5P4Glacial Erratic, Manx Museum - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-03-14
 starsRoman Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic Churches2WMTPJMOur Lady, Star of the Sea and St. Maughold - Ramsey, Isle of Man2016-12-26
 starsRotary International MarkersRotary International Markers11WMV0V3Harbour Bistro - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-02-04
  Runestones WorldwideRunestones Worldwide4---
 starsSailing and Yacht ClubsSailing and Yacht Clubs1WMWWD7Manx Sailing & Cruising Club - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-10-22
  Salvation Army LocationsSalvation Army Locations1---
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities58---
 starsScenic OverlooksScenic Overlooks1WMV9EDMillennium Arboretum Viewing Point - Maughold - Isle of Man2017-03-18
 starsScenic at NightScenic at Night1WM100WBNorthern End of Mooragh Park - Dark Sky Discovery Site - Ramsey, Isle of Man2019-04-03
 starsScouting HeadquartersScouting Headquarters1WM12Q3T1st Douglas Scout Group - Douglas, Isle of Man2020-08-06
 starsSeventh-day Adventist ChurchesSeventh-day Adventist Churches1WMV5RFIsle of Man SDA Church - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-02-28
  Signs of HistorySigns of History20---
 starsSilhouette Public Art SculpturesSilhouette Public Art Sculptures7WM132AP'The Deer's Cry' - Peel, Isle of Man2020-08-31
  Sister City MonumentsSister City Monuments1---
 starsSkateparksSkateparks1WMTZK4Mooragh Park Skate Park - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-01-28
 starsSpecific Veteran MemorialsSpecific Veteran Memorials13WMWJ6BCapt. Wm. Weir Memorial - Andreas, Isle of Man2017-09-10
 starsStained Glass WindowsStained Glass Windows19WMVG0ZStained Glass Windows - Holy Trinity Church, Kirk Patrick -Patrick, Isle of Man2017-04-14
 starsStatic Artillery DisplaysStatic Artillery Displays2WMX7TQNaval Cannon #1 - Bride, Isle of Man2017-12-09
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures7---
 starsStatues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures2WMWYDQOur Lady, Star of the Sea - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-10-31
 starsStone BridgesStone Bridges4WMV9K0Glen Road Stone Bridge- Laxey, Isle of Man2017-03-26
 starsStone Church ArtefactsStone Church Artefacts27WMWJDKBaptismal Font, Kirk Andreas (St. Andrew) - Andreas, Isle of Man2017-09-13
 starsTakeout / Delivery MenusTakeout / Delivery Menus4WM10CMDStar Grill and Pizza - Parliament Street - Ramsey, Isle of Man2019-05-08
 starsTennis FacilitiesTennis Facilities2WM136FRMooragh Park - Ramsey, Isle of Man2020-09-27
  Thatch CottagesThatch Cottages1---
  This Old ChurchThis Old Church37---
 starsTime CapsulesTime Capsules1WMZX4PLaxey Girl Guides Time Capsule - Laxey, Isle of Man2019-01-29
 starsTimelinesTimelines5WMWJCMRectors of Kirk Andreas - 1188 - 1994 - Andreas, Isle of Man2017-09-12
  Tourist Information Centers - Visitor CentersTourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers1---
  Town ClocksTown Clocks13---
  Train Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots5---
 starsTruss BridgesTruss Bridges2WMXQY3Ramsey Harbour Swing Bridge, Ramsey, Isle of Man2018-02-16
  U.K. and Ireland TrigpointsU.K. and Ireland Trigpoints8---
 starsUK Historical MarkersUK Historical Markers1WM159W0WWI & WWII Information Panels - Queens Promenade, Douglas, Isle of Man2021-11-20
 starsUNESCO Geoparks and Biosphere ReservesUNESCO Geoparks and Biosphere Reserves1WMWRYTRamsey Bay Marine Nature Reserve - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-10-09
 starsUnique Chimneys and Chimney PotsUnique Chimneys and Chimney Pots1WM14718The Plough – Parliament Street – Ramsey, Isle of Man2021-05-04
 starsUnique SteeplesUnique Steeples1WMZD16St. Andrew's House Clock Tower and Steeple - Douglas, Isle of Man2018-10-22
 starsUnique WeathervanesUnique Weathervanes4WMVC49Raclan Pier Head Light (A4744) - Port Erin, Isle of Man2017-03-31
 starsUnoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and CabinsUnoccupied Buildings, Shacks, and Cabins1WM13WVMAbandoned Railway Crossing Keepers Lodge - Crosby, Isle of Man.2021-03-03
  Victorian Post BoxesVictorian Post Boxes16---
 starsVictorian Style ArchitectureVictorian Style Architecture1WM13W30Municipal Buildings - Ridgeway Street - Douglas, Isle of Man2021-02-27
 starsWastewater Treatment FacilitiesWastewater Treatment Facilities1WMY008Balladoole Waste Water Treatment Works - Lezayre, Isle of Man2018-03-25
 starsWater DamsWater Dams2WMZ157Ballure Reservoir - Maughold, Isle of Man2018-08-27
 starsWatercraft Rentals (Human Powered)Watercraft Rentals (Human Powered)1WM12V80Mansail Limited - Mooragh Park - Ramsey - Isle of Man2020-07-18
 starsWeather StationsWeather Stations1WM13F65Weather Station - Garney ny Cloie Gardens - St. John's, Isle of Man2020-12-29
 starsWee Folk Fairy DoorsWee Folk Fairy Doors3WM13KW2'Little People Cottage' - Kirk Michael, Isle of Man2021-01-09
 starsWelcome SignsWelcome Signs11WMTWHKWelcome to the Town of Ramsey 'failt erriu dys Rhumsaa' - Ramsey,Isle of2017-01-14
 starsWesleyan ChurchesWesleyan Churches7WMVM5KSandygate Wesleyan Chapel - Sandygate, Isle of Man2017-06-22
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries28---
 starsWindmillsWindmills2WMVMYJBretney Road Windmill - Jurby, Isle of Man2017-05-06
 starsWooden Church ArtefactsWooden Church Artefacts14WM12PWHFont Cover - St. Olave's - Ramsey, Isle of Man2020-06-28
  Working Water WheelsWorking Water Wheels1---
  World War I Memorials and MonumentsWorld War I Memorials and Monuments29---
  World War II Memorials / MonumentsWorld War II Memorials / Monuments18---
 starsWorld War II SitesWorld War II Sites5WMX1VAWorld War II Pillbox - Douglas, Isle of Man2017-11-15
 starsWorldwide CemeteriesWorldwide Cemeteries18WMVW1WKirk Maughold Churchyard Cemetery - Maughold, Isle of Man2017-06-01
 starsYe Olde Butcher ShoppeYe Olde Butcher Shoppe2WMWK38W E Teare Limited - Ramsey, Isle of Man2017-09-14

United Kingdom (297)

London (76)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps3---
  1000 Places to See Before You Die1000 Places to See Before You Die1---
  3 Dimensional Art3 Dimensional Art3---
  Anglican and Episcopal ChurchesAnglican and Episcopal Churches1---
  Architecture PrizesArchitecture Prizes1---
  Bicycle RentalsBicycle Rentals1---
  Diplomatic MissionsDiplomatic Missions1---
  Epic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures2---
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture1---
  Historic Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage BlocksHistoric Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks1---
  Lion StatuesLion Statues1---
  McDonald's RestaurantsMcDonald's Restaurants1---
  Municipal Parks and PlazasMunicipal Parks and Plazas1---
  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations3---
  Newstands / NewsagenciesNewstands / Newsagencies1---
  Occupational MonumentsOccupational Monuments1---
  Pictorial Pub SignsPictorial Pub Signs5---
  Pubs and InnsPubs and Inns2---
  Red Telephone BoxesRed Telephone Boxes7---
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities28---
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures1---
  Statues of Religious FiguresStatues of Religious Figures1---
  The UndergroundThe Underground1---
  This Old ChurchThis Old Church1---
  Town ClocksTown Clocks1---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries4---

North West England (22)

  Ferries and Ferry LandingsFerries and Ferry Landings1---
  Frieze ArtFrieze Art1---
  Highway Rest AreasHighway Rest Areas1---
  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations1---
  Orphaned BridgesOrphaned Bridges1---
  Railroad BridgesRailroad Bridges1---
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities6---
  Starbucks StoresStarbucks Stores1---
  Train Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots3---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries6---

Northern Scotland (1)

  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities1---

West Midlands (198)

  'You Are Here' Maps'You Are Here' Maps8---
  Abstract Public SculpturesAbstract Public Sculptures2---
  Accessible-Designed Recreational LocationsAccessible-Designed Recreational Locations1---
  Ancient Roman CivilizationAncient Roman Civilization1---
  Arch BridgesArch Bridges3---
 starsArchitecture PrizesArchitecture Prizes1WM13X5VAston Webb Building - The University of Birmingham- Edgbaston, Birmingham, U.K.2021-03-06
  Art Deco - Art NouveauArt Deco - Art Nouveau1---
  Blue PlaquesBlue Plaques9---
  Citizen MemorialsCitizen Memorials2---
  Coats of ArmsCoats of Arms32---
  Commercial CommemorationsCommercial Commemorations2---
  Concert HallsConcert Halls1---
  Dated Buildings and CornerstonesDated Buildings and Cornerstones1---
  Dead Poets' Society MemorialsDead Poets' Society Memorials5---
  Dedicated BenchesDedicated Benches2---
  Dedicated TreesDedicated Trees5---
  Domes of the (Under) WorldDomes of the (Under) World1---
  Doorways of the WorldDoorways of the World2---
  Epic Beings and CreaturesEpic Beings and Creatures1---
  Etched in StoneEtched in Stone4---
  Extraterrestrial LocationsExtraterrestrial Locations12---
  Figurative Public SculptureFigurative Public Sculpture3---
  Flora and Fauna Information SignsFlora and Fauna Information Signs1---
  Frieze ArtFrieze Art2---
  Gates of DistinctionGates of Distinction1---
  Lucky 7Lucky 71---
  Monarchs of the WorldMonarchs of the World2---
  Monopoly in the Real WorldMonopoly in the Real World7---
  Moving BridgesMoving Bridges1---
  News Article LocationsNews Article Locations4---
 starsNobel LaureatesNobel Laureates1WM128HTCHEMISTRY - Francis William Aston - 1922 - The University of Birmingham Nobel 'Wall of Honour', Edgbaston, Birmingham, U.K.2020-04-13
  Odd-Shaped BuildingsOdd-Shaped Buildings1---
  Official Local Tourism AttractionsOfficial Local Tourism Attractions2---
 starsOutdoor AmphitheatersOutdoor Amphitheaters1WM1263JGreen Heart - The University of Birmingham - Edgbaston, Birmingham, U.K.2020-03-08
  Outside Wooden Display CarvingsOutside Wooden Display Carvings1---
  People-Named PlacesPeople-Named Places2---
  Photos Then and NowPhotos Then and Now1---
  Preserved Architectural Remnants and RuinsPreserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins1---
  Public Access LandsPublic Access Lands1---
  Railroad BridgesRailroad Bridges2---
  Relief Art SculpturesRelief Art Sculptures4---
  Relocated StructuresRelocated Structures2---
  Rock and Mineral DisplaysRock and Mineral Displays1---
  Satellite Imagery OdditiesSatellite Imagery Oddities22---
 starsScience MuseumsScience Museums1WM12JPNLapworth Museum of Geology - The University of Birmingham - Edgbaston, Birmingham, U.K.2020-06-07
  Signs of HistorySigns of History1---
  Specific Veteran MemorialsSpecific Veteran Memorials1---
  Statues of Historic FiguresStatues of Historic Figures11---
  Stone BridgesStone Bridges1---
  Town ClocksTown Clocks2---
  Train Stations/DepotsTrain Stations/Depots2---
  UK Historical MarkersUK Historical Markers2---
  Wikipedia EntriesWikipedia Entries9---